Coping with Fallout Procrastination

This referendum has suddenly become an obession for me as I have three exams to come in the next two weeks. The plan was for me to get back to revision straight after the work on supporting Leave in the two weeks after summer term. I need to let the referendum and the fallout go. Otherwise how am I going to do well in my exams?

Some of the students and young voters who are dismayed at the result have turned into some of the biggest whining morons I have ever seen. There was a big protest in London on Saturday for the government to reject the Leave result and that is a protest against the democratic will of the people. The metropolitan elite of liberals have become a tyrant to devalue the common man and his foundations which include their own. I have been caught right in the middle of a big showdown post Brexit and yet I can’t seem to get away from it. Please stop.

Some students reported to say that the result is so bad and affecting their abilities that they might fail their exams. I on the other hand may not do so well because of their whining. I need the peace and the for the fallout to do something better for Britain so that I can see a reason to do well in my exams. The news in the media is giving me a good reason to procrastinate and it isn’t doing well for my revision. I should be focusing on electronics and programming not the bloody nuisance leftist students and anti-conservative movement.

I need to start finding a way to lock out the news and concentrate on the revision and to do that I need to get on with it! My first thought is to keep the phone and computer aside and instead listen to music. That will keep the temptation to slack aside for a while. I remember a workshop on campus several months ago, if I only I could remember what I did with my study notes. One thing that I need to do to keep myself focus is meditation and archery. I would have bought an outdoor cushion target to practice with but I keep putting it off because I can’t decide on which one. I have already made two major purchases for a new phone plan (which I now regret), a new tablet computer (to replace my laptop) and a commissioned search for a worldwide patent to start up my business. I should be leaving these adventures aside until I have finished my exams.

The only thing that I regret is not applying to Essex university in October 2015 when I could have started there and still be on campus free from distraction so that I would have sat my exams in May 2016.


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