April Autism Activities

For April Autism month I am going to be engaging in the art of digital media on microblogging formats. Instead of writing big lengthy pieces here, I am going to concentrate my blogging on Instagram and Facebook. I have noticed that there is a big untapped gap of autism in certain political ideologies.

There is plenty of black and LGBT+ conservatives and libertarians promoting freedom and liberty to enhance their civil rights, and quite a lot of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh conservative bloggers out there and a handful of Latinos and Asians, but nearly no autism in conservativism. My autistic conservative objective needs to go on a wider and more broad platform to reach out to other autistics out there. So I will concentrate all my blogging there for the month of April.

You can follow this blog and my digital life on Instagram from @ackeeble, and the Facebook page of the blog at AC Keeble. So lets get working on the job there and if you want to convert other autistics to be conservatives use the hashtags #autisticconservative and #autexit.

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