Social Media: A Huxley Indictment

Some time ago it was revealed that Twitter employees were sabotaging and deleting the accounts of right wing politics. A Twitter employee was caught on camera saying that he censors right-wing tweets, and that the company has a strong left-wing agenda and that it actively targets conservatives. The footage was filmed undercover by a journalist working for Project Veritas, a right wing group who claim to be on a mission to expose the ‘metropolitan political elite and the media that endorses them’.

What is troubling about this is how the liberal left are trying to dominate freedom of speech and independent thinking. They think they have a monopoly on compassion, freedom and liberty. Many social media companies are based in California, which is a big Democrat territory and the technology industry itself was born from liberal thinking creatives. As a tech geek I have read the stories of how these companies have found their philosophies. Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple was a hippy from Berkley liberal arts college, and Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook has politics rooted in psychology and developed Facebook as a tool for bringing people into mutual harmony and respect.

Most scientists and inventors are not know for their politics but they have an indifference to it and use their intelligence to promote peace and harmony between people. Hence why they tend to dismiss nationalistic and right-wing politics in their work and their creations. They want to create civilisations of wealth and prosperity through collectivisation, but they have very little interest in political affairs. This frame of mind is present in the way that social media has become a platform for liberals to regulate free speech by blocking out hatred and providing a tool for social justice movements around the world.

I am in a minority of right-wing politically active science geeks. Although I want to build a better world with my intelligence I also want to use it to build a dynamic and creative Britain. Giving representation to individuality and creative thinking, which can not be achieved in a collectivist mind-set. Collectivism is an evil parasite that squashes individualism to serve its own purpose. By granting freedom to individuality we can create things to survive.

Now although this policing of freedom of speech is like something from a dictatorship that the left are orchestrating like an evil act of terrorism, it is not like a Orwellian nightmare as many people believe. George Orwell’s 1984 was about a totalitarian regime that was based on the Nazis and the Soviet Union. Those kinds of societies ruled by fear and controlled people by inflicting pain. In the western world today we are experiencing thought control by ruling with love and inflicting pleasure. The kind of dictatorship that is starting to emerge here in the West is based on another writer’s book called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

Many people may not have heard of Brave New World but it’s content is a frightening but pleasant dictatorship that resembles what the western world is living in today. Published in 1932 it tells of a futuristic society where everyone is happy in a collective way where we have a dictatorship of love and pleasure. The few characters in the book are not happy and the people of this society are made to think and do things that are engineered towards peace and harmony. But in doing so it has taken away individuality and freedom to think for one self.

This is where the world of social media comes in. It is working like an instrument of control to keep the people friendly and in mutual harmony to create stability. So the real question that is posed by this Brave New World is ‘is it better to be happy or free?’. Twenty-five years later in 1958 Huxley followed up the novel with a non fiction book called ‘Brave New World Revisited’ and to his astonishment he saw that what he created was coming true in western society. Several features of Brave New World are alive today, one of which is from the usage of social media by liberals to eliminate conservatism.

In the context of social media we are a society that has so much freedom to information that we are reduced to passivity and egoism. We have access to news and resources instantly at our disposal and we use it in a passive way. Today’s political activism is all about egoism and passivity. Instead of taking to the streets and fighting for change we now have so many rights, privileges and liberties that we fight to defend our own egos by asserting ourselves online. This has led to social justice warriors promoting themselves to keep their egos healthy, which they can not sustain sufficiently. They have evolved from champions of equality to self-righteous insensitive egomaniacs who shut down debates and take criticism as prejudice.

The liberal endorsed social media is now a haven for parasites that denounce free speech. Most people call that Orwellian, I call it a Huxley Indictment. By its definition: A dystopian society of people enslaved to happiness and mutual harmony where negativity and dislike of collectivism is sinful. There’s a cartoon of a book called ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death‘ which highlights this comparison.

I think Brave New World is the dictatorship that we have today in the West. After the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing the response to it was mostly passive in nature. There was some anger and sadness for the loss of life but instead of a vengeful and active response to the disaster, there was an appeal for unity, an outpouring of grief, a public show of solidarity which included a social media trend as if to make money out of a crisis and a benefit concert. The message of that to some people is ‘forget you lost someone, be happy with new friends’. I’m not being hateful in response to this beautiful act of kindness and support to the relatives of the victims, but I think you should consider how preoccupied you are with being made to feel comfortable with your loss.

With the power of social media we have become a civilisation that is trivial and the truth has been drowned out by a sea of irrelevance. It’s not just that the facts are what the liberals want to block, it’s the truth.

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