Social Eugenics Masquerading as Diversity Agendas

There is a topic in the new book about the criticisms I have of the equality mission and the way the leftist political activists push their diversity agenda and quash undesirable views. In my research arguing for the case to support civil rights for autism I have challenged the logic of their arguments and how disorganised and chaotic they are. I have started writing this post at the same time that Conservative MP for Southend West Sir David Amess has been brutally murdered by a knifeman in Leigh on Sea. I can’t tell you how shocked I am by this but it is an evil and cowardly act of terrorism and a part of this slaying of this great gentlemen is due to the way that the politics of diversity have become twisted and subverted by the left. My evidence comes from a system that runs parallel to the animal kingdom studied by Charles Darwin.

Photo of Sir David Amess MP

1952 - 2021

In 1859 Charles Darwin published his famous book on natural selection called ‘On the Origin of Species’. It gives the details of how the creatures of the natural world survived and explained how they did so by evolving to adapt to serve nature. Some creatures in the animal kingdom however required some survival strategies in which they were dependent on the lives of others by enslaving or killing other species. An ant colony that he studied relied on the enslavement of the other ants by the queen ant or big ants. This colony died and became extinct when the citizen ants became free of it’s queen and the ants were left to roam without a master. In another study that is widely known about animal survival strategies, the animals that lost their food sources in the form of carnivores eating herbivores died off when the herbivores found an escape from being feasted on by the carnivores.

Karl Marx lived in the same timeline as Darwin and was an avid reader of Origin and his other research articles. In fact he was such a huge fan of the natural selection theory from Darwin’s perspective he frequently talked about it to his friends. I think Marx being such a huge fan of this survival instinct of the nature of animals he applied it to his communist philosophy. The evidence of this can be seen in the way that he wrote of the class struggles of society being similar to that of the way animals with the strongest physical features were able to survive against their predators. Marx even admits to this parallel in his work and he intentionally subverted the work of Darwin to show how communism and socialist administrations could be implement if the followers of this order struck at the establishment and killed their rulers.

Later on towards the end of the century a new coin was termed to describe the way society can be improved by a eugenics movement. This involved stopping ‘invalids’ from having children to produce better offspring. Better known as the systematic elimination of the disabled. Eugenics is also known as social-Darwinism and is often associated with the politics of the right, specifically the Nazis as they used it to purify their race and eliminate imperfect people and those with undesirable views. But it can also be applied to the leftist ideologies of communism, socialism, and extremist liberals with no logic or reason in their ideology. I call it social eugenics and it exists in the void of the woke warrior movement and the way they have subverted the civil rights movement.

A pestilential creature has created chaos from an anarchic order out of the social justice warriors. Perhaps this pestilence culture has helped to make British politics toxic, divisive and hateful towards our civil servants. Angela Raynor, a Labour MP has said some really derogatory comments about Conservative MPs and activists. She openly calls people like me scum. and uses her Northern working class roots as an excuse to be spiteful and hateful towards them. She even used the word scum in Parliament against Chris Clarkson in October 2020 against the Commons code of conduct. It’s activism like this that make me question why bother with autistic advocacy when there is uncivil discourse. Everyone just wants to fight for their own selfish reasons and feast on the freedoms of others. Raynor is no civil politician, she is a parasite supporting savagery.

Just recently Sir David’s killer has been revealed. He is a British national Somalian called Ali Harbi Ali, his father Harli Abi Kullane used to be advisor to the Somali prime minister. He fled to Britain in the 1990s to escape the death threats against him from Islamic militants after he challenged them to bring civil order to Somalia. Now the foreign nationals of Britain are something that left likes to pride itself on promoting a culture of diversity and tolerance to show that Britain is an icon of social justice. But embracing it in a blind manner has led to civil disorder. The left uses the ethnic minorities of Britain as props to it’s own self-righteous belief without recognising that it’s allowing one group to violate the rights of another. It’s like as if they want to create their own master race that can replace the civil order of Britain where there is no political spectrum and everyone conforms to their one race, one ideology agenda. The left leaning Guardian newspaper even admits this social and racial prejudice of the left.

Earlier in the year when there was civil unrest in Israel the British left took sides with the Muslim communities of Britain and allowed the worst of this community to commit violence and racist assaults on Jews across Britain. The way the liberal media carried the story they wanted to shame Israel and attack Judaism in Britain with shame. They did not show the protests as disguised attacks where one religious was being granted special treatment to attack another religious group. The left even applauded them for their coverage including those declared antisemitic by the Jewish groups of Britain. The left have so much control over the social justice narrative that they think they reckon they can punish people for not supporting the causes they favour.

From what I have read in my research the standards of Marxism is rooted in the behaviour of the animals that Darwin studied for Origin of Species. The socialists anarchists that built communist countries executed them in the same manner as animals in the natural world lived. They feasted on each other and created mass scale murder and poverty. If we live like animals then we die like animals. I refuse to be a part of a social order orchestrated by a political ideology that expects me to be an instrument of destruction so that their order can survive.

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