Autistic Conservative Speaks

This is a new approach to my blogging. For many years I have written about my adventures and my ideas. Having put them online as text I have decided to try a different way of telling my story. Now with this video I hope that you will follow my adventures in a very thought provoking way. In this video I sell my book ‘A Puzzle in a Tunnel’ and what it is all about and why you should buy it. The link to purchase the book is on the side of this post.

For my fellow followers I hope that this book will be a useful counter weapon to another book that is gaining traction and controversy from the autism community. ‘To Siri With Love’ by Judith Newman has been described as a hateful tale which invades the privacy and damns the dignity of the author’s disabled son. In it she tells of how her son Gus is impaired in a way that Judith feels embarrassed about in an ableist tone. Like an eugenicist trying to eradicate disablement the book is a toxic distillation of autism warrior parent pathologies.

I got told by one Facebook group called Autistic Newsfeed that a Puzzle in a Tunnel is about promoting class prejudice. Well they obviously read that blurb but didn’t bother to read because all I did to tell them was share the link to a news page about the book. If they did bother to read it then they would understand the positive and valuable aspects of autism that I am trying to encourage in the community.

It is not a good indictment to be made to feel that all autistic people are useless, vulnerable and defeated. Time and time again we often hear of smaller minorities within the disabled community who are brushed aside and made to feel invalidated by a collectivist idea that condemns them in an unreasonable way. The smallest minority on Earth is the individual, for which I am and I am an individual autistic. I am a creator who is driven by his own thoughts and desires. I don’t need to live for others, I live for an objective.

Inequality is a fact of life, and we should accept all classes of citizens.

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