Dropout, Hope it works out

My God it has been a very busy time for me. I have dropped out of Essex and I have now decided that Herts University isn’t for me at all. I went to Hatfield to attend the Open Day and got a glimpse inside the university’s accomodation and buildings. It was a pretty good place to go. I got to see the inside of the accomodation halls and see what accomodation was on offer. It was pretty decent but too big for me as a mature student. There was 8 – 12 people to a kitchen and two people sharing a bathroom. No thanks for me. I am not that spontaneous.

The studio flat option wasn’t really any better, it had no over and an induction hob. Rubbish, as if I didn’t know how to cook and would be expected to use the microwave only. Hert’s facilities were far better with a magnificent library to cater for every student’s study needs. It looked like a good option for me to come here, but I didn’t feel like it would work out for me. The original plan for this university was that I wouldn’t stay on campus, but commute there from home. However with the journey taking longer than expected I decided it was not in my best interests. So I decided to go to Queen Mary University instead to study industrial design. It looked much better because I would just take a direct train ride to the university from Romford. However I quickly discovered that there were no vancancies through the clearing process at this time. So with no one to take me and Essex having no decent science courses that I liked I found myself at a crossroads with no idea of where to go.

But this is not the end for me. I have now decided to stay at home for a year and build my archery business and develop my invention. I don’t think I have time in this year or this world for an academic career. Not at least as a full time student. I was never really interested or committed to studying at all at the university. I couldn’t find any use for my studies in or at least for what I could achieve in that year. I found myself to be more useful in the university’s activities for students. So I have decided to drop out of full time education. Following in the footsteps of my idols I will be a dropout going into business. I have to put my faith in my beliefs and ambitions and see to it that I can shape the world and rattle the heads of the business world. This could be my only hope to advance archery.

But this isn’t a formal resignation from higher education. I still want to be a professional scientist. With the progress that I have made at the Open University and my habit of not giving into defeat and leaving a stone unturned I am going back to the Open University to finish that degree. Skills from any subject at a degree are transferable so let’s stick with something that I can do to get a degree. If I can at least get my degree then I will go into full time school again with a plan to do a masters in an engineering subject. At the OU I was doing natural sciences in earth sciences in physics. But now I think we can convert that into something better, instead of physics I’ll do earth sciences and engineering. It combines my love of natural wonders with my love of machines. I think that will do perfectly. Let’s hope I can get an application for a resit in planetary sciences. If I can do that then I will get those 30 points in Level 2 that I need.

Now lets start reading for my one true love…


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