Autistic Conservative Released From the Tunnel

It has finally arrived and now it is available for you to read. The book about my adventures as an activist and how autism is a good force to be reckoned within the community. It’s called A Puzzle in a Tunnel and the paperback and ebook is now available on Amazon.

It’s a non-fiction and fiction book told in two alternating ways. The fiction parts make up the story, but in-between certain chapters are the non-fiction parts. The idea is to tell the story of my adventures as an autistic conservative activist in a semi-biographical way showing the creative merits of autism in a positive, proactive and constructive way. The inclusion of the fiction part is to dramatize my ideas in a novelistic way. It’s similar to that of the philosophical fiction writers of the early twentieth century. Whereby you take a concept idea and turn it into a work of fiction to give people an understanding of how it works.

I got the idea for this format from a book called ‘The Coming Global Superstorm’ which described how global warming could trigger a superstorm that would engulf the planet. The book told it in by mixing fiction and non-fiction in a way to describe how the superstorm would unfold. The non-fiction part contains the science and politics while the fiction part shows how it would work. In the same way I have created a story that shows autism as a force for good with the positive and proactive aspects of a disability and my adventures in activism in the non-fiction parts and showing how it can work with a fictional hero.

What’s interesting about this is that it gives a chance for people to hear from an actual autistic, rather than from a specialist on the subject who probably doesn’t have autism. I think if you include the actual people who you are trying to give a voice to in civil justice then you are giving them the power to represent themselves and test their character. It also gives them a means to show people their abilities and just how capable they are.

The puzzle that features on the front and the title represents the symbol of autism. It was first used in 1963, created by Gerald Gasson and was first used as the logo for the National Autistic Society. Gasson came up with the symbol because it reflects the puzzling nature of the autistic people due to the way their condition affects how they behave and function socially. So it represents the nature of the autism condition and the difficulty that the autism people in fitting into society.

Most autistic people today find it an offensive symbol because it suggests that they are missing from society. Many autism charities even use the symbol and some like Autism Speaks uses it’s own symbol to propagate the negative aspects of living with a disability. Portraying them as pitied, pathetic and abused intellectually and they encourage research into eugenics to find a cure for the condition.

I however see the puzzle piece as a symbol of the most significant and valuable member of society that needs to be put into place to better the world. The gay community has a tradition of taking insulting words and the resentment of their behaviour to their own use. They own it and use it for their own good. In the same way I am taking this symbol and using it to represent my own beliefs and activism.

I have even created a logo to represent myself and I am now calling myself the Autistic Conservative. The logo features a monolith shaped puzzle piece to represent standing for independence and has a square peg at the top for the ‘square peg in the round hole’ analogy. In the sense that I am a person who stands out as opposed to wanting to fit in. That way it focuses on embracing the brilliance of individuality and of that autistic person.

You can buy the book from Amazon now in paperback but it will be available in e-book later. I hope you enjoy it as much I did in writing it. If you want to order a signed copy from me then order from the button below here.

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