The Boy and the Bird from the Dwarf

Its the 30th anniversary of one my all time favourite science fiction shows. I first discovered Red Dwarf when I was young and indulging in endless science fiction. I was probably a bit too young to understand it at the time but I found the jokes to be quite entertaining. This sitcom is enjoyable for any typical aspie geek.

What makes it appeal to me is the way it makes comfortable the feeling of solitude. I don’t have to worry about being alone because the characters like Lister, Cat, Rimmer and Kryten have all the laughs and a lot of humour. It beats the isolation from despair and darkness into the light of humour. In the show they are on this massive spaceship 3 million years from Earth, where all the things that keep you going are your own craziness. You’ve got to laugh even in defeat. Pleasure keeps you from going so ill you want to die. With the laughs of a sci-fi show like Red Dwarf you can always count on banter to keep you strong and stable.

As a tribute to the work of Red Dwarf I got out Mr Flibble from my Red Dwarf collection and together we made a video. I hope you will enjoy it.

I suppose you could say that as well as being a fanboy I have also become one with the cult of fandom. Some fans have been inspired by their favourite TV shows to go into the media business themselves. Some of them have taken their artistic skills into the world of their TV shows and become entrepreneurs that endorse their own fandom. I had a friend who makes a living producing Doctor Who spin off dramas with a company called Big Finish. It’s a dream house for creatives who love stories. I love their dramas, they are so full of drama and adventure that rings in your ears like an invisible stream of thought burning into your consciousness.

For a while when I started in the fandom community I was a struggling writer and I created a lot of good creative ideas but sadly never published. Although I have still got on contact with my friends in that area. I took up ventriloquism in 2016 after becoming a fan of Nina Conti and then later I expanded on it by combining my love of sci-fi to create an act of celebrating sideshow puppet characters like Mr Flibble. Maybe I will make a surprise return to the world of sci-fi fandom and create my own ventriloquism act.


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