Setting Up your Personal Space

It’s been a while now since I have got into Royal Holloway University and I have planned out and made my room work for me. That would be to make it work as a personal space that reflects your passions and helps to bring out positive energy. When you begin your university life in freshers week you can either spoil yourself silly with the freedom away from home with drink and parties or focus on your creativity and imagination. I prefer the latter.

As a mental health person my personal space needs to keep me healthy and be effective on making me focus on my studies. Although my work on my studies in environmental geology are important my independence and wellbeing are important too.

To begin with lets take a look at the walls. They might be blank that doesn’t mean you can’t have anything adorning it with your tastes in film, TV, music or the subject of your studies. I have invested in some posters so that I can look up at the walls and think of the things that I treasure the most. There’s the Moon which has my passion for space exploration and discovery, a poster on metropolitan building which has my taste on development of my home town and what I can do with my qualification, a map of my own country, and some postcards from museums that I’ve been to.

The wardrobe should be properly coordinated with each set of clothes in mind. You will probably have to bring your own hangers for the shirts. At the bottom you are going to have room for shoes but it’s a good idea to have a rack to fit in twice as many shoes at the bottom. I got one my storage boxes and up-sided it to turn it into a rack. Clever hack there. The trousers and casual shirts can be stored folded on the shelves. But for small items like underwear and socks you should get a pull out fabric box and use it as an internal drawer.

Feng shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing yourself with the environment. The idea behind setting up you dorm room using feng shui is to acclimatise your being with the room so that you can bring out your work in a positive and proactive way. It will help you to think clearly and critically about your subject. It will keep you in good health so that you don’t drown yourself in despair and misery.

As I got on campus I registered with the disability support advisory service. I got to know what kind of help they can provide with people on their courses. Their services can give you support with your health. Even if you don’t need it, I would suggest keeping it on the side should you need any assistance with your welfare because you never know when you are going to experience a breakdown. I remember my time at the Open University when I was struggling and trying to cope with my own situation. I was in a dark place then and I wish I had resources at the time to cope with my ill health.

The support services can be really helpful when you need them. But talking therapy is only one type that can help you to get over it. What you also ought to be doing is getting yourself in shape mentally and physically. I am going to be joining the archery club here at Royal Holloway and joining the gym. My aim is to take this an opportunity to cut down on the junk and fight the flab. Imagine that negative drama and resentment as the blubber on your body and the punchbag in the gym. Hit it hard and fast and make the pain go away.

As well as a study space your dorm room desk should also be a creative studio. I am now back here with two things to make money and make something of myself. The degree may be a way off and the graduate job market as well but for the time being what about now? While some students party I am in the mood for opportunity and creativity. I have a new book to sell and the student magazine would like to hear my story to sell it. Also there is my social enterprise for archery. I have just learned of a really good resource on this campus whose services I shall be seeing to.

Right now let’s get to work. I need to learn how things are to be, rather than seem.

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