Snapping to an Election Showdown

I was pretty shocked when Theresa May made announcement for a snap election. That was something that no one should expect at a time when we are going though the divorce proceedings from the European Union. Is it really time to be calling the troops to fight the battle for government at this time? In my mind I never thought that we could be active during three successive years of two general election, a mayoral election, a referendum, and local government elections in the nations and regions. The chaos looks endless on the home front like a big show of endless war between opposing parties.

So why are we having it? Well as it stands the number of MPs in Parliament for the government are marginally strong. 330 Conservative, 229 Labour, 54 Scottish National Party, 9 Liberal Democrats, 8 Democratic Unionist, 5 Independents and 3 Plaid Cymru. The effect of the Scottish Independence Referendum and the call for a EU referendum has demonstrated that overall majorities are now more difficult to get.

The reason for this is because over time political issues have become more significant in British politics that the mainstream parties need to get a grip on the general consensus. The minority parties like UKIP, SNP and Plaid are representatives of voices for the biggest concerns that need to be addressed. David Cameron once said of UKIP that they were ‘a basket of fruitcakes and loonies with closet racists’. Well that remark will cost a party dearly, especially for Labour. Remember when Gordon Brown called a female former Labour voter ‘a bigot’? What a disaster that turned out to be!

What the mainstream parties need to realise is that these single issue parties are a sign of change and concerns for certain issues that the government has to address for the country. In this day and age political and social issues are very much like popular consumer items. If nationalism is growing in popularity then that is a warning sign that diversity rules are getting out of hand so they vote UKIP. If wealth inequality is crippling the country’s confidence in government then they will turn to the locally based parties like English Democrats, Plaid Cymru or Scottish National Party.

Here we stand at the process of leaving the EU. I had a great adventure in fighting for Britain’s freedom from the EU with canvassing, blogging, and talking to voters. I had a good strong case for supporting leave, which went against the case for Remain. I counteracted their claims to show a level of intelligence and moral courage for Britain. Those on Remain were trying to come up with ways of showing the vulnerability of the economy, I showed them that the EU was stifling creativity, imagination and ability. To me they represented everything that I suffered under a leftist liberal socialist ideal that told me that my autistic spectrum disorder made me vulnerable, defeated and useless. They were not only patronising, they were evil.

Now that we understand that the issues concerning our departure from the EU must be taken into action, I as a Conservative activist must now get out there and canvass for my MP, party leader and party for the glorious growth of Great Britain. But there is something else that need to be embraced as well: localism. What the results of the referendums on the EU and Scottish Independence and the election of property tycoon Donald Trump as President of the United States shows is that the west has become tired and cynical about globalisation and liberal elitism.

Localism is about recognising the individual character, nationality, achievements, prosperity and abilities of a country, city or community. There is no need for big government in this way of life because it recognises the power and responsibility to it’s own self. It takes that freedom for granted and puts the people and creative innovations of at the heart of it’s identity. I like localism because it gives a sense of belonging and pride in my country. The metropolitan liberal elite shuns it because it doesn’t seem to recognise diversity. Well it does embrace diversity, all the diverse cultures in the world need to do it come to it and integrate with it.

Some of the best things that the Conservatives embrace is the traditions and cultures of the country as well promoting free enterprise, low taxation and small government. Labour on the other hand are not much of political force to reckoned with in opposition. They are not the working class party they used to be anymore. They are made up of a collective of socialists, communists, green activists, public service lobbyists and minority group representatives.  They now have contempt for the old fashioned patriotic type working classes and hold them in contempt for showing their sense of Britishness. Emily Thornberry laughed off about celebrating St George’s Day, Shami Chakrabarti said she is against segregated education yet she send her child to a private school to avoid her child thinking differently from her socialist beliefs, and Diane Abbot has made several remarks about majority groups like white people and working classes saying that they all xenophobic and primitive.

This change of character hasn’t come from a cult within Labour, but a political marketing campaign. In the 1980s Labour had been reduced an axe grinding lobby group for the public sector to keep the taps of welfare payments and public spending going. The only policies they could think of was counteracting the Thatcher revolution and the British people did not want to lose this new found wealth.

So Labour was in the wilderness for 16 years. It wasn’t until Tony Blair and Gordon Brown came along that Labour was effectively electable again. But when they did come back as New Labour they didn’t have a shred of socialism or state sponsored nationalisation within them. Now they were a party of social liberalists embracing free enterprise and social justice. It was a philosophy created by British sociologist Anthony Giddens called Third Way.

Third Way wasn’t going to reinvent Labour, it was supposed to create a new party that looked like ‘the Tories in new suits working to support the poor as well as the rich’. It started off looking good for Labour but over the course of the 13 years that they were in power New Labour betrayed it’s socialist roots and the principles of what it stood for. They went into a war in Iraq on false evidence, they deregulated the banks to the point of no accountability, and in the context of social equality they disregarded the identity and stability of the state in favour of multiculturalism and enforced diversity. Now with Ed Miliband and then Jeremy Corbyn Labour has gone back to it’s socialist roots and is at war with itself and trying to sell a concept that isn’t wanted at all. People don’t even vote for political parties according to their class, they vote in favour of what policies and operations they find popular.

In my activism I have used my skills as a scientist and a geek to rock the science and technology about in politics. The best thing about being a scientist isn’t just intelligence, it’s creativity, problem solving and building a better world for the benefit of all classes of citizens. I know a few ideas that can improve the country with evidenced based policy rather than policy based evidence. The distinction between these two is that one is where the scientists proposes to government with his research to better the country, the other is where the politician sends a proposal to a scientist to check over for policy making.

Now I think the time is right for developing the country and to better itself. I will start taking the approach to campaigning for the Tories on my blog using the same technique I did with Brexit. Instead of constantly vilifying my opponents with complacency, I will show creativity, imagination and the best of British talent. I demonstrated my best qualities as an autistic activist and what my best qualities as a person who deserves acceptance is truly valuable. Unlike the socialists and leftists I don’t make a play out of my despair, they have no monopoly on compassion and care of duty. They don’t want me to better myself, but respect only their self righteous power.


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