Baker Reborn

Now I have completed a number of things from my list of things to do I think it is now the time to be creative. Last week I completed a report on archery for the commonwealth games being a core sport, I have got a book proposal in consideration with a publisher and I have finally bought myself some new arrows for my archery gear. Now for something completely different, a time to think and try new things.

My first thing was to get into baking again. I hadn’t tried making a cake in years. I didn’t realise that it would be a disaster on my first try. I tried having a go at baking cupcakes for my mother on mother’s day. Since it was coming around the corner I thought it would be appropriate to bake my mother something nice to go along with that gift card I got her.

My first attempt was to make some cupcakes with caramel filling. I tried making the caramel first and it was something that I had always wanted to make. It was a good chance to experiment with something new and after all that work in doing writing work I was enjoying the creative freedom that came with it. Unfortunately I didn’t get the consistency right and I didn’t manage to get the caramel the right colour. It didn’t even go amber despite following the recipe correctly.

The next thing to go was the cupcakes. They ended up burnt! The problem is our oven isn’t working properly. We really need to get fixed, it is getting ridiculous. Dodgy as a jammy dodger that oven. It has a faulty thermometer which is stopping it from keeping the temperature constant. Set it to 100 degrees and the oven will just keep building up heat without dispersing it.

Next day I decided to remedy my failure by trying again, only this time with a different cake. I made some raspberry blondies. That sounds unusual for some cake lovers, but what is it to a non-foodie? Well a blondie is a white chocolate brownie. Brownie is dark chocolate, blondie is white chocolate hence the name difference.

This one came out better and I managed to get around the faulty oven by constantly monitoring the baking. So on a low heat, then taking the cakes out as soon as the top went brown and then put the blondie on the side to cool. The result after removing it was a fruitful surprise, the interior of the cake was a nice smooth soft centre. I wasn’t expecting that. It looks like I managed to redeem myself.

So what is next? Well I could try something new for once. I want to make a nice pot pie for dinner some time. There has been a desire for me to get into making some new food that I haven’t mastered yet. I need to move away from all the usual stuff of home cooking.

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