Archery needs Enterprise and Activism

The time for my campaign for core Commonwealth archery needs to begin again. At this moment I am now in the process of getting my petition through the government and that will require persistence and creative marketing. Some of the extracts from this post come from my research which went into a report that forms part of my submission to the Commonwealth Games Federation.

In my campaign to make archery a core sport in the Commonwealth Games I have found many opportunities for myself and to get my campaign into the sports community. When I began my campaign it was part of means to promote myself as an athlete and to get into the Commonwealth Games so that I could probably play for England. Another side to this campaign to use my political connections to promote British investment in the Commonwealth through the promotion of minority sports, and also to make archery cool so that it would reach the mainstream.

However along the way I uncovered a number of problems with archery and in doing so I discovered a number of interesting things about the sport that I love. Archery is a minority sport and it is like that way because it’s not a mainstream sport and it has no money in it. The problem with minority sports is that they are run by the wrong people. Major sports like football, boxing, rugby and cricket are run by business people who know how to sell their games through creative, sociable and friendly marketing schemes. Minority sports on the other hand are run by people with backgrounds in public services, finance and voluntary charity work. They don’t understand enterprise or activism. But I believe they can be better and as archery has taught me about self awareness and cultural connections it can be brought to the mainstream using the same kind of tactics that these major sports have.

To franchise and sell archery we need to take a look at some of the positive selling points of the sport. Over the next few weeks I intend to write about these ideas in separate posts. I hope that those of you reading these posts will recognise and adopt these strategies because if you want your sport to succeed you need to be pro-active in your passion. Don’t just talk about how much you love bows and arrows, talk to people about what it can do to bring out the best in them. Try putting these ideas on posters and tell them about the common set of ideals that will pull the people into action and unite communities.

In archery we are told that it is not the equipment that matters, it’s the archer itself that needs to be motivated. Archery will expect you to sell it. You need to think of yourself as entrepreneurs, not just bowmen.

Among some of the ways to sell archery include sci-fi cult TV and film, mental health wellbeing, lifestyle choices, teaching science and engineering, and showcasing community relations for local government. I will explore and reveal these ideas in detail throughout the coming weeks. But while I do I wish that you will go and take these ideas and brainstorm some ways of marketing your sport.

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