The Gates Rules in Millennial Context

Bill Gates once gave a talk at a school explaining the rules of success to be an entrepreneur. What he told them in this speech goes against everything that the politically correct, safe space, feel good nature of today’s schools won’t tell them. It’s a sad indictment that they have to put up with these ways of doing things according to a liberal progressive doctrine. All this safe space orientated culture has done is stupefied them into thinking that they are capable of achieving something in their lives. This is as long as they follow what they are told to think and that they achieve great academic success according to standardized tests.

Well try taking a look at some of life’s biggest winners. Some of them never did so well in school and they spent more time fostering their talents instead of following their teachings. They grew up in school where they were allowed to be ambitious and invest what was required of their destiny. I wish I had their schooling. I am a millennial and speaking from my experience I can prove what these rules mean in the context of modern schooling. They are also reflected in how my life panned out.

This is my attempt to present these rules and I will show how they relate to today’s schooling. If Prince EA has denounced modern schooling in his viral video then my post will be own way of describing how the real world works.

1425705_10202077883529900_530520966_nRule1: Life isn’t fair, get used to it. Everyone in their youth these days expects an easy life. They have been put in a position where they are encouraged to think that they needn’t bother about anything for their own welfare. Well when you grow up, and you want something that’s fair then you need to make it happen for yourself.

Rule 2: The world won’t care about your self esteem. That is so. There are so many people complaining about their equality of life that they think no one cares. The reason for that is because they don’t recognise your feelings. What they care about is your significance in life and value to society. A city banker is valuable because he manages people’s money but they don’t care about his self esteem when the economy goes into ruin. They expect him to look after their money. So when a person gets angry with you for doing something wrong, don’t expect sympathy for doing it wrong. You are responsible for your own happiness. If the job isn’t right for you, throw in the towel and find something that makes you happy.

Rule 3: You won’t make a large sum of money straight out of school, or into a high profile position. You need to learn how to make it in the world as a worker, before you become a leader. Many students in school these days are often told a lie that they will be very rich if they stay in school and do well in their academic work. The academia is only half of the requirements that are needed to get ahead in life. Most successful entrepreneurs like Gates are drop outs or left school with no qualifications to their name. The problem with modern day schooling is that they are examination factories where they treat children like cattle ready to go to market. When I was in school there was no regard to my mental health or my abilities. Everything was just focused on assignments and tests, ambition was treated with contempt. Don’t bother wasting your time pleasing teachers with their directives, show them something better than what they’ve got that gives you merit.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. In an education environment you won’t have to worry about keeping your place at school. You’ll be reprimanded and disciplined for not doing well academically or keeping your uniform and punctuation in order. But in the world of work it’s a different story, the boss will expect you to hold onto your place of work. To keep the company going you need to maintain discipline with yourself and keep your customers happy. Your part in a job is expendable and the boss has no responsibility for your welfare. You have to pull your weight to keep your job as well as your place of work active otherwise you will be responsible for everyone’s loss.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your parents understood it as an opportunity. A while ago I wrote about how immigration is reflected in a country’s bad worth ethic as the reason the employers choose foreigners over native workers. In this case the youngsters of today are going through the same delusions about their expectations of their school leaving jobs as I did. I was rather naïve about the jobs I was expecting to do. I was told that I could expect to just walk into a job and if I did something that involved working with my hands then I would be deemed as a backward thinking underdog. Total nonsense! That is just pure class shaming. There is no such thing as a lousy job, only a lousy person who refuses to do it. Don’t think about your first job as defining your worth, it is not a reflection of your intelligence or standing in society. Everyone starts at the bottom of the pile and they work their way to demonstrate to their bosses their work ethic. It will make you an honest, reliable and committed member of the workplace.

Rule 6: If you mess up it’s not your parent’s fault, so don’t bitch and whine about them not doing something right for you. Learn from your mistakes and improve your ability on the next attempt at doing something. The liberal progressives teach a form of freedom in which people should not take responsibility for their lives, as if they are faultless at whatever action they do. Well all people have their flaws, you won’t be capable of achieving success on the first run. Life is full of challenges that you need to take to be successful. Blaming over people for your problems will not help. Engineers and inventors don’t whip up their creations with a magic wand and neither will you.

Rule 7: Before you were born your parents were not as boring as they are now. To make you get a roof over your head and feed you and listen to how cool you are they had to pay their bills to make your life worth living. Today’s liberalism seems to be all about inventing ways for the younger generation to exterminate the parasites of their parent’s generation as if they are making their lives insufferable. This is about a cult that thinks it is destined to inherit the Earth. Well the foundations that brought you into being need to be safeguarded in order for your freedom and liberty to exist. What makes you think that your ideal world is any better when it come from a closet that is infested with negativity. Delouse the closet first before you save the rainforest that had to be demolished to stop them living a peasant’s existence. I have studied environmental issues and climate change. I can tell you the attitude from some of the politically active youth is all about romanticising a peasant’s existence and punishing mankind just for being alive. It’s just about the same as the self righteous liberal doctrine feels.

Rule 8: Schools today try to be fair by making people feel that the underperforming children should have the same status of excellence as the exceptional students in class. A no loser policy as they call it. I saw this in my school in the form of a tolerance towards stupidity, idleness and sympathy for the lack of effort from some of the worst kids in the class. In my case I was an autistic who was deemed to be unemployable, but they didn’t bother to give me any resources to improve my chances of succeeding in life beyond the classroom. This negative attitude to talent and political correctness has crippled many school leavers with no way of getting past the interview in the job market. When I was at university I saw the safe spaces and I told them that is nothing like real life. When you graduate and go job hunting and act like you are a master of the world the employer will toss you aside. I am still unemployed and I have been since I left school, all because I was taught that there are no losers in life and anyone would look me in the face and take me on no questions asked.

Rule 9: Unlike school life is not divided into semesters and terms. In the summer you won’t get a six week holiday. The boss will expect you to work 5 days a week for 52 weeks a year. When you are on holiday from school yourself the people who work in hospitality to service you at the hotels and restaurants you go to used to have that school life freedom. But now they are working to service and provide a good time for people. You will be in their shoes one day and when you see that hard work that will be how you prioritise your diary. So be prepared to embrace and love your work for the good of everyone.

Rule 10: Television is not real life. I used to think that I would live a life like my favourite TV characters. But it never occurred and all because that escapism that I indulged in was just escapism. It was a fantasy that I could imagine but not weald into existence. I wanted to live a life like them but I couldn’t get it. In the real world the people of those characters would need to get to work and live with the lives that made them what they are. In creative writing I learnt a saying from Alfred Hitchcock that drama, which is what makes these shows, is life with the boring bits cut out. So the boring bits that you don’t see in those shows is what you will be living. So make it a drama that you can enjoy living. Maybe the scenes of your real life will not be boring, but adventurous.

Rule 11: Be nice to geeks and nerds. You could end up working for them. They are passionate about what they enjoy and make a living out of it. Liberals and the leftist school culture shouts out and drowns intelligence in a sea of irreverence. Like the Marxist cult that is dominating the political establishment on the opposition, they have an obsession with being wrong about reality. They even ignore the truths from scientists on certain issues and problems. They have a disrespect for common sense and logic. Well read Atlas Shrugged, it tells the story of what happens when brute strength is used against rationalism and people of mind and strength.

This is the Grand Geek of Essex, the Autistic Conservative.

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