Coming to Stress an Outcome

It’s  May and that means one thing for the majority of students is exam time. I should be looking to revise right now but I am not on that path yet. The timetable for me is still on my second term. It’s really unusual when you joined the university on a second chance in an academic year in January and you have to deal with settling in so suddenly behind the rest of the class’s progress. They have not only got ahead of you but they have more holidays than you.

Over these last few months I should have written about my first term once it was over in the Easter break. But I couldn’t because I was busy trying to make something productive with life. The world won’t expect you to discover yourself because they are not interested in it unless you know what you want to do with yourself already. Do it in your own time. The first term was good and made some substantial progress in some modules but I fared badly in one of them. I hate computer programming, it’s a language that I shouldn’t be persuing academically. In school I was terrible at languages. It got so bad in that class I had to withdraw from doing it in school. I wasn’t even any good at English grammar and literature studies then because I didn’t understand people and I had bad communication abilities. I was doing very well in electronics, academic skills and maths and from there I was able to set myself up for a proper academic career. No more home based learning working on the go with my textbooks lugged wherever I went while looking for a job that I couldn’t get that I should have gone into full time education again.

After the stress of trying to understand coding I decided that I had to change course. These coding exercises were absolutley tedious and dull if not difficult to write. I was expecting to write codes for apps, games and basic programming for practical functions. But it didn’t work out like that. I am much more comfortable and happy with building electronic devices rather than executing codes for desktop functions. I did some coding in the CSEE lab using Unix and that was more of a pleasure than using Python programming. I got to create databases and functions for my hard drive which had a useful way for file sharing and implementing them for practical hardware applications. It was here that I was more comfortable and relaxed.

I made one application which didn’t get approved at first because they said that I had to have an A-level. I made them reconsider when I pointed out my academic record at the Open University has a qualification higher than an A-level and therefore they reconsidered it. Now from next year I will be moving from year zero on one course to year one on another. The logic behind that is that I will be on another course with no foundation year but I will still probably have to take my exams for this course so that I can transfer properly. I don’t want to go into electronic engineering with no understanding of higher maths. I had to drop out of natural sciences at UEA when I found that my time outside the OU had to learn to a hemorrage in my abilities. I needed to get back into some remedial reading and for that I had to take this foundation year at Essex if I was to go onto studying full time again. I just bought a large textbook to self-learn higher maths again. This will be my summer school. I think I had also better take the time to learn how to code on the Pi again!

End of term is only five weeks away. Will I have gained enough knowledge to make it to next year! Only time will tell.


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