Essex Geek Reinvents Archery

Okay folks it’s time for a step back from writing about the EU referendum to write about my activities now that the summer term is over and the exams are just around the corner. I have come back home early to prepare for the referendum so that I can do some campaigning on my own doorstep here in Hornchurch and Romford.

When I returned home I found some surprising changes to my living arrangements. My bedroom is now split between two rooms with my bed and wardrobe upstairs and my study and creative sanctuary in my old room which now looks like a lounge. The desk isn’t all that good. It’s too small and not enough room for my work and it’s placed against the radiator which isn’t good for electronic devices. What is it with my parent’s living arrangements for me, don’t they ever bother to consult me? It’s like as if my existence is insignificant to them, a roof over my head but no space for me. God! But at least I know how to forgive their mistakes. I can’t waste my life bearing that resentment, otherwise I won’t be able to move on.

In the meantime whilst I am back home I am taking advantage of the time to prepare for the summer and to push on with my other activities. I am going to build my business and progress on with the development of a prototype. The archery community will be excited by this and it will help to push the campaign for core Commonwealth archery. The product will launch a revolution by design in archery gear. I want to banish the stale old fashioned modernism that isn’t going anywhere because they think it’s finished technology. I believe the best way forward for archery is to think outside the box and show the sporting community how it can be better. To do that we must not conform to the current authority of the sporting bodies and make business without boundaries from the officials. I could write this on Legend Archery’s blog but I feel that people may feel that I am belittling archery when I am supposed to be promoting it. Well this is not so, I am giving it an opportunity. Just like what I had when I started archery.

When I first discovered modern archery as a sport I walked into it inspired by the London 2012 Olympics full of aspiration and determination to make something of myself. I had two ambitions: one to become a professional athlete and the other to become a campaigner to promote a minority sport. I had no idea how to do it but all I was after was opportunities and ideas. When I first got involved there was a tough wall to break as some of the people in charge were mostly in it for fun but not for development. The trouble with archery and minority sports like it is that it is not very efficient as an enterprising sport. Major sports like football, boxing and rugby are able to sell themselves as popular sports for the masses because they are run by business people and marketing executives. Minority sports are largely made up and governed by hobbyists and part time workers who haven’t got the basic business skills that ‘they’ have. The governing bodies of these sports are financed by grants from public and private funds to provide subsidies to keep them active as there is no serious money to be made from them.

So here I am in a sport with no income and sponsorship with subsidies which I was passionate about and determined to do something about it. In the four years since London 2012 I have taken part in a minority sport and found myself in a way to use my creative abilities to advance it. I have taken up archery and built connections with the sporting community on Facebook, where my new friends are champions of the bow and arrow. I have brought a campaign to the world to try and make archery a core sport in the Commonwealth Games, a feat I acheived from my experience as a volunteer at Glasgow 2014 where archery was missing and told everyone that they needed to see some. I also became a sponsored archer and got my first taste of the elite archery community up close by siding with them to promote the sport and showed them how to popularise archery. But now a new idea is coming. One of my new friends on Facebook are archery manufacturers and retailers and that gave me an idea to revisit an old ambition. To become an inventor.

By introducing archery to the outside world I have combined my other passions. It’s no good comparing ourselves to the others like the major sports because that is not going to get archery into popular culture. Archery can sell itself through popular culture as it’s already being shown in TV and film, what it really needs is to reach out into this market that is crying out for a chance to use a bow. I have seen plenty of people wanting to try archery but the clubs are not making their presence felt enough and the gear isn’t widely available. I want to market my business outside as well inside the normal archery market.

There is plenty of information on this buisness and my product that I could share you as I have done at the Essex Start Ups bootcamp last week. But I’m not going to tell you…

Otherwise I will lose my precious invention! Patent comes first!

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