The Virtuous Nationalist Autistic

In 1897, a Jewish journalist called Theodor Herzl started a movement for the Jewish people of the world to build a sanctuary state located in their ancient homeland in the Middle East. This became known as Zionism and began with a decades long struggle for Jewish people to build through a combination of delegations within the national states they lived in the Jewish worldwide Diaspora. This was built without an attempt to attack and invade the lands of the Palestinian region. It was done through negotiations to ensure that it legally existed and had it’s own borders. That country became the modern state of Israel and achieved independence in 1948.

The story of Israel’s founding was rooted in providing a solution to the endless antisemitism they suffered everywhere they went. It also gave them a base from which to build an civilisation of science and art that many Jews had succeeded in for years. They shared this with the world and they showed the value of Israel to the world. Now for me Zionism is an inspiration for freedom fighting for the autistics of the world. I don’t seek to build a homeland for the autistics of the world though, I seek to build a good solid appreciation of the national states they live in. I believe that autistics should embrace nationalism as it gives them a solid foundation to build their lives rich and prosperous, and make that nation the best place in the world for neurodiversity.

In researching and developing my new book I read ‘The Virtues of Nationalism’ by Yoram Hazony to try and construct the autism reasoning for nationalist appreciation. The book had some strong cases for nationalism to freedom lovers. The book even had an interesting cover featuring the world as a puzzle with the nations as pieces. That is good allegory that even works for the autism communities of the world because we are seen as puzzle pieces missing from society. Our nations can thought of as a puzzle piece or an autism nation in their own unique way. Great Britain and the United States are two examples of countries with strong support for disability rights. They both have anti-discrimination laws in their laws, they celebrate and honour the achievements of disabled people, and are amongst the highest ranked nations for para-sports athletes.

The way autistic conservativism goes is that it supports nationalism as the basis for the self-determination and civil rights of autism. The first modern Conservative British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli invented the one nation conservativism to promote the needs of the people to be supported by the state to provide social support and programmes to help people to make their lives work for them. This can benefit autistics by providing resources that can be used by them to build their own lives such as setting up a business that they can then control and build to be profitable for themselves. This can then be used to create jobs to employ other autistics and other sorts of disabled people. The nationalist agenda here is that it pushes the country to be prosperous by the independent work of the individual and conservativism promotes individual rights. The autistic workers are thus building the national state to work for them and create a sanctuary state that can give them vast more opportunities in productivity and leisure.

Now the national state is embodied by the existence of the people that live in it and that includes the creative actions of autistic people. This is a civil form of nationalism that serves the wellbeing of the autistic communities and the other tribes and individuals according to their needs. Civic nationalism is an inclusive form of nationalism that heeds the traditional values of liberty, freedom, equality and tolerance. Britain’s Parliamentary servants have stood up for the rights of the disabled for decades and they have made Britain a shining beacon of opportunities and freedoms for the disabled. Of the current number of MPs in Parliament five of them have disabilities, and there is a national disability strategy just recently launched to provide all sorts of provisions for the disabled. This was done in consultation with disabled people and charity organisations. So that shows that the national state follows an obligation to serve disabled people and so it is good for autistics to embrace nationhood.

One of the virtues is nationalism is to have a competitive political order. I don’t claim that conservativism is the one true political ideology that autistics should follow. As the autism spectrum is a broad array of different functions and abilities in people’s brains so the political landscape of the country should also be like a spectrum. In physics the spectrum of colours in spectroscopy is used to analyses the atomic structure of the elements, and using this as an allegory for the autism spectrum and applying to the political order of the country we can have the nation as the prism with all of us in it with different political ideas beaming from it. This means that we need a variety of ideas to tackle the challenges of what autism presents to the nation and to neurotypicals as well, and for that we need a diversity of thought and intellectuality.

To survive in this world we need to learn to live with each other and share our lives irrespective of our differences and be willing to fulfil the needs of the entire national community and it’s tribes. These include neurodivergent tribes and neurotypical ones as well. The laws of nationalism state that individual liberties must be protected and their rights upheld for their own needs. It is best for establishing collective freedom and self-determination and that goes for all the people living in it, not just autistics. So the nationalist concept is the best institution to serve the autistic advocacy movement. By embracing nationhood autistics can develop diligently and successfully in the land of their country for the collective good of their nation.

Now when it comes to rights for autistic people, what do we mean by rights? They are according to John Galt from Atlas Shrugged ‘conditions of existence required by man’s nature for his proper proper survival’. This should not include rights that violate the rights and freedom of other people. They are our fellow citizens and they should not be our masters nor our slaves. Reasonable terms and conditions of existence are what help us autistics grow and build a nation, so that there is something about us with us.

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