Planning is Paramount

Over the last two weeks I have taken a new approach to dealing with my university work and my personal activities. It’s never been my strongest ability to deal with but it’s a very important part of my life now. I need to be able to put whatever is my most important priorities first in spending money, school assignments, travelling and leisure time, workout and archery.

Two weeks ago I got down to writing my first assignment and I had to work on creating a logic gate for a design for a home alarm system. It was good fun and I finally got to work with an electronics project unlike anything ever before. I had a lot of fun writing it and at one point I became obsessed with it and wanted to finish it well after bedtime. That can’t happen for the sake of sanity. I need to rest as well as work. If you don’t then there is no way you can move forward. My problem is that I have too much obsessions with my own interests. I have a lot of interests and I need to do all of them in one lifetime. What I really need to do is put first the very thing that matters to me the most and go about it like I need it. But which one?

I have a book project that I want to complete, a university experience that I need to fulfil, a sports career that I want to start properly and a business idea to make a job and a name for myself in science and sport. I went to an event last week run by a careers adviser called Christine who is the Essex Careers Centre’s Essex Start Ups programme. Its’ a division that can help entrepreneurial students start their own business. Which is great for me because I can now create a job for myself and start making something of myself. I am in need of a job to earn some money and make something of myself. I have tried several times in my life to get a job and I always get turned down. Not my fault, I didn’t get the right disability support programme when I was young. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here today. If I take control of my disability then maybe I can get on life and learn to survive on my own.

Planning my activities requires prioritising and setting time limits. Don’t go willy nilly on all the stuff and do something here and do something else side by side. Multitasking might be good but think of something the can be multitasked together. Making tea and biscuits requires putting the kettle on first but you can kill the time it takes to boil by deciding if you want bourbons or jammie dodgers before it is time to pour the water into the mug. But a case where you have to make a cup of tea and cook meat for a sandwich is difficult because you will have to pour the water in and by the time the meat is cooked the tea will have gotten half cold.

There is a wall chart with my ‘three big targets’: sport, university and business. The sport target is archery where I have to build myself to the standards of a Commonwealth Champion. The university target is to meet the expectations of my schooling which involves training towards the high standards of my academic career. The last one is the business where I will start a full time job for myself making a product to sell and to influence my potential customers and employers. I want to publish a science book and create my own inventions to follow in the footsteps of Essex county geniuses. Right let’s get on with it.


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