Fortnight of Fun: Fantastic Future beckons

Alright here we about three weeks have past now and I have been having a lot of fun and hard work. On Saturday I returned home to visit my family and get some more belongings. I was supposed to have written an update online by then but school work got in the way and I had two days of rushing about.

On Tuesday I went to an Essex Start Up workshop on campus hosted by Essex Careers Central. I had a good afternoon speaking to my careers advisor about what I wanted to do and I learnt how to manage procrastination and focusing on your goals. I realised just how business savvy I was and needed to get on with my ambitions. I created a poster that is now on my wall that resembles a three face archery target like what they use in indoor tournaments. Each of the targets have got something to remind me of what I want to do: Sport, University and Business.

For the sport there is archery and my desire to become a university championship archer. On Saturday when I was in Romford I popped into the Havering Museum to meet my old workmates and it was a good encounter, but there was also a surprising encounter when I bumped into my friend and MP Andrew Rosindell when he came to visit the museum. My life is full of surprises. I had picked up my post earlier and discovered that he is now in support of my campaign for core archery in the Commonwealth Games. He has decided to lend a helping hand by helping me to communicate with the president of the CGF by post. At the moment I am currently working on my approach to write to her and for the sake of gaining extra support I am going to lobby more politicians. One of whom is the leader of the Scottish Conservative party and MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, Ruth Davidson. The games that I volunteered at were in Glasgow so I think there is some chance that I might interest her to motion the campaign, she must have had some contact with Louise Martin CBE in the setting of the games. As for my own archery career, I have decided to set back on my ambitions and focus on the means to get there. Before I get anywhere near the offices of Team GB my priorities must be on training and national rankings. I need to pass my driving test, I need to afford a coach, I need to get good at playing in national ranking tournaments and now that I am a university student I can play for Essex Blades at BUCS championships. Bring it on!

University is one of my biggest priorities, as I came here to Essex to study electronics and computer science to become an electronics engineer. I have brought with me my passion for electronics and I just started to dabble in the theoretical nature of the way numbers are processed. I have started to read some material on programming and constructing circuits. I already understand those from practicing with them as a hobbyist. I have a lot more fun learning about building circuits than I do learning to write programmes. It was quite a struggle for me to learn how to write in python, it’s a programming language used for heavy machinery in manufacturing and scientific computations. I would rather learn how to code for app creation for my mobile. I can think of a really good app for archers. A scorecard and a trivia app for those wanting to learn the different types of competition to play in and how to score it and act like a pro-archer. But for now my focus on is learning to master the integrated components of electronics. PCBs, programming language, building robots, operating computers and getting internships at highly prized organisations in space science, defence and automobiles. I want to become the next great Essex county genius.

My last target is business. I created that because of my initial plan to start a new business. I haven’t got any chance of getting a part time job, let alone a menial job to afford my living essentials as a student. I will have to create my own job and work for myself. I have been unemployed for too long to make an employer want me, and I can’t elaborate effectively to get a boss to like me. I have failed in business once and I am going to try again in a much better role that combines my love of archery and my passion for invention and gadgets. At the moment that is still in the planning stage. I have an idea of the market and I know potential customers and businesses to trade with. Some of them are based in the Far East where archery is extremely popular and I have the potential to get some really good retailers to give it to. In the future I may try several other businesses that I can also combine with my electronics studies. I am currently building a 3D printer from a part works magazine and learning about the business and technology behind as well as learning how to make 3D models on my PC. Perhaps I should create my own 3D printer and printing business to popularise 3D printing in the same way that Apple made the PC a common domestic gadget for the ordinary person. I also have my writing skills that I want to go back to as well. That project is still in development hell as well.

Right now let’s keep calm and carry on. What shall I do next?


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