New Horizons or a Big Headache?

Okay my friends here is what’s going on with my academic career. Today I had a meeting with my personal tutor and I told her that I am planning on leaving the University of Essex. I can’t carry on there because their science and technology school is too small and lacking in facilities for what I need them for. I suppose that’s another academic career that I have got wrong and that I made a bad choice of university. Well I think I was playing my cards too close to home and thought I could make something worthwhile in my own county. But I didn’t work out that way.

Let’s cut to the chase. Essex is a university with a small science department and a number of courses that don’t appeal to me. At the moment the university is undergoing investment from the private sector in it’s scientific fields of research but it’s not ready for a genius like me. I need to get serious if I want to study a field that can work for me if I even want a university career.

For the field of study that I should go into it’s not electronic engineering or computer science. In a meeting with my tutor we went over my answer sheet from the exam out of curiosity because I needed to know where I went wrong. From the answers I gave in the paper the incorrections where that I hadn’t made my calculations for the arithmatic properly and I somewhat gave incorrect deffinitions of electronic items and coding functions. Looking back at the paper I am starting to wonder if my brain is allergic to mathematical puzzles. I do like working out that kind of stuff but it’s not something that I can undergo in an examination.

These degrees that are on offer must be hard to choose from and what should I choose to even get a degree at all. I have often talked of the way students choose their field of study just to get the experience of a university education even if they have no intention of going into the field of that area, but now I am starting to think differently. I spoke with my tutor about what my friend Hannah had done in studying for a history degree and then going into psychology in a postgraduate field. Apparently a degree in any subject can be a good way to demonstrate your ability to study academically but then if you want to go into a different field then by all means go ahead and try a masters or postgrad in something else afterwards. For this reason I am swapping electronic engineering for mechanical engineering or industrial design.

However despite my departure I would like to let my friends at Essex know that I am not cutting all ties with them properly. I am going to leave my connections with them open for business. I am currently in the process of developing my own archery equipment business which may be a good opportunity for UEAC to get their first sponsor. I owe it to them for helping and supporting my own activties in getting archery as a core sport in the Commonwealth Games. Essex’s sport development officer Dominic King is also supportive of my plans and I will need to keep in touch with them to further my business and campaign activities. In doing so they will get access to a company that is advancing archery and perhaps the sports at Essex.

Okay so now I have left Essex but what about the future? I am now stuck in a dead end situation with an academic career that I am struggling to choose and I have a business that I am trying to develop by raising capital to develop the concept. But that’s not the only problem. Clearing is now open and there are plenty of opportunities for me to explore in my options for a university degree in the studies of engineering or design. Now I have listed two ways to do this.

There are two London based universities: Queen Mary of London and City University London that have some really good engineering degrees. With those I can commute to the city and live in a place closer to home where I can operate my business on my days off and shoot with West Essex again and dabble in Conservative politics closer to home.

I have also taken a keen interest in a former polytechnic which is the University of Herts. It’s a got a very broad range of science and engineering degrees and can make a really good starting ground for my future as an engineer. However this will probably require me moving on campus there because of it’s relative distance. It’s more than just a science university. It looks like a playground for the enquiring mind just like the Science Museum. It has a very impressive set of connections to business and industry, a member of the Commonwealth Universities, has a large number of scientific laboratories, connections with the Formula One teams, a race car simulator, a workshop, flight simulators, a rocket club. It’s even got access to an observatory and a groundbreaking new type of robot called CASPER that is used to teach autistic children social interaction abilities. As well as a vast sports villages which is used by the Arsenal Womans football team. Nice goal, I like Arsenal as it is. Of course they also have an archery club there as well.

So what will it be?


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