Rwanda Flights: Migrant Races and Social Eugenics

Last week the British government was supposed to have sent asylum-seeking migrants to be processed in Rwanda on a flight that was due to take off. This was supposed to send a message to the people smugglers and the leftist lawyers who profit from their grievances that Britain will defend its borders at all costs. Sadly due to a faceless lawyer at the European Human Rights Courts in Strasbourg, there was an injunction stopping that flight from taking off. Now there is a call to ditch the ECHR from the British justice system and instead have a British Bill of Rights to protect the freedom and security of the nation. This is something that had been proposed many years ago and now it’s back on the agenda.

The Rwanda migrant flights have been made into a race storm by leftist social justice warriors who are making statements about Rwanda, claiming that Britain is sending the refugees over there to torture and humiliate them. The Rwandan government and its people are horrified by their false accusations. These leftist liberal refugee supporters are airing their thoughts about Rwanda in a racist and offensive manner. The kind of words they are using to describe Rwanda is like what they do in those African charity telethons where they portray the Africans as helpless and vulnerable souls living in barren and hostile territories. I am offended by this as I work in a field where I promote UK-Africa trade and business relations. Rwanda is far from those harsh criticisms and they are being unfair. When are they going to admit their own prejudices?

As it happens Rwanda is a rich, prosperous and friendly country far removed from the era of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. As I write this it is hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in the capital Kigali. Its president Paul Kwagme has aspirations for Rwanda to become the Singapore of African nations, making it a central trading hub of all continental business transactions. Its government has also made a lot of progress in the last 20 years to make Rwanda a strong humanitarian nation stamping out corruption in every corner of society. If a police officer takes a backhand bribe, he is fired and removed with no access to rejoin. The country has an excellent tourist trade with over $303 million in revenue and generates a GDP of $12.06 billion. Hardly what you call a poverty-stricken nation. I really do feel for Rwandans being tarnished with slanderous lies like this. It’s grossly offensive to them and it’s my job to defend this nation of aspiring people that can be a beacon of hope and opportunity in central Africa.

I work for a company that promotes UK-African business relations and I have a duty to promote Africa positively. So whatever you listen to be sure to educate yourself about Africa positively before you denounce it as a hellhole. The same leftists calling Rwanda a hellhole and pushing negative propaganda about the migrant flights are the exact same people who called Donald Trump a racist for calling African nations shithole countries. The refugees will be treated very humanely by Rwanda on arrival and there are nice hotels and accommodations waiting for them.

Even though I am supportive of defending our borders against foreign invaders I am also supportive of refugees. However, I have conditions on accepting them into the country in which they are not to expect me to eat bloody lies out of their hands. I support the Ukrainian refugees because they are genuine people fleeing a war in which they are calling for arms and money to fight Putin’s forces out of their country. The ones coming in the boats from the Middle East are potential terrorists in disguise. They are also people with anti-liberal ideas and prejudices towards the people who live equally under Western European laws.

Last month I got into an argument with a woman on Facebook on an MP’s page who made a claim that the Ukrainian refugees were getting more preference over the Syrian refugees because they were white. I made my case clear that if I had to choose which refugees to take then I would choose Eastern Europeans first over Middle Eastern ones because I find they are more civil and sociable that they are compatible with western values and do not build enslaved communities compromising the peace and love in British society. This MP later went to my boss at Africa House London after I made my statements ordering them to do something about me and in doing she tried to get me cancelled. Fortunately, my bosses stood by me, and if that wasn’t enough this MP called Claire Richards didn’t exist in Parliament. It was a fake MP’s account!

After the flight was cancelled, a debate about refugees appeared on Good Morning Britain. Presenter Adil Ray was arguing with journalist Quentin Letts about the preferential treatment of Ukrainians over the Syrians. In the interview, Letts was not given any space to make his case and Ray kept repeatedly talking over him trying to give him the answer he wanted him to give. But Ray in typical liberal journalistic style just played with him for fun in a condescending manner. Now what I find interesting about this is Adil Ray seems to believe that Muslim nation refugees and legal immigrants from there should get preference as well. Specifically, because to him, those immigrants are more worthy to him as they are like him. This is social eugenics at play where he chooses what minorities he prefers and expects people to accept that unconditionally. Like the SJWs and that fake MP I mentioned earlier, Ray is stating that he wants more brown refugees than white refugees and that is racist in itself.

Adil Ray has even played out these racial prejudices in his own TV creation. The irrepressible Birmingham Sparkhill Pakistani character he played is called Mr Khan in Citizen Khan. In one episode he mentions his views on immigration and that he agrees that “too many Eastern Europeans are coming over and taking our jobs”. Sounds like he thinks equality only matters when it revolves around one race and religion. When I heard that I was reminded of a childhood trauma scar that was reflected in that scene. It seems to me that some British Muslim communities are built like ghettos that want to keep themselves free from a variety of other nations and cultures other than their own. The school that I went to in Bethnal Green had a large number of Bengali Muslim pupils that had prejudiced views of Eastern Europeans like Mr Khan has.

One of the reasons why I prefer the Ukrainian refugees is because they are better at integrating and don’t want to scare the hell out of the other variety of people they live next door to. My Polish grandfather integrated really well into Britain and embraced British culture in the 1940s until the end of his life. Contrast that to the Bengalis I went to school with who were openly rejecting British culture and hated the presence of Eastern Europeans because they liken them to the architects of Zionism. When I revealed to them indirectly about my Polish ancestry they made me a target and tried to hound me out of the school. One time I got punched in the head by a Bengali my age who then said “You dirty Pole” and told me to get out of the area. When I reported this to the teachers they told me “It’s your fault, you shouldn’t have told them that you are Polish on your mother’s side”. To them, this school was a ghetto daycare centre and Bengalis got special treatment, even over the other minorities like the Indians and Sikhs.

If you are going to invite refugees into the country, make sure they integrate into Britain and don’t sweep away the civil rights of others. Seven years ago the Arab Spring saw countless refugees make it into Europe and they created a resurgence of antisemitism driving out Jews from Europe. Some leftist social justice politicians are so happy to defend one race or religion out of the refugees that they will happily chastise another religion to show compassion and loyalty to a good cause. I remember the Batley and Spen by-election last year where Kim Leadbetter was running as the Labour candidate and won the seat. In one leaflet she declared that she would highlight the plight of the Pakistani Muslims in Kashmir against Indian sovereignty. In doing so she made the Indian community of her constituency angry and hurt. They felt like they were being depicted as ‘brown zionists’.

I would much rather support a Ukrainian refugee as they share the same values as I do for nationhood and human civilisation. I am not a useful idiot to savage refugees like a Labour party activist is. Maybe if they taught these refugees how to get along with each other properly then we wouldn’t have segregation and social disorder in Britain.

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