The Queen’s Ship of Dreams

Today I went out and took the bus to my most desired location of Edinburgh. There was a lady in waiting at the Ocean Terminal shopping centre for me to board for a tour of Her Majesty’s Yatch Britannia. She looked splendid in her regalia right there moored in the Port of Leith. I think coming here has been an inspiration to fuel my other interests that can shape the face of the Commonwealth and Great Britain. I may not be a politician but I am a good activist with great cause. But let’s focus on my travels for now.

The ship had a majestic feeling of grandeur on me and I felt like I was about to jump onboard an adventure of a lifetime. It wasn’t just a floating museum it was an emblem that represented the best of Great Britain. Talking of commerce this ship is only accessible by a boarding contour that is a part of the Ocean Terminal shopping centre, you have to get up to the second floor in order to get through there. It’s impossible to walk up to it without being shown to a collection of models of the Britannia. The best of which would be a Lego model in the entrance.

Whilst the ship itself was a great tour it was even more remarkable for it’s location setting. Berthed in the port of what was the gateway to Scotland you can see the other side of the Firth of Fourth. Several interesting features could be seen from the wing of the bridge. To the west was the Fourth Railway Bridge, looking ahead was the county of Fife and the most picturesque views that come my way and to the east was an island called Inchkeith that served as an observation post to warn of Nazi battleships during the war. I must take a chance to explore this part of Scotland, it has so many hidden treasures that I must feel with my own hands. If I am to become a proper scientist then I should investigate as a field geologist.

I got busy with my camera photographing both interior and exterior of the ship. This vessel didn’t have an info display cards on the walls or interior. It was only available from an audio guide and I could have taken it but I choose not to. The reason for this was because I was much more interesting in viewing it like a house viewing rather than a guided history tour. This is the Queen’s former yacht and it looked better to be gazed upon by visitors. Save that information for later. Although there was some information on the history of the ship itself on information boards that were not connected to the items like the adventures and life aboard the ship, the engineering behind the vessel and the history of the Royal Family’s association with the sea.


Throughout the ship I found several toy corgis laid out on the furniture like as if the Queen’s pets had been left to roam around the ship. Causing mischief and havoc I found them to be very funny in the way they were placed in the rooms and on the bar. I had brought along Mr Flibble to join me on board the ship and I took him to the crew’s bar and tried on some seamen’s clothing there for a picture to taken with Mr Flibble and a corgi sipping a pint in the bar. It looked really nice and heart warming.

As well as the Britannia there was also another famous yacht moored on the starboard side of the ship on a makeshift harbour. This was the Bloodhound, a small sailing boat used by the Royal Family for practicing a learning the ropes on how to sail a yacht. Many of the members have used Bloodhound to get their sailing credentials and have carried on going on the seas aboard it.

The most modern part of the Britannia was it’s tea room. I had lunch there having a pot of tea, sandwich and cake all made from locally produced Scottish ingredients. Good scrumptious food and drink all round in the setting of an ocean view. As I sat there with my meal I looked in absolute awe of the scenic view. With the Firth of Fourth laid there as a metaphor for Scotland. The natural beauty of the Highlands, the high seas and islands, the Fourth Bridge and the architecture on the shore. It looks like a romantic love affair for a passionate man of culture and exploration, as if the flavours of Scotland are all in one place.

The gift shop had some good memories to take home as souvenirs. I bought a t-shirt, a pen, a mug and a piece of fudge. I will make another trip to ship sometime in the summer. That will be a time when I can explore the natural environment of Edinburgh as well. Let the preparation begin.

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