Unconventional Conservative Characters

Over the last forty years supporters of different ideologies and political parties have changed the character of their politics. Just as socialists and liberal groups have had their change of character so have conservatives. My character of an autistic activist as a conservative is an extraordinary one because I have shown that you can be pro-capitalist and support innovation in the private sector and be a disabled person. The ideas I have is to push for going from social support to supported employment so that the disabled can have greater financial freedom than what welfare handouts can give them.

Let’s take a look at some unconventional conservatives and right-wing supporters in the frame of reference to their character. I am an autistic conservative and that makes me an unusual but strikingly distinct conservative amongst the disability culture. What other strange conservative characters can you find out there?

Recently I heard a story from a Turning Point USA conference where a woman had her pass cancelled after it had been discovered that she was a porn star. This woman is Brandi Love and she has been making adult films for years but she is also a staunch conservative and has written for web magazine The Federalist. I have read some of her articles and she is quite a brilliant and elegant writer. Her Twitter feed is full of conservative politics as well as her porn work. She’s also written a book under her real name Tracey Lynn Livermore. Brandi has also talked about how she’s voted Republican most of her life and is even a church going Presbyterian. That is a really extraordinary conservative and to some people it’s like a sinner in the conservative groups.

I don’t cover sex issues within the autism community but I do have my views on this matter. I find Brandi’s ejection from the Turning Point event to be an unnecessary action because she was going there as a ticket holder and not a host of an event. It wasn’t fair on her and I saw some conservatives on social media split on the issue. Some defending Brandi and some saying as a porn star she should not be associated with conservative groups. They claim that the religious and moral guidance of conservativism is not compatible with association of the sex industry. But Brandi has a good case for being a conservative adult entertainer. She associates the porn industry with pro free speech and pro liberty ideals. Also she claims that although the porn industry isn’t open about it’s politics, it is ideologically, constitutionally conservative and socially classically liberal.

Where do I stand on the sex industry? Well I have to agree with my fellow disabled activists who are supportive of the sex industry. I believe that sex as a service should be okay if people see it as a means to achieve intimacy when they struggle to connect with people emotionally. In 2005 I worked for a disability campaigning newspaper called Disability Now and they did a survey which revealed that 80% of disabled people believed prostitution should be legalised, access to sex services should be easier, and the sex workers should have the right of protection to do their jobs. Does that surprise you? The logic behind this is because most disabled people often find themselves socially isolated and struggle to hold down relationships because they have difficulties holding onto long term relationships. A friend of mine on Facebook mentioned that her autistic cousin struggled to find a partner to practice with so he travelled to a Dutch brothel in Amsterdam. So by using sex workers to give us companionship, intimacy and experience emotional attachment to a partner and practice sex without struggling. Even if it is lusty or sinful.

As well as a conservative porn star being an unconventional conservative character there is also openly proud conservatives in the gay and lesbian community. Arielle Scarcella is a lesbian feminist blogger who came out as openly conservative last year. She believes that the LGBT community is suffering from a crisis of leftist dogma directing it to self-destruction. On her You Tube channel she does reviews of sex toys and LGBT issues but she also speaks out to declare that lesbians should be supportive of conservativism and libertarianism because they promote and uphold the right that all people are equal and free to be who they are. Including that of being in love with the same sex. Arielle also applies the gay rights agenda to conservative principles. Although there are some conservatives against homosexuality the character of conservativism has changed to support gay rights because the gay’s former allies on the left have chosen to take sides with other religious groups that believe gays should be killed. To Arielle and some other liberal lesbians, gays should embrace the liberal values of America and realise that they are free to be who they are and not take sides with socialist nations like Cuba, which imprisoned and killed gays in it’s murderous regime under Fidel Castro.

It’s because of the way that the left dictates the narrative and frustrates diversity of thought that many people like Brandi Love and Arielle Scarcella have done well to hold onto their integrity and the strength of their character that they make good conservatives. I have done the same in my own way. This is also happening in the environmental movement where the green movement has chased out environmental scientists and advocates for refusing to push the climate change agenda as a death cult. Patrick Moore was one of the founders of Green Peace and he pushed for ecological issues using science and reason. He helped to stop CFCs being used in manufacturing to save the ozone layer from destruction at the UN and challenged the whalers from hunting wales in the Pacific. However he left Green Peace because they started to make politics and agendas take precedence over science. This including using sensationalism, misinformation and fear to promote their campaigns like destroying crop enhancing chemicals that could help developing nations from food shortages by claiming that they were evil practices of agriculture.

Then there is healthcare workers, a usually left leaning workforce. The local elections of May 2021 revealed that 2 in 5 healthcare workers voted for Conservative candidates. Being that they work in a socialised medical service you’d expect them to vote Labour as they get their pay from the government. But they don’t have to be that way. They can be conservatives and still work for the NHS. A healthcare worker should embrace conservative ideas on healthcare because they push for advances in medical science by allowing the pharmaceuticals industry to develop new and powerful drugs to cure sicknesses and health problems. That way the patients are not still relying on treatments that keep constantly having them readmitted all the time to clog up the hospitals.

Another type of modern conservative that can be an unconventional one is an ex-union member or a state industry employee. Lee Anderson is Conservative MP for Ashfield. Before he was a conservative his politics aligned with his upbringing as a family coalminer and he used to be work down the pits with his dad back in the day in Nottinghamshire. He has a very socialist upbringing being taught to care for the working classes and support the community. However after several years in the Labour party he begun to watch how the party’s character changed into something that was hostile to the working classes and became a metropolitan liberal elite alliance. This led Lee to defect to the Conservatives in 2019 after learning how they changed their character to be supportive of blue collar workers. Lee is now more happy at home as a Conservative and I have also seen how he brings working class culture to the party and heaps praise on the common community type voter that unites the country’s people together. In an interview last year he told of how he convinced a Labour voter to switch to Tory by explaining that ‘the Labour party her father voted for is not the same as the Labour party today. It’s lost it’s core voter base and I was bullied out of the party for not thinking alike it’s far-left identity politics’.

If there is anyone out there who is fearful about what is going on in their community or associated group then ask yourself this: is your freedom being compromised by groupthink? Is there a collective order of tribalism and petty demands to keep you following the order of your organisation? Then you should not be there anymore. Break through the ceiling that is shackling your bright ideas and find your way to a liberal conservative thinking. You can be a disabled person, a sex worker, an environmentalist, gay, lesbian or a commoner and defend your integrity as a liberal conservative that stands out gladly. In fact stop trying to fit in when you are born to stand out. As I have proven you can be disabled, black, gay, lesbian, Muslim, catholic or a foreign national to the country you are in and be a conservative. We are about individuality and freedom of thought, not conformity as an end to ourselves.

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