Roll on to Edinburgh

This post has come a day late. I meant to write after I got into Edinburgh for my two day holiday to explore the city and go shopping. I forgot to blog when I had my journal in hand writing about my new adventure in an old fashioned way. Before I got my blog I used to actively write in a journal about all my thoughts and adventures. It was like keeping a treasure trove of memories that only I can enjoy to look back on in a way that no one else can relive like I can.

And I think the Facebook users can learn something from that. Last year out of social awkwardness I made physical contact with my friends after they had publicly posted their whereabouts on Facebook. I may have made a rather intrusive and embarrassing mistake in meeting up with them in that way but what do you expect? Social media was created as a means for people to publicly display and report their activities and objectives online for all the world to see. In that respect you should expect someone to find you in that manner and use it as a means of tracking your whereabouts. There is a difference in a personal online presence but it’s still a tool that can used against you. You should know this, that is an example of undermining your own privacy and you would have to be stupid to forget that.

But for now let’s look at my trip to Edinburgh. I got my tickets to Edinburgh in sale on Virgin Trains website. Return tickets for first class only £65, that is a good bargain. I was determined to relish in the adventure like a luxury passenger on a trip of a lifetime. So I took as many free food as I could and enjoyed the cuisine. I must say the food was a good treat, as it was very exquisite and mouth-watering. A Greek yogurt with muesli and fruit compote for breakfast and a hot Yorkshire roll for lunch made a nice alternative to a packed sandwich meal. I didn’t fancy anything fried or fatty because I felt like I needed a break from greasy food. The chef James Martin who designed that menu gets my compliments.

The views from the train were very beautiful and I think the East Coast service has the best scenic route of any railway in Britain. I got a few shots of the Tyne Bridge as the train came into Newcastle and marvelled at the sight of the North Sea as we went along the coastline.

When I arrived in Edinburgh I was delighted and surprised. The first thing that came to me as I went to my hotel was a building site. The St James shopping centre was in the process of demolition. The council had decided to knock it down as it had been an eyesore that also outlived it’s usage. Fortunately though the route was not disrupted to my hotel. I have seen the pictures of the new building on the wall. It will look good once completed and should be a welcome addition once it’s completed in 2020. Part of the building will be a large oval shaped building that looks like the egg shapped London Assembly Building on the Thames.

When I checked into my hotel and got unpacked I went into town and made the most of the last few hours on a shopping trip along Princes Street. I went for a walk to explore the buildings and in the process I found some nice new clothes to update my wardrobe. The prices compared to London here are a lot cheaper on average. I got three new shirts from M&S. I could have gotten the same thing in my local M&S in Romford but I was bargain hunting in a cheaper part of the country’s retail high streets. Beat that Oxford Street. I also needed a new shirt for my job interview and for that I think I had better get a nice check tartan type shirt to go with some black trousers. It would be a nice touch if I got my top in Scotland and my trousers in England so that they resembled the geographic locations of the country. Scotland shirt on top, English trousers on the bottom.

For dinner I went down Lothian road for some sweet Edinburgh food. My quest for a savoury meal came when I came across a place for a burger and beer at Red Squirrel. A good rustic Scottish bar with its own range of beers. The one to go for here is the lightly hopped Edinburgh made Holyrood. It was very nice and goes well with their signature burger. I think I should save haggis, neeps and tatties for a day down south. I’ll take one with me as a souvenir instead of having one here.

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