Reflections: First Term on Campus

At last it has come and gone, the first term at Essex University is over. I am pleased to see that I finally have the freedom to go about my business. The first term was quite an adventure and it has got me thinking about what to do later in the next academic term. But before that what about reflecting on what happened here.

The first day I arrived was a great day for me as I had to enjoy a new university experience all over again. When I got passed the first five weeks of university I realised that I had actually done it right. In comparison to UEA it was a turnover of good fortune. I had now realised that I had chosen a suitable academic career that would set me up for the world of electronic engineering, automotive design, practical applications for spaceflight technology and eventually from here to a place on the highway of knowledge and adventure.

I think computers with electronics was a good choice for me. I might be a pre-undergrad at this stage but if I can make it past here then I can go onto the seriously fun stuff. Today in my academic skills class I had to perform an oral presentation on my choice for the next academic year. My choice was to go and study electronic engineering in the CSEE department. Among the things I mentioned was something that I had learnt about this university from a brochure I found on campus. Essex was concieved as an independent university which would have all the schools working together in harmony with no barriers to their subjects. The arts, humanities, science, technology, economics, business and politics were merged together in one large set of squares that lived amongst the natural beauty of the campus. Essex was modelled as a British answer to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It truly has that impact here where the technological breakthroughs of the CSEE department and the groundbreaking thinking of the Humanities department are working together to build a better world. It’s the perfect place for great intellectual creatures to interconnect and join with each other. A far cry from UEA where the different departments had a series of free standing buildings which shut themselves off from one another like miserable lonely segretionists. I would never have fared there with my rightist ideas neither, it was full of obnoxious leftists similiar to what is going on in Oxford where the schools are only protective of their own selfish prejudices towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Money-wise I had to pay out a large chunk of my maintenace grant towards my rent and I also had to give up some purchases I had been planning. For the first time in my life I had taken out a loan from student fianance. I hadn’t worked out the payment plan properly and instead of paying me the whole request up front they only pay the loan in installments. This was infuriating for me as I needed that money now. But I am entirely broke. I am now relying on my overdraft and my savings from my other account. I got in touch with the student services to ask about benefit needs. I found out that as a disabled student I could get housing benefit and that might help to relief the financial burden upon me. I also had to give up learning to drive with my instructor because of the costs of lessons and the time it was taking for me to learn to master the controls and the road. I’ll have to go back to that later.

As for earning some money for survival and doing something productive I think it might be ideal if I get back to one of my targets that need to be aimed for during the time at university. Since I got here I have been taking my time off from studying and writing reports to work on my aspirations to be a business man, an inventor and something to help with my prospects for the archery championships. I have been working on a new archery product and I am going to launch myself on the world of archery as a product designer and CEO of my own archery business to get access to all the training and resources that I can muster. I’d better make some money soon, I need it to get some new equipment myself. My bow is getting old, my arrows are knackered and my own quiver is tired and outdated and a bit shonky despite only getting it for Christmas last year.

So far I have written a draft of my executive summary, enquired with the patent office and drawn a sketch of my design. But that’s all I am going to tell you. For now I am going to need some money and to find some start up capital I am going to enter it into a business competition hosted my Santander. Let’s get on with it while I am still here.


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