Canvassing: Creativity through Communication

The best thing that I enjoy about working for a political party is an opportunity to communicate with constituents and invest my time in connecting with the establishment to better myself.

Recently I have finished handing out the leaflets for my Conservative candidate Andrew Rosindell, which gave me a chance to see parts of Havering that I have never been in before. It was amazing just to see the sights on the horizon from this area of Essex and London that sits precariously on a very high ground. Along the way I met with a farmer who told me about the work he does with horses that are used for riding purposes. Me and my friend Christine got to see a magnificent stallion called Lucas who posed for a picture with us.

There was a lot of action taking place in Romford town centre over the last two weekends. I found myself handing out leaflets and talking to constituents about the issues that concerned them and the actions that they wanted to see taken. I had a talk with one man called David from Wales who was now living in Romford and we talked about the recent upsurge of votes for the Conservatives in Wales. Wales is mostly associated with Labour, especially as there was a time when the majority of the Welsh population worked in heavy industries that relied on unions and government support. I agree with him that the change of economic strengths in Wales, and this is something that I pointed out, might be because of the economy being based on retail and services. These industries have much better support from Conservative policies.

Another thing about class which David and I agreed was that the political parties in general don’t focus their canvassing towards any one class. Thatcher believed that parties should not focus on specific classes because it was tantamount to keeping people in their place. This practice meant that many Labour voters defected to the Tories in the 1980s and it led to the character of Labour changing forever. Turning them into a lobbyist group for the public sector and a minority and diversity representation organisation.

It is a good practice in canvassing to get into people’s minds and show them what you are capable of that can make you a good politician. In the time that I have been canvassing on the behalf of the Conservatives, Zac Goldsmith and Vote Leave I have had the honour of representing the electorate. I have reported back to my MP and to government ideas for change using my expertise as a science geek and a journalist. I have written a number of articles on how to better the country through science, engineering, community and identity. The locals who I talk to give me an inspiration for what could make a better country.

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