Leave Britannia and Advance

At last the dream has come alive for me, Great Britain has left the European Union and left behind this crumbling oasis of despair. The people have spoken and started a revolution and we are now free to be the proud sovereign nation we all yearn to be. There is great potential for us to flourish in the modern world beyond the confines of Brussels. The people of this island nation were described by actress Emma Thompson as ‘a tiny little cloud-bolted, rainy corner of sort-of Europe, I mean really, a cake-filled, misery laden, grey old island’. That is pure leftist propaganda, they talk of their own country as of they have no fun here and it needs to be filled with foreign influence to make it to their own selfish warped vision which destroys the establishment and the people in it expecting them to be some creature in their image. I remember when I was a young autistic with a strong negative perception of people that made me feel more isolated and defeated. Thompson and her other luvvies just feel the need to segregate and destroy the old generation that gave them their standing in society. Well Mrs Thompson before this so called ‘misery-laden, grey old island’ was like that it got that way by building the foundations that you stand upon now with the food you eat, the civil rights that you have and privileges you have. Try seeing the common person’s perspective before you look down on them as plebs. These people pay to watch your films and buy your books. If you call me a racist for thinking this then I won’t your films or buy your products anymore.

There is plenty of potential on this island that is crying out for freedom and prosperity to fill it’s land with content that bring happiness to our shores. This island is a precious stone ready to lead the world in business, investment, science, invention, art and commerce. In this referendum I saw both Leave and Remain fight their battles using fear tactics but Leave as I was on the team had a better message to bring to the voters. Project Fear was using the doom and gloom expected from a catastrophic decline in our economy and at the same time had no credible defence of the EU from their campaign. They made a number of embarrasing gaffes in their campaigning. They got celeb luvvies, business people, miscounted economists in their research and some shameful wastes of money on literature like that £9 million pro-EU leaflet that should have been better spent elsewhere.

Us Leavers had probably a lot more to offer in terms of hope. Some of us focused on the influx of immgration which had already bothered many Britons for years but we focused more on controlling our borders rather than the immigrants themselves. I have a problem with immigration as well but I was blogging away for the Leave by focusing on creativity, imagination and going in search of new business ideas and customers in the wider world. I wanted the freedom to create and to build whatever my imagination has to offer. Sir James Dyson has experienced a lot of trouble getting his products to design, build and test due to EU legislation from how much power they can have, how they are supposed to be tested and where he can sell them and what paperwork needs to be included in the package. Now that we are free Dyson can build vacuum cleaners and hairdryers to the standards that he wants and has the potential to sell them to the wider world. People with money and jobs to go to and disposable income, not the impoverished who can’t afford his products. There are also opportunities for him to bring in qualified engineers which the EU doesn’t seem to have enough of, but a vast pool of unskilled labour that sets the standards to that of slave labour market.

One thing about the Leave campaign is the kind of people we reached out to. We didn’t bother with the metropolitan elite in the cities, but the working classes communities and ordinary workers. They were the ones who were bearing the brunt of EU regulation and were being made to suffer from uncontrolled immigration and the bias of the EU towards the supersized corporate giants who lobby for their friends in charge of mega-quangos in power to crush the common man. This bedrock of working class communities were going to decide Britain’s future, not the elite. We Leavers are accepting of all classes and communities not the privileged few that the Remain group were aiming for. One of my friends who is from Romania said that if I like being surrounded by international students then I should not vote leave. Well I am comfortable with mixing with other cultures as I don’t like segregation but my problem with foreigners is something that you should know within your own country. Another Romanian girl at the university was dismayed to hear me back leave as if I wanted to kick her out. Well it’s not her type of any of my friends type that I want to kick out, I just want control of our borders and to stop the bosses from exploiting the poor.

You see the bosses of the mega-companies combined with uncontrolled immigration has led to a supply of cheap labour that has driven down wages and sidelined the working classes into poverty. This has also become apparent in Greece, Spain, France, Germany and Italy and possibly Romania where those already living on a minimum wage relative to Britain have not got much work because they have to with immigrant labour coming from across their own land borders. I’ve seen so many people unemployed in Spain and Greece that it’s likely that the bosses haven’t got no choice to take immigrant labour from places elsewhere in Europe. This has got me thinking that we have created a new form of liberty that has promoted an irresponsible financial system and rights and laws to protect people from having to be efficient and better their standards. And this assessment has led me to consider where we are now, we are sidestepping our way back to the slave market. The open borders policy combined with the access to the civil liberties for the working classes has led to their communities becoming liquidated and substituted by the foreigners. But that’s another story that I’ll save for later.

There is one trade agreement and opportunity for us that has been abandoned and lying in sleep ready for us to use. When I was a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games I saw a brave parade of terrific athletes from across an exclusive club of nations. The Commonwealth of Nations was set up in the fall of the British Empire so that these post-imperial nations and Great Britain could set themselves up and provide business opportunities between them and promote civil rights and work together for a common goal of understanding and trust. When we joined the EEC in 1973 we set back a lot of trade and opportunities with these nations and lost business with Australia and New Zealand’s farmers. Now that we are free we can start thinking about what we can do to get back the lost opportunities we could have done when places like India, Malaysia and Kenya emerged into economic powerhouses. This will bring untold wealth to our premises in spite of our departure from the European Union. On the morning of 23rd June the FTSE 100 saw spectacular drop in the value of the pound against the dollar. This might sound bad for economists but it’s great for traders because now we have goods that are cheaper and therefore we can get more potential customers. Sterling might be low but this crisis is only temporary, we have £250 billion in the national bank and that should be enough for a short term fix to keep the market stable. Now that we are free from the EU I think it’s time we started going out to do business with the rest of the world as if this beautiful green and pleasant land of thrill seeking swingers with young, vibrant affluent people will go out and change the world. Onwards and upwards everyone…

By the way I would point out that I am going to carry on promoting Britain as I seek to join the Conservative party and find an opportunity to carry the gauntlet for British business in the Commonwealth of Nations as an ambassador.

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