A lot on my plate

How does one manage so many passions and activities in their daily life. I have had a lot to contend with this year. It gets so unbearable when your life is on so many goals but you have a one track mind.

In my time at Essex University I had to put aside a lot of a personal and recreational activities in order to focus on my academic career. Although I didn’t enjoy much of the content of computer programming I was concentrating on three set targets that I had in mind. One was to focus on developing my sport so that I have the skill set for an archery career, which included a campaign for core archery at the CWG and my own personal ambitions. The second was to develop a business which included archery equipment and would act as a platform for my campaign so in effect I was combining the two but as they both separate entities they are two priorities. Then there is my university studies, of which I didn’t really find much productivity or excitement in because of a lack of reading material and there wasn’t any fun in programming academically.

Now that I am back at home I have a new set of priorities that I am managing for myself. When I got back I was looking at developing my business idea and it took a lot longer than I thought to make it happen. I got a meeting of course but then I needed to raise the money and that proved to be difficult. Finding the money lengthened the development but only added to me having to choose my other priorities. There is archery practice which has been put on the side since I left Essex University, I need new equipment for my archery, I am now on the dole again and in need of some work and I have to consider what I am going to be doing next year for an academic career.

I just seem to find things that make my life fulfilling and I do it because I can’t bear to be idle. I don’t like having to sit back and suck up the milk of an adle brained, inactive lifestyle. There are many ambitions that I have in life and I think people who aspire to do such things that they want to get to later in life need to think about what they can do now to bridge the gap. There’s an interesting chapter in a book I read about how when we think about the negative things in life we can prepare for the eventual destiny that we collide with by putting essential measures in place. When I decided to go to university I had no A-levels and a bad academic record. I am glad to say that my experience at the Open University gave me the pre-requisites that I would need in the future to get my off the dole in the years to come. Otherwise things would have been a lot worse had I chosen to keep up with that ridiculous catch-22 situation. Just stay strong and be positive in your progress.

And if those things are not enough I have heaped something even more vital to my life. Now I have included a project that was abandoned years ago after it failed to start a writing career for me. I have found some confidence in my novel thanks to my friends in psychology and politics who have shown me that as a disabled person I have much to offer the world through my special abilities that I need to share with the world. I am going to rewrite it as a whole new book and include additional content that will make it a powerful argument for autism in politics.

I have found my inspiration for it from a book on global warming written in 1999 that combined a fictional narrative with a factual story about climate change. The way this novel is structured and the other self-help books I have read about autism just might work for A Baffling Unoriginal. In effect this will make it an entirely new book and henceforth it will be my second book.

Right now let’s get these priorities in the right order. Book first, business funding second, archery practice third, and I think reading for my next academic year will come fourth.


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