Condescending Parasites Stop Patronising Me

Amy Conney Barrett was appointed to the Supreme Court Justice to fill the seat left by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg in October 2020. I watched some of the confirmation for myself and I also took particular note of the way that the senators questioned her about her integrity and ability to be a supreme court justice.

One that stood out to me was how the Democrat senators, at the annoyance of the Republican senators, question Judge Barrett’s personal life and her politics. Asking about her views and to see if her Christian faith and her personal beliefs would undermine certain liberties for people of minorities and compromise their own rights. I watched that and found it to be utterly ridiculous and condescending. These Democrat Senators had nothing but a grudge against her just like when Brett Kavanaugh was appointed two years ago. Especially when they dug up dirt on him by exaggerating a woman’s claim that he had raped her over 20 years ago in college. Which of course was found to be untrue when the witness Christine Blasey Ford had no evidence and had been lying and led on by the Trump hating left.

Amy held herself up strong and her Republican supporters defended her with all their might. Despite the dirty tactics that the Senate Democrats dared to use against her there was nothing to make her break. But I found it unbearable and excruciating to witness as they used poster sized pictures of people in cases she presided over in her career. What I could see in this was a way of trying to gaslight and undermine Amy that I could relate to in my own circumstances. For most of my life I have been undermined by patronising bastards that like to belittle me, and especially since I have become politically active people like to frame me as ‘that Spastic Tory’.

Like Amy I have been battling with condescension from leftist autism support workers my entire life. They were not helpful to me at all and they actively undermined me but I battled them every step of the way and I proved their attempts to belittle me by walking away and leaving their services. When I was a young autistic jobseeker I was full of ambition to become something good for myself. At that time I wanted to work in a literary job but they refused to help me find a job in that field because they said I was not qualified. I didn’t understand their views at the time because I had been kept from learning about autism management. They insisted that I look for jobs that they deemed to be autism friendly.

So I ditched their support and I walked away from them and I no longer have any business to do with disability employment supporters. I had to learn to be my own man and start watching for signs of gaslighting, patronising behaviour and the kind of condescension I would get from obnoxious morons. Eventually I started to develop myself for the career that I wanted by understanding the values of entrepreneurs and to be a positive aspirational autistic. I still get that patronising behaviour from people in my political work. Mostly from people who question my integrity and suggest that as an autistic I should behave according to the way they want to. They just want to dominate the disability agenda for their own ends.

Prior to the hearing a black university director called Ibram X.Kendi from Boston University branded Amy ‘a white coloniser’ by suggesting that white people who adopt black children, as Amy did for two Haitian children, were using them as props to deny their own racism. That was a big low even for the Democrats standards who also pushed that narrative. If you want to talk about using people as props for an agenda then I can tell you what it feels like to be a prop myself to a load of useless social justice warriors.

Whenever I see socialist and leftist disability advocates talk about disability rights they portray me as a hopeless useless spastic demanding pity in a pathetic way. To them I am an example of the failing welfare state, whenever it’s funding is cut short. But when I try to speak for myself and show the world how valuable and great I am to make a stand for myself and demonstrate it they ignore me. They are also dismissive of the criticisms I have of their activism with a barrage of patronising remarks, just so that they can hijack my cause for their own agenda against the governments they target. How low can you go?

This is just about the same tyrants enslaving people to their whim. I sometimes think that social justice advocates can’t win by promoting peace and brotherly love, so instead they use the tactics that racists and supremacists use to further their objective. Which of course they do through things like cancel culture. If those leftists think they are doing good for the disabled just by making sure that they have generous welfare handouts then they are lost. Here is what I think of welfare support from them. It’s like getting peanuts in a poor man’s tin and the social housing they have is like a concrete toilet. I’d rather throw the peanuts back in their face and steal back all the money they have accumulated from taxation and decide what I get for myself so that I can be free of welfare.

Some autistics on support groups accuse me of ‘internalised ableism’ for portraying an image as a disability advocate with aspirations and intelligence. They call me selfish for refusing and dismissing their support. Well if they want to call me selfish that’s fine by me. I don’t have to take their charity. In fact they are just as selfish as I am because in order to successfully gain the money they give to me they had to be selfish themselves by taking other people’s money and stealing it for themselves to give out. This involved manipulating people to serve them. Socialism makes you selfish as well, but capitalism gives you the freedom to do what you want with that money. No successful happy person is ever selfless.

Amy Coney Barrett would be a magnificent asset to disability rights in America through the Supreme Court. She advocates for the dignity and self determination of all people regardless of ability. One of her witnesses at the nomination hearing was a former student of hers, a blind woman called Laura Wolk. She served as the first blind woman law clerk on the Supreme Court and delivered a powerful testimony to support her nomination to the same great institution. From listening to Wolk’s story I was humbled to hear how she was mentored by Amy to become comfortable in her work and to make a valuable contribution to the United States. This is a great example of how conservatives have been very supportive of the disabled and as an autistic conservative I am glad to see that I have people who share the the same political and civil ideas as I do.

My advice to people who condescend you or question your integrity don’t deserve your time. When I get told that my ambitions as an autistic are a waste of time I just shrug at it. I don’t owe them an answer when they bring up the prejudices and personal self interests of the conservatives because they won’t admit to their own prejudices. In December last year when I was campaigning some of my friends wouldn’t admit to the racist attitude of Jeremy Corbyn’s antisemitism. Instead they just tried to deflect onto Boris Johnson’s record of derogatory humour from his journalism days. Just like drowning truth in a sea of irrelevance. Well I don’t see how their intentions are good when all they want to do is dominate me and the agenda.

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