Autistic Conservative

As you know I am known as the Grand Geek of Essex, the blog of which is my identity. The whole image of my blog has been about showing the best talents of Essex to share the story of everywhere in this small county in the East of England. Those stories were about the cleverness of Essex to demonstrate it’s ability with science, engineering, discovery and culture. An image of Essex with myself as a spokesperson for the Essex that the mainstream media doesn’t recognise.

But now in these recent days I have started to think of a new image that may define my blog and it’s purpose. You see I have a new book that I am trying to release that can change people’s perspectives of activism and politics for the disabled and mental health. My book is about autism, activism, conservativism, science and social issues regarding the significance of autism in society. That characterisation of autism effectively makes me as an autistic conservative.

The idea for this was inspired by a female political activist and vlogger who calls herself the Conservative Millennial. She’s a Texan woman called Allie Stuckey and she claims to represent the millennial generation who favour right wing politics, conservatism, republicans and speak out against liberal elitism. I am pretty much on the side of this group and I think it’s time I changed my image to represent the kind of politics that I favour. The years I have been an activist have changed my outlook on life.

As for the book well that is going to be circulated into a market that is emerging as conservatism becomes the new counter culture. I need to capitalise on this market and start planning my book to get sales and give mental health on the right a voice.


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