A Brexiteers Tale of Self Determination

Nearly three years ago on 23rd June 2016 the nation declared that Britain should leave the European Union after 43 years of political and economic unity. It was the biggest democratic vote the country had ever seen and I was active in my belief that we should leave the EU. My reasons for leaving the EU were not because of prejudice to Europeans but to fight for the right of independent sovereignty, self-determination and freedom to explore opportunities for Great Britain.

Class War against the Establishment

Everyone in Britain had their reasons for leaving and remaining in the European Union. The Remainers used scare tactics like Project Fear to make people think that the privileges of being in the EU will be lost. These included running out of supplies of medicine, food and drink, businesses would migrate to Europe, a recession would be triggered and amongst other things it would lead to a world war to even break up the EU. It was likened to a populist revolt against the metropolitan liberal elite. They even called people like me stupid, racist and not knowing what I was voting for.

One thing that came out of this referendum was a highlight of the class divisions between the Leave supporter working classes and the Remain backing upper class elites. Racism isn’t the only form of prejudice in this world, there are many different prejudices out there. The EU referendum demonstrated a polarity in how this affected the country. I saw a lot of attacks on Leavers by Remainers making discriminating and dishonest claims about us. When they lost the referendum some of them even suggested euthanising old Leave voters and writing off the creative Leavers as people with worthless ideas that had no value.

Leave supporters had decent civil manners and plenty of intelligent reasons for leaving the EU. Here are some of mine. I wanted the UK to go and build commercial trade and enterprise opportunities with other nations on it’s own terms. The EU acts a protectionist racket for people on the higher end of the social spectrum to protect their wealth and business activities by shutting outside competitors from Europe. They also put endless red tape on small and medium enterprises from advancing their standing in life like a theocratic dictatorship.



One of these is how certain products can be made and sold in the EU. Sir James Dyson had to challenge these restrictions in court so that he could make vacuum cleaners to a specification that he wanted, which was better than the standards that Bosch had for their products. Bosch tests its vacuum cleaners and certifies as practical in laboratories, while Dyson sets his standards by testing their effectiveness in homes.

Science and technological developments will thrive much better outside the EU because the regulations will be less demanding. Funding won’t be affected neither. The European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Nuclear Research Centre (CERN). They operate independently of the EU as organisations run by European member states. They also do business with non-European countries without the bureaucracy of the EU’s governance. The ESA built spacecraft Huygens landed on Saturn’s moon Titan in 2005. NASA lofted it into space onboard another spacecraft called Cassini that they launched to Saturn in 1997. This kind of international cooperation was done under independent unilateral cooperation rather than EU bloc partnership. This mission uncovered a treasure trove of scientific discoveries that brought many achievements to European and American science. The EU doesn’t normally allow for cooperation like this unless it’s done with their directives.

One of my ambitions for British science is to collaborate with SpaceX in the USA to help build and launch new spaceships for the manned exploration and return to the Moon. Private space travel is a booming industry and it is a market that space faring nations like Britain ought to get in on. Tim Peake gave a boost to British science with his space flight in 2015-16.

Scientists for Britain

Many Leave voters wanted to leave on the grounds that they wanted to control their own laws and govern for themselves. This is one thing about the EU that I detested because I can’t stand big governments of collectivism. Big governments swallow you and spit out your soul. Denying you creativity, individually and critical thinking. One of my influences in politics is a Russian born writer called Ayn Rand. She created a philosophy called Objectivism, which puts people as having the right of freedom to achieve their own happiness. I would recommend her books to enchant people to a new way of thinking. The best ones are The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. They have given me inspiration as a very intelligent Leaver.

To make Britain a better country the European Union must get out of it’s people’s lives and let them decide for themselves. No one lives for me and I don’t live for anyone. No one has any right to my life or my destiny. As far as I am concerned the EU is a monster of bureaucracy, collectivism and anti-democracy. Indulging in an orgy of self sacrifice making it’s nations suffer so that it can survive.

The Greek government elected in 2012 sought to make concessions with the EU to end the austerity imposed on it to keep the single currency afloat and secure bailouts to prevent the country from collapsing. But rather than have Greece lose the burden, it made the country continue to accept austerity and since the country wanted to stay in the Eurozone they had to compromise. Three years later another referendum was called on the acceptance of the bailout and continued austerity. The Greek people felt so attracted to the Eurozone with it’s low interest rate and the privileges of membership that they decided to continue with the austerity.

So my rejection of the EU and the Leave vote was not a far right revolt, but a democratic and liberal voice. There are just as many reasons for voting Leave on leftist grounds, as well as right wing ones. It was during the referendum that I also started to openly advocate as an autistic conservative. I wanted this to also be an opportunity for me to show my usefulness and abilities that could show people how neurodiversity and autism could be embraced in a positive and proactive way. I might be neurologically different but I am a remarkable and creative intellectual person.

Campaign of Discourse and Unreasonable Debate

Two weeks before the vote Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a right wing fanatic in an act of hate and vengeance. Tommy Mair, who shot and stabbed her was a disturbed and mentally ill man. I was alarmed by this news as an autistic person because I could see how negative people would see me as a mentally disabled person. Mainstream media often portray people with disabilities as pitied, pathetic creatures, mentally deranged juveniles or psychotic killers. Remain activists capitalised on this and saw it as a means to vilify Leavers as fanatical nationalists and terrorists.

I was gobsmacked by this reaction and I was determined to prove them wrong. How dare they make me out to be like that! Some Remainers were anti-hate campaigners and SJWs that regularly speak out against mistreatment of disabled people and their welfare services. To me they have only shown themselves to be good for nothing do-gooders just finding a problem to make a fashion statement out of a crisis. Just so they can get leverage to push their own agenda.

I’ve been held back by people like this who think I am better off as a welfare claimant like a cabbage on a rotten vegetable stall, rather than a useful and valuable worker. As far as I am concerned they can keep the compassion for my autism to themselves. As an active Brexiteer I want to make something of myself. So I publicly told them to back off and shame them for vilifying my autism advocacy and Leave support. Besides I have a far better understanding of racism and other prejudices than these Remainers.

Selective Prejudice: Some people are more equal than others

Inequality is a fact of life and we should all classes of citizens. Leftists and liberals think they have a monopoly on compassion. But they don’t. They often describe people who disagree with their ideas of diversity as racist. They even use the term loosely for any other form of criticism towards their ideas. Racism is defined as disliking diversity because you believe others are inferior to your group, something that I as an autistic and a conservative understand. But to a leftist it means someone who refuses to be subordinate to a collectivist ideology and protect minorities which are subordinate to them. That is a perversion of freedom of association.

Personally I think racism is a social problem that can never be cured because every time someone sets an agenda to eliminate prejudice one race or ethnic minority think they deserve more equality rights than another. In the minds of collectivists and parasites racism is a tactic to manipulate and get people to serve them in a rule by fear ideology. When they tackle hate they cherry pick which groups they want to according to what qualities are useful to their agenda. This kind of social order is also used in the EU’s courts of justice whereby they try to silence criticism like a blasphemy law.

I remember when Bob Geldof and a flotilla of Remainers made an abusive counter protest on the River Thames against a Leave rally which was also there. What this showed was how the country was polarised in many sorts of ways. With the protest shown here there were rich, powerful greedy and corrupt elites sneering down at the ‘lower orders’ of the country. Dismissing them as revolting vermin and brainless sheep that should be destroyed. Social prejudice like that showed how much the working classes were crying out for freedom. When Geldof flicked his two fingers up at these people it just showed how much contempt the Europhile elite scorned ordinary people. If that’s their idea of fighting racism then they are supremacists by nature.

I will save more of this for another post but let’s get back to the European Union’s civil and social justice order. One problem that I have with the EU is how it bends rules and regulations to further it’s own agenda and appease it’s associates. A long time ago fighting prejudice used to be about creating a civil justice order whereby the country would set rules so that people of all races, religions, sexuality, gender and cultures could live in harmony. To do that we focused on integrating and collaborating with each other in mutual respect. Now it just seems to be about appeasing certain ethnic groups that political factions and organisations use to buy power and wealth. That just reduces other people and groups to second class citizens and rejects their significance in society. One type of people that is affected by this is disabled people such as myself an autistic person.

Disability Rights and the Social and Civil Order of EU countries

When the EU started off as the European Economic Community it had a purpose to bring peace in Europe and to improve standards of living for life in Europe for all it’s citizens. To apply for membership of the bloc countries had to be make preliminary adjustments to their governments to show that they were willing to work on the bloc’s terms. One of these is that they had to have some basic human rights and standards of living which were decent enough to support their own people. Including that of disabled people.

When Spain joined in 1986 they had already been in the midst of a return to democratic leadership after General Franco gave up power from running it as a dictatorship since the Spanish Civil War of 1936. Spain submitted an application to the EEC in 1978 and had to spend some time working on improving it’s standards of living to meet the criteria of the Commission.

Now Spain already has a marvellous history of providing services to disabled people and they have many civil rights and discrimination policies. In the 1910s Spain created the first disability sports almost 50 years before the Paralympic Movement began in Britain. They created deaf and blind sports like swimming and athletics organised by schools and the committees of disability sports. They started doing competitive disability sports in the 1950s and then later started to introduce sports rehabilitation in hospitals.

I have great praise for Spain’s disability culture. They really do make people with disabilities feel good about themselves and have the best quality of life for people of whatever ability they have. They even gave starring roles to their para athletes at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. One of the centrepieces of this was the Olympic cauldron lighting in the stadium. Spanish para archer Antonio Rebollo used a flamed tipped arrow to shoot the Olympic flame from a platform and right into the cauldron. It was the best cauldron lighting ceremony in the history of the Olympic Games.


Spain could have shown the European Union by example of how to introduce disability rights legislation into European law. There is such laws like that in the EU constitution but it isn’t enforced onto it’s members as a priority in line with their mission. After the 1992 Maastricht Treaty the European Union came into what it is now and started to expand it’s membership for ever closer unity. But whilst it continued to expand it also started to bend the rules of membership and it’s operations.

Some of the former Soviet bloc countries continued to practice the kind of inhumane domestic policies on disabled people and minorities after they abandoned communism. Romania joined the EU in 2007 with a purpose to improve the quality of life for it’s people. But it has a social order whereby it treats some citizens as low rank for quality of life. Disability in Romania is seen as biological garbage that must be left out of society. Many families in Romania see living with a disability as shameful and must be hidden away.

Romania hides disabled people away in institutions in horrible conditions. I’ve seen news reports of these institutions that were reported by ABC in 2006 and by Al Jazeera in 2016. This was before and after the country joined the EU. The footage from this Al Jazeera report is shocking and disturbing.

In this story there are children who experience abuse from their caretakers, strapped to beds with next to no food or regular feeding times. Some disabled Romanian folk who are fortunate enough to be cared by their families are not allowed to claim welfare handouts and have to live in the care of their families. So when their parents pass on they will probably have to go into the country’s brutal and unkind care system.

How the hell can the EU admit a country with a terrible social order and disgusting human rights abuses like this into the bloc. Spain had all the good qualities to join but Romania doesn’t. Like the anti-racism agenda I explained earlier the EU was more interested in the collective practice of getting more countries in and disregarded their founding principles of human rights and dignity for European citizens. As far as the EU was concerned Romania’s usefulness was cheap labour for it’s western members. Even today it still allows Romania to be in the bloc despite it’s second class nationhood.

The Romanian governments have recently started to resist social reforms to combat corruption. There have been protests in Romania campaigning for improvements in the rule of law and the European Commission has warned the government about backtracking on progress it has made since joining over 11 years ago.

Remainers claim that we should stay and try to reform Europe from within. Well considering how relations between the EU and Romania are going I find it hard to believe that Europe can be reformed at all. Especially as some of the countries are still impoverished from the effect of the Great Recession and the refugee crisis has corrupted the social order in Germany and France. There is a rising tide of antisemitism sweeping across Europe, mostly from the Arabic refugees rejection of the civil order of their adoptive countries. The EU is even in dialogue with Iran, a country that wants to destroy Israel. There is also the possibility of Turkey joining the EU which has a poor human rights record and is in a state of war with the Kurds.

Freedom of Association and Free Enterprise

I have every right to choose who and what I associate myself with and if I can choose a liberal democracy over a supranational bloc then I will walk away from the EU. I think the age of geopolitical blocs are over. Sovereign countries work better when they embrace world trade on their own terms and have the right of association with what countries they prefer in accordance with their customs, traditions and civil justice.

UK-EU puzzle piece

Britain has its own opportunities in voluntary organisations that don’t require political unity but economic and civil justice charters. One of those is the Commonwealth of Nations. I have been a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games and seen the potential that Britain can achieve leading the world in harmonising communities, bringing move value in civil rights, economic freedom and commercial enterprise.

I’d rather associate myself with a country of creativity, innovation and self determination than a bloc of bureaucrats that befriend savage nations of hate and violence. Now is the time to build a better Britain that can achieve it’s own destiny.

Advance Britannia

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