The Autism Cult is Repulsive

It’s been a while since I last posted on here. I have been engaged in my book writing for the autistic conservative objective. I have been looking back on some old posts about me on social media this last 12 months while seeking out some research material into a chapter about the subversive nature of the social justice movement. One moment that I would like to reflect on is about the subversive nature of the autism community coming from the cult of the actually autistic.

In May this year I stood up in defence of a Canadian woman called Connie Manning against a rebellious and angry group of autism advocates. The situation was that Connie was being targeted by these toxic advocates over disagreements on the use of ABA therapy treatment and falsely accusing her of using her autistic son for her own gain. I helped her by sharing a message for the positive reinforcement of moral values in the autistic community. The message went like this:

“The autism community should represent a broad spectrum of ideas and diversity of thought as the spectrum is broad and covers a diversity of neurological conditions itself. At the moment it is suffering from infighting as it is drawn to one strand of thought and political agendas from an aggressive faction of neurodivergents that want to rule the spectrum their own way. That is not neurodiversity at all, its enforcing a neuro ghetto on the community and shutting itself out from normal land. That is like a positive form of segregation and I will not stand for it. I want us to be a community of bright ideas with infinite imagination around the world.”

That message was highly praised by Connie’s followers on her page and I was glad to get to show people how bright and valuable neurodiversity is and at the same time denounce the toxic cult of the actually autistic groups. This came under the notice of a pestilential autism advocate called Autistic Goblin (Helena Gullen), who also lives in Canada. Now this Goblin had a very hateful fit that was full gibberish and resentment. I wasn’t just sticking up for Connie, I was denouncing the unjust bitterness and resentment towards anything constructive and useful to benefit autism. There line of thinking is based on one strand of thought to make autism like a monolithic entity, and live in the neuro ghetto that is there own making. Autistic Goblin even made a piece on me in his blog here.

In response to some of Autistic Goblin’s words in her blog. There are plenty of people in neurodiversity who do not respect ideas from other people and reject them in an uncivil and spiteful way. I have a word to describe the advocates like this goblin that I use to criticise the leftist woke warriors as well, I call them social eugenicists. Eugenicists is a good way to describe them because whenever they make a statement about something they disagree with they denounce that person with such force that they verbally retaliate at them like they have a gun shooting from their mouths. I have been reading the works of Charles Darwin and I have also read a story about how Karl Marx was obsessed with Origin of Species and twisted and subverted it’s descriptions of animal survival strategies to make humans fight each other over their differences. Many advocates have long said to me that being a conservative I am supporting pro-eugenics policies. Well considering how the founder of communism was fanatical about correcting social imperfections in society, autistics that socialism are having their health needs controlled by the state and risking becoming purged by radical health and hygiene rules. And “normal land” if you must know is a word I got from a song by Ian Dury called Spasticus Autisticus. It’s a metaphor for people who are not disabled.

Moving on now I think it’s time I mentioned another of the actually autistic cult that bully and belittle other advocates and autistics for independent thought. One of them is a brutal condescending bat called Emma Dalmayne. She runs an autism led organisation called Autistic Inclusive Meets that promotes inclusivity and she fights for autism rights and against mistreatment of autistics. She is also politically opposite to me and is the communications officer of Neurodivergent Labour, and is also someone who is likely to denounce anything constructive or beneficial to autism like the stuff I do. In fact she has done a lot of harm to the autism advocacy work through her own obsessive behaviour. One advocate Fiona O’Leary has suffered abusive messages from her and her followers. In July Emma tried to take Fiona to court over defamation of statements against her. The case collapsed when it was found that Emma’s solicitor was a fake lawyer not registered to practice and sent Fiona no proper legal documents. Emma Dalmayne is a mean scarlet deciever. An example of rotten advocate sucking out the pride and dignity of autism for her own satisfaction. Now that is just selfish. I am selfish myself, but I use it to serve my own self interests and not to control and manipulate people.

In December 2019 when the National Autistic Society made an appraisal of the Conservative Party for their support to autism groups with funds and reorganised care systems on social media. Some autistics were resentful of the NAS for supporting their policies. One in particular was an autism advocate called Janine Booth and she got them to remove their social media posts supporting them. I later discovered that Booth was a Labour party activist and an avowed Marxist. I would like to see what she makes of my autistic conservative objective. She would probably try to have me removed like an eugenicist from society for not being the right autistic. Well she had better watch out if she tries to undermine me, because then everyone will know she is trying to control the autistics of the country.

It’s trivial accusations and spiteful behaviour like this that define the cult of autism and it is driving chaos and disorganization in the autism community. This kind of thing runs parallel to the leftist dogma of their social justice warriors. I have now separated myself from these groups and some autism bloggers because of their behaviour because I am not able to progress my autistic conservative objective with them. They are full of much bitterness and resentment to see reason.

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  1. My first reaction here was – ‘Hey, autism isn’t a cult!’ – but I see that you’re referring to cults within the autism ranks, and that can’t be denied. In fact, from the beginning autism psychologists were guilty of this, fighting among themselves in an uncompromising way through decades. Maybe the the autistic nature is not a good one for group thinking – it gets ugly too easily.


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