Decency and Savagery: Activism at Foul Play

This post has come rather late because I have busy with my exams. Now that I have done them all I can now get back to this. The topic of this post started with political activism at foul play and trying to understand if activists from the left can tell decency from savagery. From what I have seen during a number of stories in politics these last two months they can’t think in any reasonable way.

Now during the European elections Brexit Party candidates and a number of other conservatives got milk shakes thrown at them by pedantic and vicious leftists SJWs for fun. It was so hurtful just to see them behave in this way that I felt the left couldn’t get anymore lower than this. I have watched Labour activists drive out Jewish MPs and other Jewish community members, seen Remainer hysteria using fear and propaganda to try to thwart Brexit by saying that it will lead to people committing suicide and now they are using physical and mental violence against the right.

I have been on the receiving end of some leftist hatred myself. Especially from those who despite protesting austerity for cuts to disability care services, don’t think that I as an autistic should have the freedom or liberty to live my life the way I want it. Recently I saw a video of Donald Trump protestor saying that ‘he appears to have mental illnesses and possibly autistic and I don’t think people like that should be in power’. What a patronising bastard! People with autism are intelligent and amazing. I’d like to smack him in the mouth.

At the time of Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy were taking place across Britain and France. This is my all time favourite battle of the war known as the time when the Nazi beasts started to be pushed back towards oblivion. It was a time to commemorate and thank our veterans for what they did in freeing Europe from fascism and Nazism.

Elsewhere in Britain there was a continuation of protests towards President Trump with some of his supporters being attacked in the street with Sadiq Khan abusing his power as London Mayor by allowing to roam free. There were chants of ‘Nazi Scum’ directed at them by people who didn’t even give a damn about the commemoration of D-Day. Clearly these idiots have no concept of equality or freedom. For their ancestors fought for freedom and this is the leader of a country that lead the world in freedom and liberty of all classes of citizens.

They are just a pack of disgusting obnoxious pigs pushing a baseless agenda for fun. They claim nationalism is a dangerous ideology that advocates hate and division. Calling everyone one that disagrees with them as racist or xenophobic. Well I have a far better understandings of racism and diversity than these yokels. They are bigger spastics as normal people than I am as an autistic person. I wrote a piece for United Politics about nationalism and to follow up from that story I can reveal that leftists are also in favour of nationalism without even knowing it. You can read from this story about what kind of nationalism they are embracing, it can be seen in the way these Liberal/Socialists are becoming as they are ethnic nationalists.

Now on the subject of racism that the left seeks to eliminate, they say that they are accepting and tolerant to all ethnic minorities. Well considering their ethnic nationalist principles I don’t think they are accepting of any minority as long as they conform to their ideologue. They take sides with ethnic groups and nations that share common values with their leftist doctrine. That’s their perception of when they claim that ‘we have more in common than what divides us’.

I remember an episode of Question Time where a black poet called George Mpanga stated that Britain had a terrible racism problem. One man in the audience responded to that by saying that ‘Britain is one of the least racist countries in the world’. An Asian woman in an Islamic garment interjected by saying ‘I find that hard to believe coming from you because you are white’. Those are the words of a condescending parasite. I wouldn’t take her word for that racism in Britain but I would say to her ‘I find it hard to believe that you understand what equality is because you wear a garment of oppression of your gender.’ If I had to believe her perception of equality then I would have to accept the justification of the holocaust from a Nazi SS officer.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that white western leftists have in common with their choices of ethnic groups such as Islamists. Labour have become infested with terrorist sympathizers and endorsing Islamists and bashing their traditional white working class supporters to appease them.

Especially as Jeremy Corbyn is friends with Hamas, PLO, Hezbollah, the IRA and anti-government protest groups he is a politician with a savage instinct. That’s not really being a pacifist, this is appeasement of savages and he is just as much a racist as Hitler is. One of his MPs Naz Shah has used the idea that some people deserve more rights than others and that their critics should ‘shut their mouths for the sake of diversity’. More like shut their mouths for the supremacy of Leftism.

I was on a thread on Facebook not long ago highlighting common things between Socialist principles and Islamic teachings. According to Karl Marx capital should be abolished and the state should be in control of all business and creativity, the people should be subservient to the government and it’s supreme leader to keep the country a glorious whole, equality should be granted according to those of a significant standing in society, aspirations should not be cherished unless it is to serve the public good and that destruction of class barriers requires that no one should have the freedom to achieve their own happiness.

In the Islamic teachings of Mohammed the same principles are very similar. No one person should achieve riches for themselves and support social welfare, the name Islam in Arabic means ‘submission’ and unto God and this principle is applied in Islamic centric states like Iran. Also Iran’s society is ethnic nationalistic which means that the church and the state function together as one, and people of different Islamic tribes that criticise Islam or choose to follow their own path should be hunted down and exterminated.

Uncanny isn’t it. It’s no wonder that socialists appeal to Muslims for their vote. Leftists in the west talk of standing up for equality, human rights and help for the needy. Well I don’t think they have a concept of equality or even irony for that matter. If they realised that they were taking sides with a group that goes against what they stand for in a democracy then they’d realise why gays are being attacked, some ethnic groups are being attacked by another that think they deserve more than others and why disabled people are being hung out to dry and dismissed from society.

Personally, I think racism is a social problem that can not be cured because you know why? Each and every individual or group favours certain characteristics that serve their nature. If you want a civil society then don’t choose savages over decent people. In the years that I have lived amongst different ethnic groups, I have found that some of them are not very friendly and have their own prejudices. To show you some examples of these nations I have two countries of origin of these groups that are positive and negative.


My first experience with the Bangladeshi community was in secondary school. I went to an all-inclusive community comp in Bethnal Green that had a mix of different types of kids but 45% of them where black Bangladeshi Muslims. Although this school had a policy of inclusion especially for disabled people I found that most of the students were not very friendly to each other. I had been placed at this school because I had been diagnosed autistic and being that I was disabled I was considered to be only fit for a school for stupids. The attitude of some of these Bangladeshis to disabled people was awful.

I found out years later that Bangladesh considers disabled people to be a burden on the family and the result of a curse. Disabled people over there are barred from an education and they have little to no civil rights. This negative attitude is also reflected in the way I was treated in school. Because the Bengalis made up the largest number of pupils and the school wanted to push it’s diversity agenda they sidelined my needs and gave precedence to them.

Because of Bangladesh’s denouncement of Israel pupils with Jewish connections were also targeted in this school. I think some of them may have suspected or falsely accused me of being a closet Jew because of my Polish ancestry. I revealed my middle name as Zenon, which comes from my Polish grandfather. Now Zenon is a common Polish name and a lot of Jewish men go by that name. Some of them chanted out Zenon to me like they were playing a game of ‘you Jew’ at school. I did some volunteer work for the geography teacher by creating flags of countries to go on the classroom walls. When I started drawing the Israeli flag one teacher watching me draw the Star of David told me to stop and throw it away.


Spain is the most frequently visited country that I have been to for holidays. It is more than a country of sun, sea, sand and sangria. It’s a world capital of cultural acceptance and social mobility. Did you know that Spain introduced the first disability sports? Well in 1917 they gave the world sports for the deaf like chess, swimming and athletics. Later in the 1930s they introduced blind sports to school children and then in 1950s sports were used for the rehabilitation of hospital patients.

Spain’s disability laws and other diversity ethics accept all classes of citizens a decent level of tolerance and equality. At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics a para archer was given the honour of lighting the cauldron by shooting a flame tipped arrow up into the stadium. It symbolised the Spanish people as a warm and diverse nation that takes pride in it’s people. I have great praise to the Spanish for their acceptance of people like me and I am glad to have some Spanish friends in my life.

Moving on from countries as examples I would say that shows that the left doesn’t have good judgement on tolerance and acceptance. They think non-white people can’t be racist because they live with it and the reason we are made to think that is because anti-racism is always depicted as a white against black paradigm. That is a lie. There are plenty of examples of non-white racism and I have seen it for myself in the form of tribal battles within these black and Asian communities.

One thing that amazes me about leftists is how they can’t appreciate decency or self-awareness in their politics. They are hysterical, bureaucratic and vicious as the savages they support. They base their diversity agenda on indecent and vicious nations that put a certain ethnicity first. How dare they criticise national pride and identity politics of the right when they put their own ethnic groups first in the same sentence.

These SJWs and leftists can associate themselves with anyone they please but I find it disturbing that they can associate themselves with oppressive regimes as an inspiration for their equality mission. Many of these Asian and Middle Eastern countries they admire are vicious and savage in nature. Consider the difference between Iran and Israel. The social order of Iran is such that people are treated with respect, equality and dignity depending on what they and to their usefulness to the state. Woman are barred from sports events and they can not play sports with men, disabled people are treated like dogs, artistic performers are barred from telling jokes of a sensitive nature, all other religions are stigmatised or expelled from the country. Perhaps like I mentioned earlier about Labour being alike Islamists they find a use in the structure of an Islamic nation being the blueprint for their ways of running Britain. Conformity, enslavement, plunder and oppression.

As for Israel it is a shining light in the Middle East that serves as the only true democracy there. The disabled have fair treatment and support, woman and LGBT people have rights to coexist in harmony, Israel is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world that has led by example on how the Middle East can be a valuable asset to the West when they work together.

I am glad to say that I can tell decency from savagery and how to play fairly in politics. My taste in ethnic groups are more decent than a leftist can boast. Unlike their choice of association, I don’t have to screw them up the arse or play the part of an idiot to get protection. I can be myself without getting a beating. No Jew has ever hurt me.

The only way to create a country in harmony is to create a civil society whereby everyone shares a common civic national pride.

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