Bloggers Setup Guide

Hello to all followers of AC Keeble. Some of you might have gone through my past posts from over five years ago and noticed that some of my posts are missing. I have deleted them because they are irrelevant or not worthy of any good stories on here. Recently I have been updating my blog and increasing more centralised creative content that reflects the theme of AC Keeble.

When I first began my blog I didn’t set out a plan to define its identity. Initially, I started out doing it as a personal blog about some of my activities like an expansion of my Facebook posts. But then as I carried on writing about my adventures I saw that my online journalism could be more than just a personal life story in digital form.

I realised that it has to be set to a theme and subject-specific project. Everyone has a story, but there is a format that we need to set it to when we tell it. We’ve got health and fitness fans wanting to share their weight loss tips and healthy eating recipes, so they make their blogs focus on those things to show you how to get in shape just the way they did.

When I joined the blogging community I found a blogger that wrote about her lie as an autistic and spread the joy and hope of living with the same neurological condition that I have. That blogger is called Neurodivergent Rebel and she showed me a positive way of living with autism. In the past, I wasn’t always happy about showing off my identity because I had been made to feel ashamed and pathetic about being autistic. But now I had a reason to feel happy and active about autism.

This theme of autism was not something that I wanted to focus my blog on. I had so many different alternating interests that I just couldn’t bear to make a single subject-specific blog. I like autism advocacy, conservative politics, science fiction, travel, science and technology, archery, earth and environmental issues, etc. What I needed was a centralised theme of the blog. I covered some of this a while ago in this post from last year.

Writing the blog is also not as easy as it seems. Like a content editor to a website, you have to plan and prepare the content in advance. What are you doing in or life that warrants a blog post? Are you an active traveller exploring museums, nature spots, hotels or restaurants in fabulous locations? Do you have an artistic talent that you like to share online? Well, plan something out of those activities that you can craft into a post and then find another one that can be put together. But be sure to aim for a set number of words and pictures. The average amount of words for a blog post is 800 – 1200 and I would recommend at least 8 – 10 pictures.

The theme of a blog is its mission statement and it gives it’s content a motion to set the follower’s minds alight. I write about many different themes in my blog and its imperative that you create a distinct identity for it. If you are going to make or blog focus on multiple subjects then you should try to make it stand out like a show about yourself but give yourself a writer’s name with a subheading that defines the blog. Some successful writers don’t work under their own names but use pseudonyms that represent their styles. TV writer and former producer of Doctor Who Russell T Davies added the T to his name after making some really successful dramas and comedies with shocking and horror type plot twists. I call my blog AC Keeble because I like to play on words and put them into playful phrases.

When you plan our content think wisely about what you want to share and what stories you want to tell. Long before the web people wrote their thoughts and ideas down in journals that the kept to themselves. Some of these contain personal things that can be read far and wide by complete strangers that will either laugh at you, praise you or curse you for speaking them. There might have been a novelty when this trend started with people writing and filling the web with nonsense stuff, but now you have to take responsibility.

I got rid of my past posts because I felt that the had no use to the subjects of the blog and some of them seemed a bit too personal for me to share in the first place. As an activist, I am vulnerable to being attacked by opponents of my advocacy who can use my past activities to vilify or humilate me. But also some posts contained some parts of my past that I would rather forget like issues with my mental health, personal attacks towards things and people I detest and hard times that I fell on. That’s not a good idea for blogging.

This post is one that I have only just written as a filler post to cover while I get to work on a bigger post. But I hope it has given you some inspiration for how to create your own online presence in a controlled and organised way.

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