What the Hell are We Fighting For?

Here we are at the end of this year’s autism acceptance and awareness month. For the last post of this month I would like to ask everyone what the hell are you fighting for?

I have been pondering this because I have been looking at the stories of other conservatives of different minority groups like blacks and Asians and also the way of life for autism in conservatism. Recently Priti Patel was found to be not bullying her fellow workers at the Home Office and that no further action was to be taken. Her story is an example of biased prejudice towards a woman of Hindu faith and Ugandan origin being a conservative standing up against the useless and malingering fools that tried to stand her up by getting her to appease them. I don’t take kindly to patronising bastards in high ranking positions of society telling me what liberties I can have as an autistic and as a conservative liberal.

I can understand Patel’s position that she is in because I have been in the same situation with other people. Social justice warriors exist in two types: integrators and segregators. Ones that want to be a part of society with equal rights and the other that wants rights for itself to exist outside the mainstream. I am a little of both. Thomas Armstrong wrote in his book about the principles of neurodiversity. Two of them explain the way to accept autistics into society, that is to make them adapt to the environment and to make accommodations into that environment tailored to them.

Now I want to get people to accept the usefulness and value of autism and to do that I don’t see any reason why my rights should violate the rights of others. I want to work in mutual harmony with others in a civil and decent manner. Many activists of today’s SJWs do not agree with this. They want a conformist social order with equal political rights that are biased in one group’s favour. That’s why their agenda is so futile. It puts certain groups at a disadvantage and reduces autistics and other neurodivergents to props to be used by others.

They do this by pushing the narrative in three ways. 1. Owning the diversity agenda, 2. Creating a collective bargaining operative, and 3. Inventing crimes by manipulating language.

First one: Personally I think racism is a social problem that can never be cured. Everytime an antiracism agenda is started one person or ethnic group of a nationality, culture, race or religion hijacks it and uses it to push their own agenda and to get better privileges and liberties than another. Consider the way Muslims have hijacked the Labour Party’s diversity policies.

Since New Labour under Tony Blair made Britain more diversity embracing, some groups stand out as more successful than others because they have more rights that allow them to suppress and undermine others. Muslims have got such an advantage they even have an upper hand over other groups with their own skin colour. Something that my Black and Asian friends understand because they have differing levels of success in life. Leftists count on the support of those that play a victimhood narrative because it makes them useful weapons against their political opponents. The Labour party makes use of this to ensure that can count on the vote of the biggest Asian origin ethnic group.

In fact the Muslim vote is so important to the Labour party that they have been able to allow crimes that their communities commit go unwatched. Granting one group this special treatment leads to alienation of other groups and it is in part responsible for the rise of far right nationalism in Britain. By allowing Muslims to protest homecoming troops in parades branding baby killers, Tommy Robinson was inspired to set up the English Defence League.

This problem has also affected me because I have found myself in getting autistics their civil rights and their self determination in their own country problematic as we are put second place in the hierarchy of civil liberties. I have found that my rights are being suppressed to keep other ethnic groups happy. Some of which view disablement as ‘biological garbage that should not be seen in society’. Which brings me to the second one.

In collective bargaining of these groups I have seen how certain people like to dominate and control their own groups and get them to follow their bottom line in exchange for protection and freedoms. It also means that some groups can not practice or engage in things related to their livelihood. I went to Oaklands community school in Bethnal Green and it had a large number of black Bangladeshi pupils and some of them were very academically poor as this school was made to fit them. I was put into this school on the grounds that it was made to accommodate people like me because I had an intellectual disability and classed as special needs. I found this to be a very patronising and insulting decision to put me in here, but that was just one of many reasons why I hated it.

I wasn’t socially clued up on the cultural differences here at the time and that made it difficult for me to integrate. There was a great resentment to integration here in this school and some of the ethnic groups here resisted it by making stupid lies about one another. I was made a target for two things about me: being autistic and having Polish ancestry. At first I got picked on because I was autistic and to these pupils people with disabilities are freaks to be toyed with. They mocked me for my autistic traits and then later started picking on me when they found that I had a Polish middle name and started addressing me by my middle name, Zenon.

They got some of the other pupils to say the same to create their own safe space bargaining chip and some of them called by my middle name like I had a stain on my character. To some of these Bangladeshi pupils anyone with Eastern European ancestry is a closet Jew or an undesirable Zionist. I reported this to my study support tutors and they didn’t even bother to give me a straight answer and explain why they were calling me that. But I think they were hiding their hiding their biased antiracism policy.

Any reasonable person would intervene saying that that is racist to pick on someone with a foreign ancestry. The school sided with the Bangladeshi community. They were just indirectly saying to me ‘sorry Charlie we don’t give racial protection to Poles, Europeans, Jews or Christians here. You should have kept quiet about your roots because we only give protection to blacks and Muslims.’ Years later when I became politically active I started to take sides with the Jews when Labour became infested with antisemitism. I have had a number of spats with my friends over how they take sides with racists who think it’s okay to be prejudiced to certain groups and expect me to defend my Tory friends for their less harsh forms of prejudice. I also checked Oakland’s Ofsted report and found that they don’t have a single European pupil at their school! Had I been an actual Pole I would have been bullied out very quickly.

I have seen my fellow Conservative friends who are Black and Asian become targets for refusing to partake in this collective bargaining tool. When Boris Johnson promoted several woman, Black and Asian MPs to high ranking positions they got denounced instead of celebrated for their achievements by their own kind. It is grossly unfair to see them get hassled by leftists even from their own skin colour. They need to realise that no two brains are the same just as my autistic brain is different from that of a normal brain. They perception of equality and diversity reeks of eugenics.

Lastly there is the third tactic. Inventing and manipulating language to get people incriminated. This is something that I have learnt to be careful of when someone accuses me of something that I don’t see as a crime. Gaslighting is about sowing seeds of doubt in people to make them think that they are wrong. It is intimidating and horrible to do to a person just to try and make them feel defective to that person that wants people to be perfect. I have been bullied by many autistics that have gaslighted me for disagreeing on certain things. Claiming that there is no such thing as an autistic conservative and that I have ‘internalised ableism’ for being refusing special support for when it doesn’t suit me for what I aspire to be.

One time I got into an argument with an autistic woman about the social security benefits that I received and she was a hot headed liberal. I told her, and this is what I would say to any patronising Labour supporter, that what I get in welfare benefits from taxpayers is peanuts and if that’s all they think I deserve to receive then they are pathetic. It is so horrible to be made to put up with this condescension from activists that can’t stand it when other people try to upstage them by proving that they are not as big a deal than I am.

Recently I have seen a row over the death toll of BAME people from the Coronavirus. Sadiq Khan and Baroness Doreen Lawrence are putting it down to racism accusing the medical establishment and the dilapidated conditions of the black communities to become so bad that they are being allowed to die. That’s not entirely true, it’s just that those black communities have chosen to live like that and have spent so many years resisting integration that they get notoriously bad living standards.

Baroness Lawrence even had the cheek to accuse the firefighters rescuing the Grenfell Tower residents of racism because they were slow to respond to the mostly black occupants. If aggravating prejudice and making slurs of decent people like that is her idea of fighting racism then she has no concept of equality. When I hear things like that I often wonder if Martin Luther King was wasting his time fighting for civil rights. Everyone these days just wants something for themselves to make the group next to them second class. It’s like as if they are interested in greater equity in the social and civil rights polices, not equality under the law.

The real problem with social issues isn’t racism, it’s identity politics. I am glad my autistic conservative objective does not play into identity politics. We need civil rights crusaders to stop framing people as villains and exaggerating oppression. The best thing you can do to make yourself happy is showing people what exceptional values you have that make a great nation of people. Like Zionism I believe autistics should have the right to have self determination in their own countries. The Jews use Zionism to build a rich and prosperous nation of intelligent and aspirational people. Autistics can do the same for all other countries wherever they live and we must learn to live in mutual harmony with one another. What hope do we have if we keep fighting each other for more territory and equity and excuses to be spiteful to each other?

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