Referendum: Honour, Compassion and Opportunity

On Saturday I went out to Romford town centre to do some volunteering for the Leave group. At the end of the day I went home and wrote this on my Facebook page:

Today I did a great service for my country and my community and while I did I was caught up in the midst of a political gain over the death of Jo Cox MP. It striked me that anyone with an aim to incriminate my beliefs based on the killing of a lovely innocent woman who was committed to doing good for her country without hate or dispair. Jo’s attacker Tommy Mair was a man with a mental health problem who had hoarded fascist material from years ago well before the referendum.

This referendum is starting to look ugly and it is getting made ugly by selfish condescending morons who think they are sticking up for something good. Well their campaigning is getting rotten to the core. How dare the Remainers use Jo’s death to gain their own advantage! Of the reports into the murder there are references to make me and the other leavers as a villan. I am certainly no villian and I will not made to look that way. I believe in fighting for causes with honour and dignity not scumbag yobbery. I conducted my campaign in a decent and considerate manner. Most of us are and we know what we are talking about.

Some of my friends have wondered why I am a right wing disabled person who supports the Tories. Well lets take a look at Mair, he murdered Jo as a deranged terrorist who felt that he was being further isolated because his mental health needs were being dismissed by the council. I am a mental health person as well with aspergers and I had some very bad treatment by my school and social workers. I didn’t get along with their ideas because they wanted me to accept the limitations of my impairment and consider myself a loner with no purpose. The right and the Tories were open to creativity and freedom for my thinking. They let me be my own man and advance my ambitions.Inequality is a fact of life and we should accept all classes of citizens, not shunt them into their own space and segregate them with their own wants and needs.

I know a majority of my friends want to vote Remain and I respect your decision but if you think you know my value as a disabled person is an example to protect public services then your wrong. I am voting for my own freedom and to unshackle myself from the people who look down on me and tell me that I can not be trusted to decide my own destiny. Some of those in the Remain are rich revolting morons who are only protecting their own selfish interests. Speaking as a former recipient of taxpayers money I am not interested in your money, all I am interested in is the opportunities that I can gain. I will not be patronised and made to feel a slave anymore and I will not be used as a puppet for political propaganda.

Here is what made me go out to carry on campaigning. Even though both Remain and Leave decided to suspend campaigning some of us felt that the death of lovely caring compassionate politician had to stop being a martyr. Within the first hours of Jo Cox’s death she was being used by Remain to make us look like fanatical radicals trying to take over Britain and destroy the metropolitan liberal elite. That was where they started to ignore the plea for respect and decency to commemorate Jo’s death and use a mentally ill person’s savage murder of an innocent woman to their advantage. Painting the picture of the Leavers as fascist beasts in a war of nerves who resorted to dirty tactics which are not true.

What I find most disturbing about this is the way in which Tommy Mair is being treated as a miracle by Remain for giving them an opportunity to hit back at the Leave side. You may think that I am probably sympathizing with Mair thinking of him as a victim of a society that let him down. Well you’ve got it wrong. Let me explain to you about how I feel as a disabled person – aspergers person – in the way that Mair is being used by the left, Remain and Labour to get at Leave and the pro-Leave Conservatives and UKIP. When I was diagnosed I was selectively chosen the support for my condition and how to fit in with society. My parents and my teachers saw me as a mentally handicapped person who shouldn’t bother about society because my condition had made me socially awkward and incapable of learning. That is an example of selective compassion. Jo Cox apparently had selectively chosen compassion for those in her constituency and in her charity work. Although I feel sorry for her relative’s loss I struggle to feel sad because I can’t empathise with it as I always have done.

But I can seek justice and show compassion myself. Something that the left and the liberal elite never listened to me. Always condescending and always dismissive of my abilities. That is not caring, that is selective compassion which involves sectioning and segregation. That’s what drove me to support the right and the Tories. And I tell you now Remain and Labour as a mentally disabled person I am not capable of murder and I am not a psychotic deranged political activist. I would fight you, but I wouldn’t kill you. How dare you use the deranged murderous act of a mentally ill man to make us Leavers look bad. I remember when Nigel Farage and his family were hounded out of a pub in London last year. This is far worse than hounding a politician out of a public place, it’s a disgraceful act of discrediting Jo’s memory. Her husband Brendan said that he wanted ‘to fight out the hatred that killed her’. It was the hatred from a mentally unstable man who did this, not purely from a Brexit supporter who wanted her dead. Well I want to loosen the hatred in this campaign as well.

In the campaign Leave and Remain have been using scare stories and fear to drive people to vote in or out. Well I am not interested purely in the negatives of this campaign and the fear that is being shoved in our faces. All I want to know is what opportunities lie beyond the European Union. As a science student and an aspie I want to go out and do something better and show the world a better way. There are plenty of opportunities for my talents in the wider world whereas EU regulations and red tape stifle my creativity and imagination. That’s one of the factors that make me want to vote out. Think of the Commonwealth, think of the scientific wonders, think of their artistic brilliance we can share with the world that the EU resents. And even outside the EU we can still work as member states of the European Space Agency where astronaut Tim Peake is still free to travel into space again. There’s even opportunities there for me to advance my scientific career which includes space technology and Commonwealth business relations. So to my fellow Brexiteers lets focus on something good out of this departure from the political union that the Remain side are scaring people with. They are underestimating the potential for the economy outside Europe. Teach them to step out of their comfort zone and show them a better way out than better in.

As a Conservative I vote to approve the government to protect the country that benefits society. Benefits that give me an opportunity to show how clever I am. I should not be patronised with selective compassion by a government that chooses which class of citizen it should help. Jo Cox’s Labour party made me feel unwelcome in society. That’s not right. I give her credit for her charity work and her work with Oxfam and I’m sure she did the right thing where there was injustice, especially for autistic people. But I don’t want charity, I want an opportunity to decide my own destiny and make something of myself and for other people to better themselves too. Jo was a great woman who conducted her duties with honour and compassion, but even if she did have any association with organisations that generated problems or showed contempt for the poor I forgive her for the sake of her peace. Like that time she was on the Thames counter protesting against the fishermen where she may have acted in a way to belittle the fishing industry. I may have contempt for the liberal left and socialists like her but I would never want to kill someone for that, I would have shown her the error of her ways and realise what she should be sticking up for. Not all mentally ill people are capable of ill mannered thoughts, I want to show them that I am not a slave to my impairment and that I am a crazy person who knows something better that will never stop.

Now let’s give Jo’s legacy some air. She is resting in peace but her actions are filling us with life as the memorial is too. If anyone has noticed that shrine with all the flowers in Birstall is the memorial to Joseph Priestley, a scientist and clergyman who was born there so they share the same town. He is amongst some of the greatest scientists as well as a great liberal. He discovered the element oxygen and his discovery is an example of why we have life on this planet. That co-incidence makes me feel that Jo’s life was full of great air that made the world full of fire and that warmed the cockles of everyone’s hearts. Preistley believed that in the age of Enlightenment a better understanding of the natural world would promote human progress wheres Jo Cox believed that a better unstanding of human nature was necessary to promote a better unstanding of how to presever the peace.

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