Eugenics and Cures through Diversity and Assimilation

Recently I had a conversation post on a Facebook group about woman’s rights and transgenderism. The conversation reminded me of my own struggles of living with autism and getting accepted into society. This is something that I have been meaning to write about for a while. I have made a decision to talk about this because of people’s perception about neurodivergents that need help with their condition. I am not seeking a cure for my autism, I am in need of acceptance of the best qualities of my condition. You don’t help the disabled by promoting them as suffering, you celebrate their existence and the good that they have. So why are the social justice warriors trying to destroy people like me?

Let me start with my philosophy on diversity and equality for citizens of different classes. I have long supported the belief that autism is not a disease to be cured and that people need to recognise the goodness in what kind of character it gives to people. Leftists like to paint the picture of disablement as suffering and pitying towards those kinds of people, but from my experience and living with autism it is a unique quality that gives me strengths and abilities that neurotypicals don’t possess and needs acceptance and understanding.

Within the disabled community and the gay community are a collective group of people called transgenders. People who believe that they are born with the wrong gender and have this feeling of despair and hatred towards themselves for having that gender. The left and SJWs push this idea that transgender people are suffering as well and that we should use forms of surgery to ‘cure’ them of their differences and change their gender. Although as a neurodivergent I accept people of all classes of citizens, what I don’t agree with is transgenderism because the negative thinking that one has towards their body is tantamount to self destruction of the person’s being and reinforces the victimhood narrative towards disablement. For me…

Transgenderism represents junk science and endorses eugenics. 

My feelings towards these people from that above statement is not based on prejudice to transgender but a phobia of ‘dehumanising medicine’ and a rejection of disablement and neurodiversity.

Let’s start with the junk science part. As an autistic I have lived with a negative judgement from society and culture that believes that I don’t fit in with them because they value assimilation rather than individuality. Time and time again I see the mainstream media put out this message from charities that I am suffering and it leads people to think I need sympathy or a cure. In the case of transgenderism people with gender identity disorder are treated the same, but in their case they have a cure of sorts available to them. So they can have their identity destroyed and assimilated into that particular gender.

Like autism, transgenderism is studied and examined by psychologists and is both recognised as mental health conditions and neuroscience. For years I have read books about autism and how to cope and live with the condition and I have come to accept my autism in a positive and proactive way. My objective is to get people to embrace the best of what we can give to the world. I defy the charities, the psychologists and the social order of rejection and judgement of what my disability defines me. I have no desire to fit in with their world of self sacrifice, but live only on my terms and for myself.

Now transgender people and those with identity disorders think differently. They tend to think that they need to be changed in order to cure themselves of the depressive feelings that rage in their minds. Some transgender activists are even targeting autistic children and taken advantage of their vulnerability to convince them that their autism is linked to gender dysphoria. The article in this link suggests that girls and boys with aspergers struggle to fit in with people of their own gender leading them to think that they are of the wrong gender. Well that rejection isn’t because of identity disorder, it’s because of social awkwardness. Which as we all know is a common attribute of autism.

We live in an age of medical marvels where we expect to be cured of all impairments and diseases. But neurodivergents don’t live with a cancer, they live with a beautiful mind. If you treat that as a cancer than you desire to exterminate autism when they could be a wonderful creature in your life. Transgender people ought to take note and recognise the negative conditioning of what their identity disorder is doing to them mentally. It is making them destructive, abusive and suicidal.

This notion that people’s sex and gender are not the same are having a false argument with reality. Not only is it junk science it’s inhuman. Psychiatrists who are pushing this argument, as they are the ones who first put the transsexual idea forward, don’t understand the biological construct of human beings. Of course sex and gender are the same. It’s hardwired into human beings and is determined by a person’s DNA, not their brains.

DNA is the building blocks of all lifeforms. It’s tells your body how to grow and determines your existence. As a man I might have a taste in woman’s things, but I don’t see that as a gender dysmorphia condition. I idolise some feminist icons for the greatness in their character and their achievements. I think that burrowing some aspects of their gender benefits me for my own wellbeing. Take my job for example. I work in a tea shop run by a woman and I am the only man in that shop. I have a passion for tea and cake and they have a shared interest in it with me hence I have female friends who share my interests. That’s all there is to it.

They claim that the brain can determine a person’s gender and hence if that person feels like a woman in a man’s body then that gender is wrongly assigned to them at birth. But they are wrong. The feelings of a person who has a gender that they don’t identify with is something mystical. Most psychologists, including ones that I know, have beliefs in cults, conspiracy theories, mysticism and Marxism. That explains their intellectual thinking towards this fantasy that the gender is optional. They believe that gender is a cultural expression of sex, but it’s not. It’s a biological construct assigned at birth. A gender isn’t something cosmetic. If you think that then you are scientifically illiterate.

Now for the second part of this case.The case for endorsing eugenics with transgenderism. In a gender reassignment surgery, not only are you changing a person’s gender, you are exterminating or curing a disability. I think the left and SJWs weaponize the transgender movement to eliminate the disabled. They see the disabled as miserable and prey on them to push assert their own ego and push that victimhood narrative to encourage hatred and self loathing. Making the disabled want to die.

We should concentrating on developing medical science that can cure killer diseases like cancer. We shouldn’t be investing science and money in dehumanising people with medicines that destroy perfectly healthy bodies. By removing and altering a person’s body parts to change their gender you end up cutting their lives in half, which will have serious repercussions in future. Some people with such surgical alterations end up living until their 40s and 50s.

Recently I read about a children’s gender clinic that has autistic children in residence. Most of these autistic children were being misdiagnosed as transgender. I found this appalling and it sounds to me like autistic and vulnerable children are being used as guinea pigs for transgender reassignment surgery. By confusing transgenderism with autism we will see hundreds of youngsters given irreversible gender reassignment surgery. This will leave them broken and emotionally damaged in the future causing them to commit suicide.

In the years that I have campaigned for the rights of autism I have found myself caught between two different types of advocacy. One that fights for the acceptance of autism and the positive impact of neurodiversity. The other one raises awareness of autism but points out the way in which the autism brain affects people’s development and ability to fit in. The latter also has a hidden agenda in fighting for the injustice of disablement and supports research in prenatal testing for autism and curing it.

Now the transgender activists who have a strong lobbying criteria in government are trying to get people to recognise gender dysphoria as an illness and part of the LGBT network. This practice of gender reassignment surgery is eugenics because it involves surgically altering the body to create an artificially modified human. It’s just like the stuff of what I read in science fiction.

Doctor Who’s Cybermen were co-created by a real life doctor called Kit Pedler. His TV creation is based on his fears of dehumanised medicine, whereby people would upgrade their body parts with plastic and metal to the point where there would be nothing human of them left. Transgender is a good example of this because it involves removing and replacing certain body parts to alter the appearance or the functions of that person’s body to make them different. Never mind questioning gender identity, those transgender people should question if they think they are human.

On the subject of humanity you might want to consider examples of eugenics regarding transgender from history.  Eugenics was practiced in fascist dictatorships like Nazi Germany. Especially under the auspices of their leaders who had sick fantasies. Some Nazi officers like Herman Goering were closet sexual perverts who advocated for experimental sex change surgery in eugenics in the concentration camps where inmates were used as guinea pigs.

People opposed to transgender claim that transsexuals can not be the real thing that they change to. This is because the transgender surgery that is widely practiced in the medical is misunderstood by the transgender community. The surgery itself is crude and primitive. Transsexuals claim that gender is socially constructed rather than biological and that the surgery they undergo is cosmetic. That would imply that gender is something you wear on your body, which represents an infantile understanding of medical science.

But gender is biological and early transgender patients can prove this by the way they had surgery. One famous example of this is Danish man turned woman Lili Elbe (born as Einar Wegener). In Nazi Germany Elbe underwent one surgery where she attempted to have a female uterus implanted in her body so that she could conceive a child. Sadly however her body rejected it. Later she tried another four times to have it implanted to fully transition to a real woman. The last one killed him and I use the pronoun he to indicate that this man called Einar failed to become a woman but lived his life cosmetically made up as Lili. All this goes to prove that transgender is a form of eugenics. Its nothing more than a systematic destruction of the human body.

I would say that the transgender movement will evolve into a state where genetic engineering will become advanced to a point whereby the human body will become a living organism contaminated by plastic and metal. There will come a time where medical technology will make us as a race become unnatural and inorganic. Will we see sex change surgery becoming advanced to that point of creating artificial humans? Will babies be born in hatcheries with woman not becoming pregnant anymore that children will grow up without parents? Are we messing around with nature so much that we are becoming less human in character and integrity?

All I can say to the transgender community is stop pushing these evil experiments on humans. All you are doing is trying to destroy humanity and individuality. With your culture you are a disgrace to the disability culture. I have another example of life worth living with a disability from this man, Frank Stephens. If people like me and Frank can embrace our disability then you can learn to love your body and accept yourself without judgement from other people.

I don’t need to follow other people’s judgement of me. My autism has better benefits for humanity and without me science and art will be insignificant. So for the love of humanity and identity stop destroying people’s lives.


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