New Beginings

It’s been quite a while since my last post on life at Essex, in fact it’s been almost a month since you’ve heard from Essex Geek so I’d better come up with something as I write. There is only three weeks now until the end of term and I have a test and two more assignments to start. I haven’t even heard from my first assignment yet but I am hopeful that I will at least get some good feedback on it. Let’s hope that I have the right grades to progress onwards to the electronics degree that I am planning to transfer onto. I thought that I would be good at programing but it turns out that I am not. I do like it but I find the course content to be boring and unimaginative. All I am doing is creating Python scripts for small functions like generating needs for user inputs into calculations and number generators. I didn’t come to Essex University to waste my time with mind numbing boring rubbish like that. If I want to go into programming then I want to work on application creation and games making. I still have a set of instructions for codes for tic, tac toe and pong. I want to try that.

In other areas my archery has led me to discover something I never knew that I had. It turns out that I have been shooting a bow with a relatively low poundage that I have grown up from and a bow length that I thought was too short. I went down to Perris Archery to experiment and practice with some poundages in my bow. I found that I am capable of now shooting 34 – 36 lbs of bow. A new pair of limbs is on my shopping list and I also need a shorter pair as well. It turns out that an archer’s bow length is related to the draw length. I had been shooting with a 70 inch bow because at the time I had quite a long arm length. The woman who showed me the limb length Annette, who is now retired had been giving me a beginners bow that I hadn’t realised that I should have grown out of by now. Some archer shoot with a bow length longer than their current bow length to reduce the strain on their arms so that they can train without overworking their back muscles. That is a good way to practice to make sure that you can aim accurately without getting too easily exhausted. So come my next upgrade it will be 68 inch limbs at 34 lbs. After that the arrows and then the new stabiliser. I had better be ready and get onto it. There is only two months to go until that tournament at West Essex Bowman’s Air Ambulance shoot.

I am looking forward to going home for the weekend next Saturday. But what about the Spring break. Where will I go and what shall I do. I still have a 3D printer that I haven’t even got round to building yet, a new bow to be made, a new routine that I am supposed to be making to get to Commonwealth standards, an archery business to get up and running and I need to get read for the end of the foundation year and consider my new direction and a place to live. If I am to succeed at what I want to do I need to get the hang of scheduling my activities properly. According to ‘The Secret’ I need to make room in my life for the things that I want to get the life and the successes that I want to earn. Right now what I need to do is set aside everything else that isn’t really what I need or does me no favours and focus my energies on what I want. What do I really want out of school right now…What do I want to do with my career…What do I want to do for archery…Make decision now and command the universe to move for you. Then you will get it…


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