Giving Britain an Upper Hand

I have taken some time out from canvassing to write this post. It is a time for a case to vote Conservative. What ever could I say about this party of opportunity, bettering yourself and freedom that would make you vote Conservative? Well first of all let’s take a look at the reason for vote in the first place.

The snap election was called on the basis of strengthening the government as it has a smaller majority than it would normally have. With the growing sense of populism, localism and single issue, national and regional parties there is a substantial amount of total power that the Conservatives have. We had a referendum on the European Union and we voted out but there is been setbacks and sabotage ever since the result, hence why it’s taken so long for Britain to hand in it’s resignation. Gina Miller got the supreme court to get Parliament to vote the Leave process through, several factions of the government didn’t have a plan for leaving assuming that they’d remain in the EU, there has been countless attacks and attempts to undermine democracy by fanatical leftists and social justice warriors who denounce right wing populism like Tim Farron, Richard Branson, Jeremy Corbyn, the SNP and the Greens.

Basically we have situation where we need to gather our forces and get direction into freedom, development, advancement and of course to achieve the glorious revolution onto the world stage and out of the European Union. I say glorious with hindsight and admiration, specifically because I supported Leave as an opportunist and a radical innovator. The EU was all about protectionism and bureaucracy. It looked to me like a stuck up illiberal sociologist telling me as a disabled person to get back in my wheelchair and don’t try to go to the end of the road. Or in my case to remember my vulnerability and not to try and defy regulations of care from the government. Stifling me with complacency like being trapped in a domestic prison with a guardian who does not heed my needs.

In keeping with my aims of supporting Conservatives through the positive and constructive values of my campaigns, I will focus on my abilities and those of the party. One of my best abilities as a science geek is that I focused on the creativity of the country, the bettering of individuals and their abilities, and of course sparking innovation. Once we are fully from the EU we will be able to develop hundreds and thousands of ideas and inventions that can build a much better society. There are several laws that keep our boffins like Sir James Dyson from innovating new ideas for his electronic gadgets and patents.

They even made it difficult for us to innovate ideas for new technologies in the green economy, which has led difficult management of air pollution in the City of London. We could if we would build new infrastructure to fill every city with wireless charging points for electric cars, free Wi-Fi in every public transport vehicle and a total overall and upgrade of our public transport system that would include enlarging the cramped tunnels of the London Underground. But sadly with the amount of bureaucracy that the EU supports as well as the lack of funds there is no government subsidy to draft plans, yet alone build such a project.

One of the best things that I want to see come out of this retraction of European powers is giving more power to localism. Not in the sense of supporting right wing populist supporters, but locally based governments and peoples who for too long have been sidelined in the promotion of globalism. Several Remain campaigners suggest that ‘post-Brexit Britain will see a rise of tribalism’ in which the rest of the UK will start blaming London for all it’s problems instead of the EU. This they think is something that may be greatly exaggerated by the North-South divide. But it’s actually been going on for decades.

As an active traveller and sports volunteer I can tell you that the inequality of wealth and power in the rest of the UK isn’t London itself, it’s the metropolitan liberal elite. To many of these central governors and lawmakers the people of places beyond the M25 are the capitalist equivalent of proles. A backward thinking, sub species of working classes who have got about as much significance to the economy as peasant farmers. Some of the Europhile politicians consider them to be expendable, like Ted Heath who gave up British fishing right’s because he considered the small trawler families as unsustainable and primitive.

I say this as a working class citizen living in London. These upper class social justice warriors need to respect these people more than they care because they are of the communities that build our society. Besides they aren’t even achieving equality for all because social justice is about granting certain groups unequal rights to achieve equality for themselves.

The City itself is getting too big for it’s borders as well. Power is so heavily concentrated in the capital that a majority of working class Londoners can’t afford to live in the city centre. Around my town of Hornchurch and Romford there are a lot of ex-EastEnders here that it is less Essex and more like a suburb of East London. The way the capital keeps growing, there isn’t going to be any space left to breath or allow for new ideas.

They need to stop short changing the North and give them the creative freedom, distribution of wealth and rights to better themselves. When I was a sports volunteer in Glasgow I saw a wealth of opportunity and excellence that deserved recognition of national pride. The city had so many creative and intellectually magnificent people. That legacy shows through the spirit of the Commonwealth Games and I happen to be one of those inspired by the CWG and the city to better myself. It also inspired my passion for delivering something better to the country and for the minority sports sector.

The Commonwealth is probably one of our greatest strengths to better Britain. They are our long forgotten connections who have a combined wealth of more than twice that of the European Union. Why should I choose to trade in a market that has just about as much value to a peasant farmer, when I can get into a market that has a lot more for a gold prospector? Especially when that farmer is held back by government regulation.

I recently finished reading a novel by the great philosopher Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged. It’s set in a dystopian America where government regulation and Marxism cripples the United States into bleakness. The geniuses and entrepreneurs of the nation are on strike in protest and call for a race of arms against the establishment to rescue America. It’s a story that champions objectivism and is perhaps one of the most powerful stories about individualism. It’s relevance is very much similar to that of our cause that is with us right now.  So now I think the fight for democracy and freedom deserves credit. Let us go forth and advance Britannia.


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