Brexit Day: Britannia Open for Business

This day has come that Great Britain has advanced beyond the European Federal Superstate. At last after all the months since that glorious day on 23rd June 2016 when I went out to vote and canvass for leaving the European Union the action is to be taken upon leaving now. Theresa May has signed a letter to the EU commission present Donald Tusk containing Britain’s resignation from the bloc and the negotiations on our business with Europe will continue without political union.

It has been quite a long wait for action to be taken. I have lots of ideas for opportunities and development in which Britain can play a part in the world beyond the confines of the EU. In my campaigning as a Leave activist I focused on ideas, opportunities, the abilities of Britain’s workers, tradespeople and governors, the obstructions the EU was putting on scientific developments and industrial progress and how it was inefficient in managing the wellbeing of it’s member states.

Leave and Remain pro-actively supported their cases with the biggest issues being uncontrolled immigration from Leave and the safety of the economy from Remain. Although I had some concerns on immigration I didn’t have much of grudge against immigrants and so I focused my campaign from another angle. I am a science geek and a proud patriot, so I felt it would be better if I focused on something that I understood better. It was a good idea and it worked well in my defence of Leave. In fact I was one of minority of scientists who were in support of leaving, the majority of scientists and engineers wanted to remain fearing that they would lose valuable research funds. But the truth is most of their funding comes from business, charities and enterprise. All of which are shackled by the EU. Take those off and they can make more money for research and development funding.

Remainers and leftists attacked Leavers and those who disagreed with them as racist, xenophobic, stupid and ill-educated. They also used the death of Jo Cox who was murdered by a deranged fascist with a mental health condition as propaganda against us. That incident led to me writing a post on Facebook about how I as a mental health person on the spectrum was horrified to see them vilify me and enslave me to their way of thinking. As if I were a dangerous parasite that should be exterminated. Well Remainers I would like to share with you something about my autistic spectrum condition that makes me a better person than you and show that racism isn’t the only form of prejudice in the world. As a disabled person I suffer ableism.

When I was growing up the rules of equality for me were that I am vulnerable, defeated and incapable and that I should be refrained from advancing myself. Those laws were written by the people of their kind who think diversity can be achieved by discrediting abilities and achievements of successful people with differences so that other ethnic groups don’t feel depressed. Pathetic. In a way I can relate this to people who social justice warriors claim to help but don’t let them help themselves to achieve independence from their carers.

What the Remain group was fighting for was to protect those things that people who stand to gain from change from achieving independence. Independence and democracy come with responsibility and the Remain group wanted was to prevent people taking responsibility and achieve greatness within themselves. That way those with power could protect their assets and wealth. Consider the case of the Eurozone. Since the Great Recession the people of Europe are being punished with debt and austerity so that the single currency can survive. Even though they were let into the Eurozone by the EU knowing that their deficits and interest on their old currencies did not qualify them to join in the first place. Greece is still in debt and the problem is still ongoing at the expense of the currency’s survival.

Remainers are also being ablest to the people of Great Britain and those who believe in it. One of my friends said to me ‘who would trade with Britain with it’s colonial ties with other nations’. Well clearly they are not economically literate or seriously interested in trade, development and world affairs. I have argued with some of these people and their problem is that they just don’t want to try and better themselves. I have explored the potential for Britain to get greater outside the EU and I can tell you there is wealth of opportunities and ways to advance our abilities.

Among my other political activities include upgrading archery from an optional sport to a core sport in the Commonwealth Games. In my case for that I have looked at ways in which advancing archery and other minority sports can be useful in advancing economic and social activities in the Commonwealth nations. Britain’s biggest industry is in services and with this market we can help to co-ordinate and distribute the technology, sciences, industries and other enterprises to make the world see the better in itself.

One opportunity that I am hoping for is to help those impoverished in developing nations beat the barriers that the EU put up to prevent them from trading with Britain. These people need trade, not aid. I also want to see no restrictions on creativity and development from our scientists, doctors, engineers and builders so that Britain can better itself and let it shine. I am still hopeful on the idea of a British coastal express service, building a space industry in Britain, developing new technology in green eco-friendly energy production to make us independent of fossil fuels and encouraging growth and innovation amongst ordinary people so that they can show they have a part to play in British society.

Now let’s go forth together and show the better in ourselves. There is a chance for Britain to earn itself a place on the world stage once more. The European Union is a dying dinosaur that cannot be saved and is now like a wall to the rest of the world with no bridges to the outside. To all my fellow Leave activists the job is now done. Now let’s start with selling ourselves to the world to achieve a nation of hope and opportunity.

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