Weaponised Capital from a Crisis

In June 2016 a Labour MP called Jo Cox was murdered in cold blood by a far-right loner called Thomas Mair in Batley and Spen. This killing represented an ugly turn that was seized upon by several people from the Remain activists, the left, the Labour Party, and other anti-fascist organisations. They saw this as a way to vilify and discredit their opponents and use it to push for a reason to support Britain’s continued membership of the European Union. It was like something out of an Orwellian dystopia in which terrorism is exploited by the state. But this was not much of a terrorist attack and I had some personal feelings against this.

What made me personally against this was how Thomas Mair’s attack and motive was being portrayed by the media as a terrorist attack. How do they judge this as a terrorist attack? Because he was right-wing because he was a mentally ill person because it was an attack on a politician? Whatever happened it got exaggerated out of proportion and the political groups of the left lapped it up like they had found a golden axe to wield on their opponents.

As an autistic person, I felt very disturbed by this treatment of the story and in some way it had made neurodivergents like me as bad apples that can poison society. I have brought this subject up because of the fallout from the New Zealand mosque attacks that happened in Christchurch. Like the Jo Cox attack, the Christchurch mosque attacks have also been capitalised on by the regressive left. Conservatives and other political factions have come under attack by zealous SJWs claiming that what they have done in their activities has caused this tragedy to happen. There was even a hit list on Twitter of conservatives and other right-wing people from the media and politics being targeted for blacklisting. This is just the same kind of tactic that the Soviet Union used to purge people from society.

Neurodivergents also have to fear the left and their politics. Some of my fellow autistic activists are Labour supporters but I reckon they have a lot to fear about people like them. They have done nothing good to help me and they reject the good qualities of a person’s character unless they fit their agenda. Mental health isn’t something they support it’s something they use against people. Corbyn would use the same tactics that Stalin used by exploiting people’s mental health and neurological conditions as a reason to silence them.

I once had a big argument with another autistic who was a hothead liberal. She too made some angry and insulting remarks about my condition and called me a supremacist. If you think Corbyn is deranged because of his terrorist sympathies and me as a neurodivergent activist pushing to praise people with great talents as a weirdo then we have a battle of two mentally charged fighters that will be like pitting two psychopaths against each other. One looking for supreme control of destiny, the other looking for freedom and liberty of ability.

The attacker of this outrage wrote a manifesto showing his utter hatred and deranged thoughts against Muslims and western liberal leaders. It can be tempting for people to start seeking out people to attack as laid out in this manifesto. I have my own opponents and I have my own ideologue to challenge them but I have no hate or bloodlust to destroy them. I want people to recognise and appreciate the greatness of neurodiversity and I can’t do that by being destructive and resentful. I don’t use the mob mentality of either political extremists to eliminate my opponents. Show them that you are better than they are with your intellectuality.

The Christchurch mosque massacre showed just how much the left has the support of the Muslim community but it has also shown how the choose their friends. A while ago I wrote a story about nationalism for United Politics where I discussed the distinction between civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism. I talked about the distinction showing how better nationalism eliminates extremism of different ideologies like learning how to find and create a structure that accepts all classes of citizens living in harmony with one another.

Leftists endorse the nationalism practised by Islamic nations because they have a lot in common with their socialist beliefs. In ethnic nationalist Iran, for example, people are treated with respect and dignity according to their rank and standing in society. Far-left fanatics believe that some people deserve better equality than others as shown by the way some Labour and Momentum members express sympathy in a tragedy. When the Manchester arena was bombed in 2017 Corbyn, Abbot and Khan described it as an ‘incident’ but when the Christchurch massacre happened they called it a ‘terrorist’ attack.

Everything with these groups is about pushing an agenda in a crisis. Maybe if they started to find a resolution and call a truce then perhaps they can learn to undo the toxic nature of their politics. I didn’t waste my time badmouthing the opposition during the 2017 general election. Political groups need to use nationalism for the wellbeing of their country and unite communities together. They should not have a biased preference of group, it creates division and fear.

Civic nationalism is a better representative of diversity and acceptance of all religions because it teaches the value of nationhood, individual rights and civil justice. Civic nationalism values the individual and expects people to prosper from the freedom and liberty it gives to people for the common and mutual interests of the country.

It’s time to stop using other people’s problems. I don’t advocate for neurodiversity by going about declaring my hard luck and blaming people for my problems, I go out and declare my usefulness to people and justify my right to self-determination.

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