Let there be Water and Peace

There has been a change of plans for me at this time. My university work is going to be on hold for another year and I am going to work on a career in an international development role that will allow me to use my knowledge on earth science.

I have just got a job working for an NGO called Africa House London. It organises and negotiates direct trade investment between Great Britain and African Countries. Some of these include plans for ecological agriculture and solar power plants in places like Tanzania, Nigeria, Lagos and Ethiopia. This sounds like a good opportunity for me to use my knowledge and technical expertise of environmental geology to build projects of my own. So I have decided to start building a career to be the scientist that I have always aspired to be.

From the objectives that we do at Africa House London, I have started my own project and it was inspired by a book that I read and responds to a problem in Nigeria. This African country is a tropics paradise with an average rainfall of 256 cubic kilometres a year. Enough to provide water for its farmers to grow crops and enrich the country with its magnificent rainforest. But Nigeria doesn’t manage its natural water supply very well. A lot of it goes to waste and leaves it’s poor short of water and its farmers vulnerable to losing their crops.

It’s not all doom and despair though. I have discovered that Nigerian businesses are selling and making progress in improving the farming methods and uses of equipment to improve the efficiency of its agriculture. Some of this technology was invented by Jewish scientists.

This book I read was called ‘Let there be Water’ by Seth M. Siegel. It contains stories of the scientists and inventors of Israel and their quest to make their home nation so powerful and independent that they perfected the techniques of water technology. In 1933 an engineer called Simon Blass discovered while watching a row trees noticed that one of them had grown taller than the others. A leaking pipe let water into the roots of the tree and it helped to increase the growth of the tree with minimal water input. Blass called this drip irrigation and this method of plant growth is widespread across Israel.

Since 1992 Nigeria has opened open it’s markets to Israel and the Jewish nation has been showing the Nigerians to how to control and operate it’s own water supplies. They have been able to learn all about water management from Israel and in doing so their agricultural economy has been booming. I found two companies in Nigeria that specialise in setting up drip irrigation equipment and this is showing how clever Nigeria is at cultivating its own creativity and then selling on their produce. It makes good money for the people and it allows them to have their own financial freedom from aid.

Now it’s been warned by experts on climate change that around two-thirds of the world’s population will have water shortages by 2025. That may be a sign to some that climate change is real and as an active environmental science advocate, I can see that eventuality leading to civil war and destruction. The Arab Spring partly started as a result of a water shortage in 2010 but some of the countries experienced less damage than others. This is because of their peaceful and mutual harmony with Israel and acceptance of the Jewish nation’s water technology.

Since Israel’s creation as a sovereign nation, it’s been subjected to endless prejudice and boycotts by other nations. Most of which are of African, Asian and Islamic in nature. In 1967 several nations set a criteria of three Nos to Israel: No Peace, No Trade and No Recognition. Well, those blacklisting Israel will regret it for the rest of their lives as their countries and their people suffer as a result of their personal distaste for the Jews. Israel is the ultimate master of water technology and they can save the world from water shortages.

Recently I watched the Friday School strike in Parliament Square and it was full of leftist eco-warriors and some Palestinian solidarity campaigners. So there was a lot of anti-science activism, anti-capitalists and closet anti-semites. I often wonder if these angry hot-headed eco-warriors ever bother to learn to stick up for the scientists by advocating and selling their inventions. Especially the Israelis with their water technology so that they can save the planet. This is how I advocate against climate change. Unlike Greta Thunberg, I don’t do it like a hysterical child frightened witless by propagandistic material to make people panic. I encourage people to buy green solutions as a salesman offering a better way of living.

Going back to the Israeli science solutions I believe it’s time the Arab nations started to properly make peace with Israel. We also need to stop them pulling the wool over the eyes of young westerners telling them lies about the Palestinians being persecuted by the Israelis, for which they are not. It’s just that these Arabic citizens of the Middle East don’t want to cohabit with the Jews. Yet they get a reasonable amount of water from the Israel water management board and even have access to the same technology that the Jews have.

Interestingly before the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Shah of Iran welcomed Israel into the lives of Iranians and with their help, they managed to build water desalination plants. This was great for diplomatic relations between the two countries and for a while there was peace between them. Israel even came to the rescue of Iran in 1962 when an earthquake devasted a natural water supply that the north-western Qazvin Province had been dependent on for 2700 years.

Now having become a western hating Islamic republic it has allowed it’s water systems to become ruined by bad management. Is it really worth being resentful and envious towards your neighbours like that? They just want to sacrifice reason and happiness just so that they can hold onto power and make a slave state to make themselves supreme beings. All this hate towards Israel and what other scientists are doing is making the world suffer and die of thirst. The only valid hatred is when the few deny the many the freedom to have their own vital essentials to achieve their own happiness.

Now you know that there is hope and opportunity for the world and there is peace that can be achieved for the benefit of mankind. Israel has shown us how we can save our water supplies and in doing so save ourselves from civil war. Britain should also welcome Israeli entrepreneurs in so that we can improve or own water technology.

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