Young Ones need to Strike for Independent Thought

It’s a been a very eventful time for Britain, in the space of these two weeks. First a general election was won by the Conservatives in a minority government and the Grenfell Tower caught fire giving an opportunity for the hateful left to start a fight.

The events of this dreadful accident to befell the residents of Grenfell Tower have led to a outpouring of compassion and a circus of hatred from the media, the politicians, celebrities, the failed Labour party with a delusional leader who thinks his scored a victory and of course the angry residents desperate for some answers to this crisis.

At the moment Theresa May is getting blamed heavily for the lack of support that the residents need. Recently she has come out and talk to the residents affected by the fire. But unlike Jeremy Corbyn’s showmanship approach to dealing with this she is talking to them directly at Number 10. I do continue to have my thoughts with the families of Grenfell Tower and as I do I can’t ignore the constant hatred and politicking of the left against the government for this problem.

Corbyn and the leftist anarchists are turning this disaster into a tactic to attack the government and the Conservatives. They don’t care for the loss on the families of the Tower but see it as a means to achieve their own agenda. It’s nothing more than an upstaging by the pigs of the liberal fascists who want people to think alike them.

I have had praise from my friends for my approach to campaigning. By comparison to these social media activists who actively trolled and discredited people online with their leftist liberal dogma I actually got of my arse and took the fight to save democracy. Campaigning is about challenging the status quo, not a publicity exercise for your own ideas. If you want to change the world get out there and fight for freedom. By comparison to the civil rights movement of the 60s these young leftists are idle chumps who couldn’t be bother to lift a finger to help themselves. At the first sign of a riot they snatch treasures from shops instead of banging down the doors of the government.

In the election there was a lot of support for Labour from the younger and well educated people like students. These school leavers expect the world to work for them to achieve their future yet they haven’t even learnt to graft to build their own world. The problem is that these students have been brought up by a doctrine laid out by leftist academics. Whose views are forced on them in a politically correct way teaching them what to think and give them a false hope of accomplishment. They have been brought to think that they are stupid, hopeless and require their own government to take responsibility for their thinking, freedom and services.

I should know because I happen to be a millennial myself having been born in the 1980s and grew up to leave school in the 21st century. The way I managed to become a conservative millennial is by defying the doctrine in my school and throwing the textbooks in my teacher’s faces. I hated school, I didn’t like what I was taught and it was boring and stifling it tried to kill my creativity and intellectual abilities. I learnt to fight back against this by following in John Galt’s footsteps. I went on a strike of the mind and I showed them what it meant to have a troublesome brainiac who defied their teachings.

John Galt is a character from Atlas Shrugged who led a rebellion against government regulation by getting the entrepreneurs and inventors of America to go on strike and refuse to build a better a America. That is a book that I would recommend to any student who studies politics and wants to find his sense of purpose in the world. There are also some other books that might make them think again about what they are doing with their politics.

There is an upcoming protest called ‘Day of Rage’ on Wednesday to try and disrupt the Queen’s Speech at Parliament. I’ve seen the flyers for this planned protest and it is nothing more than an organised march of hatred from the left. These poor pathetic socialist thugs are much more interested in shouting and rioting for the fun of it instead of making something constructive and finding a solution to their problems.

Orwell warned that we would be destroyed by our own hatred of a common enemy. I can see this in these people and they haven’t got any creativity, critical thinking, intellectual abilities or understanding of innovation. All of which was created by modern schooling that has stupefied them. Created by a liberal progressive movement that refrains them from thinking independently. Not an Orwellian one though, but more like that of a Huxley Indictment.

Huxley pointed out that you can enslave people with happiness by constant distraction from real issues that poison your intelligence. Some of their intelligence is so warped that they can’t think of the better in themselves. They have also fooled millennials into thinking that a university education makes you an intelligence person that is above the common man.

In fact they have been made to think that they are so intelligent that they don’t have to take any responsibility for their own freedom and democracy. These lynch mobs that they are seduced by are socially suicidal troublemakers. Anger and hatred can’t fix things, intelligence and integrity are required to make things better again. Maybe if you weren’t so engorged with the fantasy politics of Marxism then you wouldn’t be so destructive with all these negative connotations about the tragedy.

There are some facts about the Grenfell Tower disaster that deserve attention that show the lack of responsibility from Labour, Momentum and the liberal Marxists about the tragedy. Like the pigs from Animal Farm they just want power and satisfaction.

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