Lancaster: A City of Magnificent Views

It has been a long time since I last wrote on here about my adventures. All my usual autism objective posts have been concentrated on Instagram and Facebook for April Autism month so I won’t be covering that here. Instead for this post, I will write about my adventures on my most recent holiday in Lancaster. I had a place to study at Lancaster University to complete my degree and had an appointment to see my accommodation. For this, I made it a two day holiday in the Northwest of England.

This was my first visit to Lancaster and it was a very good cultural place for tourism and Englishness. Its buildings are made up of an architectural style of Georgian era houses and repurposed flour mills and halls. I liked it here and it has a very good charm of cosy food and vibrant businesses. I stayed in a hotel just next door to the town hall called The Borough, which had a very good bar and food to serve with a nice comfortable room. It looked out onto a view where I could see the Ashton Memorial on the hilltop of Williamson Park.

View from my hotel room

The Ashton Memorial is Lancaster’s most well-known tourist attraction. It looks like a cathedral structure with a viewing platform on it’s steps. This massive stone structure is made from Cornish granite and it has a large dome made from copper. It was built in 1909 by multimillionaire industrialist Lord Ashton in memory of his late wife Jessy. From this monument I could see a massive landscape view of the countryside which included Morecambe Bay in the west and right across the Irish Sea was Burrow in Furness. Over to the eastern side of my view I could make out the towns of Bolton le Sands and Silverdale. I took some photos of the view and it was so magnificent.

There is also a castle that overlooks the area called Lancaster Castle, also known John O Gaunt’s Castle which dates back to the time of the Romans. The modern castle that you see today was built on the site of Roman fort in the 11th century. It also plays an active role in the British monarchy where it was home to the Lancaster dynasty who ruled England from 1399 to 1471 during the Plantagenet era. Later they were engaged in a war with the Yorkist house during the War of the Roses from which Lancaster Castle was their main base. The castle is currently owned by the Duke of Lancaster, which is an inheritance passed onto the monarchy that began in 1265. That means that the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth 2nd is the Duke of Lancaster. I didn’t go into the castle itself but I did walk around the grounds for a bit.

At Lancaster University I had an interview with my tutor to discuss my placement and arrangements for the course to complete my degree. It was a good place to study and I liked the area to come and live and study Earth and environmental science. It had some really good facilities and optional modules for me to focus on my preferred area in hydrology and eco-technology. I was really thrilled to be here and I was willing to start making plans to move here. But at this moment as I write I am changing my plans because of the logistics of my moving there and the cost of the amount for me to burrow from the loans company. The cost is not worth it. So I am changing my plans to study and complete my degree somewhere closer to home. But I am open to studying for a masters degree there in the future. Until then I need to be in a good place to complete my degree.

My holiday here in Lancaster has been rewarding though. I had some good food and drink experiences. There is a brand of teamakers based in Lancaster called Atkinsons and I tried it in their cafe. It has some really nice leaves produced in their Grasshopper Tea Warehouse on China Street. They date back to 1837 and they had a large selection of teas and coffees available, and I bought a box of bags to take home.

One dish that Lancaster is famous for is it’s humble hotpot. The Lancashire hotpot is the stable of many pubs around here and I had to have one on my visit. It’s a stew made with meat (lamb in my case) and carrots and onions, topped with a layer of sliced potatoes. I had one with added black pudding pieces in this pub called The Three Mariners along Damside Street. I was blown away by it and I think I love Lancashire more than ever now.

Lancashire Hotpot in the Three Mariners

My visit was very enjoyable and I am glad to have come this far north for a grand day out. I am glad to say that I made it the crown of the North. I got to meet a statue of Queen Victoria outside my hotel as well and I think this was a very good city of quintessential Englishness that would delight any home loving tourist. Especially during the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Queen Victoria statue in Dalton Square

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