Alternating Creative Intellectual Rebel

At last my exams are finished and it has been a good week for me to relax and work on my other projects. Now that I have free time I can tell you what is coming next. To begin with I thought it would be a good idea to start with a new domain.

Now my blog has undergone a second makeover with a brand called AC Keeble. This is a name that I have often used as an alias in some of my creative writing. I first used the name when I was playing on words as most autistics like to do. In my previous blog domain working under my real name I have found that a blog name works better when you have one that reflects your interests.

One of my friends calls herself Neurodivergent Rebel, because she is a rebel with a neurological condition. Her blog contains stories about mental health, autism, neurodiversity and mental health management. But the blog also has some non-related things on the side as well like travelling and artistic stuff as well. I tried an identity for my blog by going by my own name along with my other interests as a subtitle covering geekiness, archery and conservativism. But I felt that was lacking in character and did not represent enough of my complex character into one axiom.

I decided to use the name AC Keeble because of the playfulness of the words for amusing puns. Awesome Charlie, Autistic Charlie, Amazing Charlie. A name to a brand or a blog is very important. The initials AC can relate to the initials for Alternating Current, a form of electricity with a higher capacity that Nikola Tesla invented that appears small in size but big on powerful reaches to infinity. I think it’s a strong name that works, especially as I have a broad range of interests, activities and adventures that I alternate between.

Indeed they do alternate: working for political and community activities, minority sports like archery, science projects like 3D printing and building computers, train travels across the UK, university life studying geology and the environment, autism advocacy and acceptance.

But this is just the start of a major upgrade. Since I took up ventriloquism I have now decided to make videos more frequently. One video that I am planning on making is a feature length video for my act doing a half hour comedy show. To finance my creativity I am going to add a payment button to this blog and start linking my new merchandising shop to the site.

For the video content I am going to be setting up a You Tube channel to share the videos effectively and make them more accessible. I have a feeling that I will be increasing my presence in the conservative media. I have written a story promoting my book to Christian Times Magazine. So it would be best if I started to move forward with advocating autism in conservative groups.


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