Civic Nationalism against Collectivist Prejudice

This post has come just as Boris Johnson has made a prorogation of Parliament to allow for the passing of Brexit on 31st October. In doing so it will prevent another coup by remainers to push another attempt to delay Brexit. It has made remainers and leftists cry out in anger against the government in another hysterical tirade yet again.

The last time I wrote about foul activism and how decency and savagery must be recognised when you have a concept of equality and justice. I set out to show how leftists are unable to show their compassion in a considerate way. To follow that up I have something to reveal about misjudged prejudice in the Brexit debate. I can apply the act that all groups and individuals pick and choose what they associate with to show up what Remainers really have in their strides. Leavers like me have better taste in diversity and acceptance than those condescending parasites.

A Civil Rights Crisis

In this perilous time in British politics we have a constitutional crisis and a civil rights crisis. The people are fighting amongst themselves over what agenda and issue matters most to them. Leave or Remain? Climate Crisis or Economic Growth? Which race deserves better protection from racism – Muslims, Christians, Jews or Sikhs? And what about me with my own agenda: to grant neurodiversity and autistics a right to self determination and the freedom to earn their own living?

One thing that is making us more like a Middle Eastern country is the tribalism and discontent which is making them lose a sense of belonging in their own nation. I think Parliament needs to not only get Brexit done with but push for a civic nationalist agenda. One thing is for certain is people are losing faith in politicians. As a Leaver I feel like my liberties are being compromised just to protect their own privileges. What gives the Remainer politicians the right to think that they have to dictate other people’s liberties instead of serving their people?

This battle for Brexit is about power and collectivism, not just prejudice. I see it as a battle against federal assimilation that needs to be resolved. There is no reason for us to stay attached to the EU other than to protect the pride and wealth of the privileged elite. Those elitists envy the freedom, hope and opportunity that ordinary people crave and they want to do their best to keep the ordinary living people from getting the same as they have.

Last time I made a critical comparison of how western leftists have been corrupted by Islamic nations in their politics and social justice by comparing the content of the Communist Manifesto and the Koran. I think it’s fair that I should make a comparison to Judaeo-Christian values and Conservatism. In the Bible there are many stories of freedom, decency and good values that evoke the nature of conservatism as written in many great works of conservative literature like the Wealth of Nations and the Declaration of Independence.

The stories in the bible contain a mix of escapades from slavery and the resistance to oppression, to tales of building peace on this Earth and making progress through you the use of human hands. Noah built a great ark to preserve and save the most precious animals from a great flood, Moses led the Jews to freedom from enslavement by the Egyptians, Jesus taught people how to follow God and worship wisdom and knowledge.

Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations is about how the freedom of creativity leads to prosperity for all classes of citizens, for the wealth of a few like the people in power can’t bring it to the many. When the writers of the Magna Carta brought their proclamation to King John the head of state had no supremacy over his subjects in a tyrannical way. Then there is the English church breaking away from Catholicism which broke the monopoly of Christian teachings from the Pope in Rome to allow King Henry 8th to run his own Anglican services. A more powerful form of freedom of independence is enshrined in the declaration of independence written by a number of liberal warriors that built the United States.

Prejudice in EU Collectivism

It’s qualities of civility and decency that make Britain a strong nation with a right to self determination. It’s also seen in the Leavers that have a much better make of diversity than Remainers. Jon Snow once described a protest gathering of Brexiteers as ‘a sea of white faces.’ Maybe he should have checked the skin colour of those people onthe crowd and compared them to the Remainers in their protest. Nearly all of them were white and the Leavers were made up of a mix of white, black and Asians. Which goes to show that Brexit presents Britain as a country open to the world. All the Pro-remain represents is protectionism and closed off from international trade. Hence why the Eurozone is suffering from stagntion.

These non-white leavers include citizens of the Commonwealth of Nations such as India, Malaya, Brunei, Jamaica and South Africa. Doing business with these countries will bring far more wealth than the EU will ever bring to its member countries. In fact many of them are venture capitalists and through their historic and cultural ties we can lead the world in sovereign supremacy as opposed to bloc collectivism. You need to understand equality before you start branding people racist. The remainers don’t see equality in their objective, only to get people to serve their altruism and to gather people to serve their purpose but not for the common people.

When Remainers protest we see what their tribe consists of. This Remainer tribe is largely is full of upper and middle class ponies wanting restrictions on trade and innovation to protect their monopolies. They are threatened by individuals seeking freedom to be better than they are. When Margaret Thatcher, the green grocers daughter opened conservatism to liberals and working classes many common people transcended to the classes above them. In response to this the middle class townsfolk lobbied to push for legislation to push them back to their council properties and saturate the market with big chains to eliminate the competition.

These middle class remainers have also recruited a collective of leftist groups pushing ecology and anti-racist agendas. Including lame brained sheep who are happy to take money to dress up as village idiots and demand to overturn the democratic vote of the country. With their brains controlled by these millionaire metropolitan elites these empty headed dreamers have been poisoned against their own kind. It sickens me to see this kind of manipulation. I have seen mentally ill and disabled people with conditions similar to me become used as disposable weapons of destruction against their enemies.

And when they try to show how good their own qualities are when they don’t ally themselves with their tribes they get vilified and abandoned.

Exceptional Individuals achieve Greater Glory than their Tribal Allegiances

When Boris Johnson assembled his cabinet the character of his team was the most diverse and exceptional among ethnic groups. The left and the opposition did not celebrate this because it undermined their agenda and struggle. Several black and Asian Labour MPs described their fellow people as race traitors, soulless fools, and other subservient derogatory labels. Those badly chosen insults are not only prejudice, but patronising. I know what its like to get called things like that because I get it from my own people from the autistic community accusing me of ‘internalised ableism’. But I reject their criticisms because I refuse to take part in a slave society. I live only on my own terms as my civil rights permit me to.

If I had to value my heritage and my people then I use the qualities and strengths of them to justify my freedom. Consider my Polish ancestry. For hundreds of years they have fought back against several other tyrants to give freedoms for Jews and Christians to live in peace and harmony. They also fought bravely to ensure that the had a sovereign independent state of their own, since Poland went through partitions between three other countries in the 18th century. As well as Britain leaving the EU the Poles also have a grudge against the European Bureaucrats.

There is a glorious time for nationalism and with it a lot of opportunities beckon. The nation state can not succeed being binded by a supranational organisation. Do not let higher powers of people dictate your liberties or civil rights. To end this post I have included the French national anthe Les Marseilles, as it contains lyrics that represent a call to all citizens to defend themselves.

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