Defeat Terrorism with Mental health treatment

In recent events another terrorist attack on London has taken place on London Bridge. The world is getting more scary by the minute and this just can’t go on. Segregation and neglecting the social harmony between communities has led to more festering hatred. With only days to go until the election the vote could be swung in favour of a more extreme right wing ideology.
I have been told by a friend that my comments  about parties making political capital out of this attack is me secretly campaigning online. Especially when all the major parties, except UKIP have suspended campaigning. Well it’s not, it’s a warning so allow me to clarify my position. In the wake of all terrorist attacks in general you can expect a party to use it buy votes as it helped the Nazis seize Germany in 1933 and when the Afghan civil war saw the Taliban seize control of Afghanistan in 1996.
But a part of me says that campaigning in a general election in the wake of terrorist attack is okay because it shows that you are defending democracy and stopping your opponents from making capital of it and using it to win power. Something that Paul Nuttal and UKIP seems to think so, hence why they are not suspending the campaign. And in that case the Conservatives will lose the majority we are seeking.

Last year in the EU Referendum Jo Cox was murdered by a deranged fascist. My MP and the Havering Leave team decided to carry on campaigning only days after the attack because we didn’t want Better Together to take advantage of it and make us look like evil. I was especially determined to carry on because as the attacker was a mentally disturbed individual called Thomas Mair. I felt that Remainers were vilifying me as an autistic person that I was a closet psychopath and a human timebomb. Well I wanted to show them the positive and creative qualities of myself as I had campaigned with intelligence and blogged about Britain bettering itself beyond the EU.
Inequality is a fact of life and we should embrace all classes of citizens.

As a mark of respect I send out my thoughts in solidarity with the victims and their families of this terrible tragedy. But I won’t say it in a way to sensationalise sympathy like a fashion statement. I am not foolishly blind to a Huxley Indictment, with which I am supposed to embrace the disaster like an opportunity to show myself as a peacemaker. You can’t achieve peace by being a pacifist without the terrorists communicating with you. Jeremy Corbyn loathes national pride with his core communist beliefs that he puts freedom before responsibility. I will suggest something good in making a better world, especially with the Muslim community though.
What led to this carnage was a perverted warped version of Islam that thrived in a segregated part of Britain. I myself as an autistic person have been segregated from the mainstream and that just makes me disappointed to not share my good and best abilities with people. I want to share with the Muslims who choose segregation that by hiding away they are not showing their best qualities and that is dividing Britain. It will certainly counter extremism because as these terrorists were mentally deranged killers you are allowing the negative qualities of a disability to thrive. Thus letting their ill mannered thoughts create havoc and destruction upon people.

Bring out the best qualities of your ‘peaceful religion’ and combine with the autism community and you can create a Britain where all classes of citizens live happily together. I want to get along with all classes of people but if you choose to avoid this challenge then that just makes you insufferable. I know you’ve got something good in yourself, all you need to do is come forth and share it with the world. Just like what I do with my autism and aspergers.

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