Term Time up for Creative Holidays

This is it, at last the end of the semester at Royal Holloway. A part of me says that it was a miracle to make it this far. The first time I went full time I didn’t make it that far at UEA but I did manage to do so at Essex, but that was a different period of time. So I am glad to say that I made a proper course of term time at university.

Okay so now let’s recap the first term. I went through quite a difficult start. I found a university with a crude IT system, flatmates that were too noisy and messy, I didn’t properly manage my money and I didn’t quite get properly prepared for the geology field trips. To make matters worse I didn’t quite get my priorities right with my studies in certain subjects. I may have underestimated the learning curve. How can that be when I have already been to a university before?

There are some really good positives here though. I discovered a really good disability social group. I shared A Puzzle in a Tunnel with them and I sold some copies to my new friends here. There was an opportunity for me to present my book to them as an event at one of their social nights. Thanks to them I gained an opportunity to not only sell my book but to share my abilities and usefulness of autism to other communities. It went down quite well. But the next big publicity thing is yet to come.

I also got to explore earth sciences in a more interesting way that I never did at the Open University. Instead of just reading the books I am now going out into the field exploring the location of the subject in detail. This is a very excitable and fantastic way to learn about earth sciences. I held onto rocks and examined their composition, I went into the lab and examined thin sections for minerals, and there was a look at earth structures and the shape of the coasts.

If only Essex University had such a course I could have gone on to explore the magnificent surroundings of Colchester. There was a lot of exciting features around there. But still I can always make a self improvised day trip around there.

I haven’t done much to sell my book or my campaign for autism. Over the rest of the month I am going to push the sales and my case in a spectacular way. I am going to extend my blogging into video making and set up a You Tube channel for the Autistic Conservative. There are also plans by me to extend my campaign for Core Commonwealth Archery by visiting and talking to dignitaries and representatives in politics and business. I will be at the Conservative Friends of the Commonwealth where I intend to talk to members and delegates of sports and social enterprise.


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