Conservative Aspies Support Self-Determination

Its come upon us yet again, as a general election has been called. Out of frustration and contempt as Parliament has delayed Brexit because of the greedy elite insisting that the people serve their agenda. I feel annoyed but also resent them because they are crushing my ambitions and abilities. If this election is going to be worth anything to me it’s going to be about fighting for intellectual freedom and the right of self-determination. A battle of the autistic conservatives against the socialist collectives. You’ll probably notice that I have a new logo on my website. That is the new autistic conservative logo and it represents a bright imagination with an infinite number of ideas that span across the world.

Why should autistics choose conservativism? Autistic people have a remarkable number of abilities that make up the strength of their character. Einstein was a frustrated and eccentric thinker whose brain was on the spectrum and he rebelled against his teachers. He gave a world a new understanding of nature in spite of his resistance to his teachers. He didn’t become a genius because he served his teacher or his country’s expectations. They resented the value of what he had offered them. Later when the Nazis came to power his intelligence was dismissed and he became a target for death, completely ignoring that he had the expertise to build the atom bomb. That could have won Germany the war.

Throughout the ages collectivist societies have done enslavement of the mind, crushing freedom of creativity and the right of self-determination of the living souls that inhabit them. All that matters to their government and supporters is their own self-righteousness. When someone with a bright idea suggested a better way of living the state listened but never acted on his solution. To make sure that solution didn’t work the state would deflate his ambitions. All in the name of sparing the government’s embarrassment that they couldn’t deliver for the happiness and wellbeing of the people themselves.

Abraham Lincoln was a freedom lover but a fragile and mentally ill person sometimes. He showed resilience against his the people that rejected him and defied his failings with pride. He decided to fight against criticism by showing people how he runs his life and what benefits it brings to people. Lincoln is one of my favourite American presidents and was believed to be an Aspergers person. His heightened intelligence was an attribute of his neurodivergent thinking. He loved stories and was able to memorize and recite them as an inspiration for his speeches and policies. During his political career, he made a lot of progress on his own and his steely determination shined in the Republican party’s advocacy for upholding the constitution and human dignity. It was he who drafted the bill to end slavery in America. It was he who believe that man were better to serve their lives building great things to make prosperity and wealth the cornerstone of happiness for all mankind.

Lincoln’s politics were openly criticized and defied by the Democrats who supported slavery to keep black people from advancing their own destiny. Black conservatives in America today acknowledge that the left deliberately orchestrates an inferior state of mind of the blacks to get them to think like they need the Democrats to survive. This draws parallels to my crusade for autism advocacy and self-determination. The left don’t like it when the disabled try to achieve things for themselves. To them, dependence on the state is a way to keep the people in line.

When I was young I had special career services from an autism support group that was mostly staffed by Labour supporters. They were patronising and stagnating my ambitions from day one. Rather than teach me how to invest in what I needed to do to make something of myself they insisted that I stick to looking for low skilled menial jobs. The reason for this is because of a set criteria for autistics which is that are made to fit the limitations of what my disability is defined by.

I felt absolutely insulted and patronised by that idea. I was very much capable of working in a regular job but they didn’t bother to try and teach how to look for a career that I wanted. So I left them and when I became politically active I detested them as pathetic useless do-gooders. If that is Labour’s way of helping autistics then they haven’t got a clue how equality and diversity works. No one has the right to dictate the prospects of an autistic individual. Every person in this world was created for a purpose and I have a right to make something of myself.

There are so many wonderful creations and ideas that an autistic person can bring to this world. Each and every one of them is worthy of note and must be allowed to be shared with the world. But the neurodiversity culture is in a civil rights crisis. Part of this is because of petty tribalism within the autistic community where I am often challenged by disability charities and other autistics that want something for themselves. Rather than raise autistics up to succeed on their own terms they want to ensure that the state services and society itself accommodates them to cater for where the impairments of their conditions affect their ability to live a normal life.

Well, I am all for looking after the wellbeing of the disabled in ways that they need to be catered for. It’s just that I think it’s unfair that I should be labelled and treated with low standards of achievement to greatness. I am fed up with that stereotype of disabled people being pitied, pathetic creatures that live in hopeless and vulnerable situations. The real problem with living with autism is that our needs and liberties are dictated by able-bodied people that don’t respect the demands of actual disabled people.

There is a way that we can turn this around and to do that, we need to think positively and constructively about making the world support us, not constantly resent and be hateful towards neurotypicals and able-bodied people. If we can’t show goodness in our character as well as our abilities then what use is there in fighting for civil rights. I have watched how Labour Black and Asian members have chastised Conservative Blacks and Asians for securing high profile jobs in the government calling them out as race traitors and other derogatory remarks. That is not how to make progress in civil justice. I believe that if you want to earn political and civil rights then we must show decency and examples of good service to society.

To all my fellow autistics and neurodivergents out there, if we are to show people that we are worthy of acceptance and to be granted civil rights then don’t undermine it by petty squabbling with your own kind. I don’t claim to be superior to other autistics like an aspie supremacist, I claim to be my own individual self showing the glory of neurodiversity. Conservativism supports the individual rights of people from all walks of life and hence I represent myself armed with nothing but my own vision to perpetuate autism in all its glory.

One of the biggest influences on my advocacy style is Martin Luther King, the black civil rights leader of the 1960s. Doctor King was a republican and in his fight for the civic justice of black people, he preached for love and justice between fellow human beings. That was a way of showing that we could achieve mutual harmony between all classes of citizens by respecting and valuing each others character for the best of their intelligence, abilities and integrity in spite of their differences in their skin colour. In the context of autism acceptance, it’s the same thing but it’s in regards to their neurodiversity.

Although a majority of disabled people are dependent on the welfare state that should not determine what aspirations they have. Some autistics actually make a good income that they are able to afford themselves the freedom from welfare dependency. Being on welfare handouts or public services might be a lifeline for the needs of autistics but just because the welfare state does provide a good service does not give you the right to dictate your liberties. The current services on the NHS are atrocious to autistics because they include institutions that lock vulnerable people away from society.

In some socialist governments, people with intellectual disabilities and mental health problems have their conditions used to incriminate and discredit them from public life. I often hear from people saying that the conservatives don’t care about disabled people because they systematically cut away public services. This leads to a majority of disabled people and their carers being Labour supporters. The reason being that they live out most of their lives dependent on the welfare state they support parties that are more protective of their services instead of their career aspirations. Well if those leftist parties invented ways for the job market to be more accommodating to autistics and gave way to social engineers to reform the welfare state including the health service then things would be much better for them. But they won’t bother because it will lose those parties support from the autistic community. I want that change to happen so I support the Conservatives.

One thing that I will also mention about the flaw in leftists support for the disabled is that they are closet eugenics supporters. In America, the Democrats are big pro-choice supporters for abortions. These abortionists groups are responsible for more deaths in America than gun crimes and as part of their advocacy, they say that neonatal detection of disabled foetuses is essential to fix the imperfections of humanity. There is currently research into the potential of detecting autism in the womb and to eliminate disablement. It’s not the Republicans that are supporting this it’s the Democrat left and others like them.

In Britain about 90% of babies with downs syndrome are terminated after using the neonatal detection. This destruction of human life in production is abhorrent murder. We autistics and other disabled people live with the threat to our existence from eugenicists posing as pro-choice advocates. But eugenics isn’t just in the form of foetal killing, it also undertaken by charities and NGOs that use their position to research and develop cures for illnesses by treating autism as a cancer.

Some Conservatives get branded Nazi scum by obnoxious liberals. Whatever is going on inside the minds of those leftist prats is unbelievable. Us Nazis? We are not the ones who think the holocaust was excusable to eliminate wealth inequality by killing the Jews! The stupid socialist skunks have no morals. Like looters and parasites, the left copies and loots the dreams, achievements and creations of beautiful minds. They are so obsessed with destruction in order to achieve their own goals, it’s no wonder why they have become an echo chamber of savagery.

Labour, Liberals, Democrats and other socialists across the world do not respect disability rights or independent thinking. They are obsessed with correcting imperfections in people’s abilities and minds that they invent crimes by manipulating language to deflect their responsibilities. As well as promoting eugenics against the disabled they sponsor research into devaluing human life in man other ways. Including measuring the intelligence of Leave voters against Remainers to discredit their vote, believe that old people’s voices are not valid in democratic referendums, and crossmatching different ethnic groups with prejudices against peaceful races and giving indecent people more rights than decent civilians.

All forms of life were created unequal in nature, we need to accept them as they are and see what good they can do. There is no such thing as a second class citizen. Only a prejudiced group that denies the civil rights of neurodiversity. Inequality is a fact of life and we should accept all classes of citizens.