Working with your Groundwork

A few days ago I had a meeting with a business advisor from Enterprise for London and I think I may have just realised something that makes my ideas achievable. Some people create ideas and they have to go into a field that they need experience to get into the market. Me I have already got an established connection to that field through my experience in archery.

The groundwork of our plans for enterprise is what sets in motion the idea to make it happen. As an archery geek I have become an established blogger and campaigner as well as a sports person. That unique combination can get finance, customers, potential partners and the ability to expand the market set of your chosen business.

Today whilst I went to sign on I had an idea to use my forthcoming course from Archery GB. I am taking an instructor’s course with them to train to become an archery instructor. It has been been suggested by the jobcentre that I look at finding another way to self employ myself by exploting my connections to the performing arts. In the years that I have been connected to the arts I have the groundwork to provide a service for the actor-musicians that I know who have a keen interest in archery.

There is a high demand for archery try outs at team building exercises, performing arts workshops for performers to enhance and expand on their skills and abilities for the roles they do, and perhaps with some examples of plays where actors play archers an instructor is needed to train those thespians to handle a bow and arrow to play Robin Hood, William Tell or some other medieval dramatic character. I know the Queens Theatre has a reputation for making fantastic spins on Shakespearan dramas and comedies and with that in mind they are probably at some point going to need an archer with my talents to teach them how to shoot.

My consultant with Enterprise for London suggested that I use that instructor qualification to bargain for investment in my new archery company as well. One form of leverage in a crowdfunder platform is to get them something for free that won’t cost you anything. If I can get this then I may be able to give free archery lessons to people in exchange for start up funds. I would suggest that you take whatever speciality you have and use that to your advantage to win favour with your investors. Don’t just ask them for money, get them to invest in an activity that you can share with them.

Using your groundwork is all about using it for growth. By thinking about our background and using that to make something better we can construct a business and a working environment for ourselves.


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