Exams over, now for imagination to run wild

Right now I have completed my exams I think it’s time I wrote a post. The summer holidays are here now and that means a long and enjoyable break for many students across the country. For me however it means I have an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of working to create an exciting new venture in archery.

I have started to take a look at where I left off with the business and the product that I was bringing into existence by looking at the patent search that I had commissioned from IPD. I took a look and intensive analysis of the paper to see what I could get for my invention. The patents that I looked through were astonishing to say the least. I doubt if any of these inventions have ever been marketted and are a success wherever they are. There were some that looked rediculous that the Dragons in the Den wouldn’t throw their money at. I have seen a quiver mounted on a boot, a golf club holder that attaches your golf club to your hip, a gun holster that rotates at 180 degrees and an automatic quiver that rotates as it releases arrows for the archer to take them out. What kind of crazy eccentric thought of those? Maybe some of those inventions however clever they may be could be useful by application to someone so I must give credit where it’s due.

I have looked over the design of my quiver and it has a few issues that could be better improved to see how I can hold the arrows in the quiver without them falling out. One suggestion that I saw on a You Tube video uploaded by ryddragyn showed that the Howard Hill quiver was made of a flexible leather that the archer inverted by pinching it so that the arrows could be held in. I may have to consider a way to do that on mine only with a mechanism of some kind.

I am really passionate and determined to make this business a success. I strongly feel that archery could be improved and I can get something out of archery that is better than what the elite athletes got out of it through their careers. If that’s going against the rules of the game like a rebel then roll on. I do my business like a rebel. I think that is something that I can write about on Legend Archery. I haven’t written a post for them since March and I think I need to do some soul searching on what to write next. How about an assessment of the archery industry as it stands today? There are some parts to archery that I think can be better.

But while I have one project there is another that I want to return to. I still have my project for Essex’s popular scientists. That project has been on the shelf since I started at Essex in January so I think I need to look back and see where I am. I need to see if there is any material available for me to research on one of the scientists at the moment. There is no proper biographies of this next scientist, so how do I write about him? Well the best thing to do here is to look at his achievements and what his research did that makes him so significant. That will compensate for the lack of content so that the quality of the writing doesn’t suffer.

I have another good idea for another book that may be just the kind of thing that will show my flare for political arguments and my autism. In 2007 I became a self published author and that didn’t lead to a writing career with A Baffling Unoriginal. But now recent events in the political activities that I have engaged myself in have inspired me to think of a new adventure for Scott Hardy and his autism. But I don’t think this book will work as a fiction book, I want to make it a semi-fictional book with some non-fiction material in it that covers politics and society. It would make an interesting read for some people to get a chance to see me and autism in a new light.


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